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She believed in 2004 that he wasn't capable of aiding in his defense

Published: Friday, Dec. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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has fooled another doctor. Put Mitchell in a cell and then the lawyers and doctors can argue about what label they put over the door, as in Crazy or Not Crazy. Mitchell should never be set free and should not be rewarded for playing mind games with the system.


"DeMier believes Mitchell's delusional belief that he will only be in prison for two years if convicted and will then be freed by God so he can lead the people out of darkness".

Sounds good to me. Put him jail, that is what he wants. Then sit back and wait, and see if God gets him out. Then wait, and wait, and wait some more. ........Still waiting,......Still waiting. Come on, no more trial, give the man what he wants.


This DeMier guy should lose his license, he's lost all credibility. Either he's lying or he's been completely duped by Mitchell. Either way, he's incompetent as a psychologist.


Send this DeMier to jail too. I am sick and tired of this crap - since when is it okay to do something so calculated, heinous and horrible and 8 years later for it still to be unresolved? We have become a very sick society. Where are the days when wrong was punished immediately? Lock this sicko up and all the "academics" who believe that it is okay to do wrong. Is he crazy - absolutely - crazy to think that he does not understand what he has done. Who cares if he doesn't understand what rotting in jail is going to be like - he fully understood what he was planning and did.


He was competent enough to commit kidnapping, rape, and a strew of other crimes, he was competent enough to evade the law for a year. I think he's more than competent to stand trial and then to rot in jail for the rest of his life.

Enough is Enough

We are spending far too much money on Mitchell. What we need is retroactive abortion and a 25 cent bullet to put him out of his misery. I am fed up paying psychoanalysts hundreds of thousands of dollars attempting to convince the court an individual is incompetent to stand trial. If somebody has the skill set to do horrific crimes, execute them and then let God sort it out. It is a total waste of taxpayer resources playing these senseless games.


Perhaps the law needs a "guilty but crazy" verdict that still punishes the guilty while taking mental problems into account.


Amazing how many trained Psychologists/Psychiatrists frequent these boards. Even more amazing is how many of them have obviously spent more clinical hours watching and observing Mitchell than the ones testifying at these hearings. Really though, is it that easy for you all to get in there and spend some good one on one time with him. I should schedule myself some visitation with him too, its obviously a very popular hobby.

This must be the case... otherwise its just a bunch of unqualified individuals who only know about Mitchell what little they've seen/heard in the news, and even then filtering out any opinions that don't match their own, preconceived opinions.

But this can't be the case. Certainly you must all be qualified to comment on Mitchell's sanity as you have the necessary credentials and access to the man himself.


Demier is a joke, and an insult to the profession, and above all he is grossly overpaid. Mitchell had the mental resources to plan the kidnapping, seek out victims, to evade authorities, and to manipulate others around him. That requires intelligence, reason, and anticipation of what his foes may be doing so that he can avoid being caught.

We are entirely too kind to people like this man. Mitchell needs to be sentenced to hard labor for the rest of his life and he should have to work for the rest of his life to make real restitution to his victims. Sitting in a mental institution while he laughs at the justice system, is just enabling this pervert and validating his sense of impunity.

Demier needs to refund the state's money based on his incompetence. Mitchells sanity is much like the question of porn that was put before one of our respected judges years ago. He said essentially that he could not precisely define porn/indecient material, but he knew it when he saw it. We have seen the sanity with which Mitchell has committed his crimes, and we know a manipulating criminal when we see one.

Nan B.W.

An old expression says there is a fool born everyday. Demier needs to be given a job digging the moat around an institution for the "insane."

So Cal Reader

Freak! So, Mitchell wants to be a martyr and can't stand the thought of being found "dillusional"? Sounds pretty rational to me. What are we waiting for? Get the trial started and life-time sentence imposed. You Utah tax payers should then be all the more ready for his future prison "buddies" to make sure he's not with us any longer-- we'll even let Mitchell call it a "martyr" so he can reap his "reward" all the more sooner. Mitchell is laughing his way to the Utah tax payers' bank. Freak!


Mitchell, we already had a Savior who saved the world. There can only be one. I'm sorry, but he has come already and it wasn't you. He didn't go around kidnapping people, or raping people, or lying to everyone around him. Perhaps someone should give him a Bible and allow him to read how a real "Savior" acts... he's obviously confused. As for everyone else, feel free to commit any crime you wish, as you will never have to pay for your actions, at least in this life. Just act like a freak and sing church songs in the courtroom and they'll deem you crazy and you'll be free to go. What are we teaching people??? I'm glad I'm not a judge because I obviously would suck at it. I would make an example out of the "insane" people. You commit a crime, you pay for it. None of this crazy business. It's just a way to allow anyone to do whatever they want without having to face justice.


I smell something stinky.


This is all a joke the prosecution tells there Dr. hey we want this guy found competent can you do that? He says sure how much can I make. Defense team Dr shops to get there testimony and who ever has the better actors win. Who cares if he is nuts let him rot in jail and get on with it. Crazy people can sit in jail as easy as normal person. Me personally its just a game for him


OK- so does anyone out there think that Mitchell isn't crazy? So what, stick him in a cell where he belongs and stop wasting our time/money!


We can all form opinions, but when we read one news story and think we have a better grasp of psychological evaluation than the professional, perhaps we need to realize that we're not experts, but people sitting at home and spouting off opinions on the Internet that we have no professional training for and for which we'll never be publicly accountable.

And calling for DeMier's license? Now you're just making yourself ridiculous.

RE: Amazing

Because of your comment, I do not believe you understand the point. Too many times when a crime is committed, and the perpetrator cries "mental illness", or their lawyer does it for them, it creates a situation of declaring that they should not be punished, or punished less because of it. What the point is, whether Mitchell is competent or not, he has committed grave transgressions for which society wants him held responsible. These actions were committed against someone else... and that is what always puzzles me... is the person they have transgressed against... it is as if this person is completely forgotten... the nightmares they had to go through, the anguish they felt, or the loss of their own life.

I think that those on this board and others like it are interested in justice for her/them, and protection for us all. Regardless of status of mental health, as a decent society we should at least be given the right to that. And that right would supersede the rights of any "mentally ill" criminal.

Before you disregard anything I have said... I have been a witness to and a recipient of criminal "mentally ill" activities.

Last in His Class

I'm betting this so-called doctor graduated last in his class. Either that or he was absent on the day they taught everything. Talk about delusional...


"If he believes he's going to be miraculously delivered from prison by God in two years time, that's not a rational thought process," DeMier said during a competency hearing for Mitchell in U.S. District Court.

Kidnapping and raping a child is not a rational thought process either, yet he was competent enough to commit that crime.

So tired

Of Mitchell and his sneaky underhanded ways of making the system believe he is nuts. Ted Bundy was nuts, Jack the Ripper was nuts, or my personal favorite Charles Manson and his merry band. You'd have to be a little delusional to hurt people this way but doesn't mean that you cannot be found guilty. They have a perfect account in the testimony of Elizabeth. She lived it, lived to tell about it, and we still have no closure for her. That is just sick and wrong.

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