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Published: Thursday, Dec. 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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could have fooled me

that was the jazz in the 3rd & 4th qrtr? no way. the jazz left staples center at halftime and were back in SLC well before the game ended.

i'm also handing my resume in to the miller family for the head coaching vacancy soon to be announced for the utah jazz.

Robbie F

I loved the first 3 quarters, but when the Lakers clamped down, the Jazz rolled over. I am a die hard Jazz fan but the Lakers in my opinion are going to win the championship this year and next. Boston is too old and no one else can beat L.A. I know many Jazz fans will harp on me for this comment, but Kobe Bryant is the 2nd best player in NBA history. MJ is #1 and Kobe #2. And Kobe is a close 2nd in my opinion. The guy is unstoppable. Wow. I hope the Jazz can have a good year and keep getting Deron better and add more pieces so that we can have our chance to shine as well. Congrats to the Lake Show, they are the best in the biz.

Mike c

I hate the lakers 6 points bother me more than the loss

Big T

From 6 min left in the 3rd Qtr, the Jazz were outscored 42 - 11. How is that possible? When they execute, they can play with most teams. The Jazz lack discipline, get out of their offense and try to play 1 on 5. This is a # 7 or 8 seed at best, let's trade Boozer for someone that can play defense and rebuild this team.

Pathetic 4th quarter effort!

I put the 2nd half on my DVR, but forget watching the ending now after I saw this headline! Must have been the worst most pathetic effort ever! Let me guess, it took LA getting up by 15 before Sloan finally figured out he should probably call a time out? Sounds like a fine bit of coaching Sloan!


Sloan's time is up. 6 point yo must be kidding me?

same old

Same old story, same team performance these guys really have a chemistry problem and know consistency,will it ever really get better?

Not sloan's fault

Where was deron? 17 pts is fine but when our shots weren't falling why was he passing up open looks? Intimidation lost this game for us, by the whole team

joe says

Jerry stinks

todd from santa ana

sounds like a job for another man to help us "overcome the fear"

I guess all of you think that if Avery was coaching tonight we would fall apart, look scared like little kids running home.

todd from santa ana

thank Greg and Kevin and Jerry they picked this roster....O Connor will tell you tomorrow "wait not a healthy roster" it will change when Price and Korver get back!

Chuck Nunn

The team gave a superior effort for three quarters, but the Lakers are just too big inside. It didn't help that Fesenko was sick and didn't travel with the team, and Koufos? Well, throw a guy in for the last four minutes of a rout and you can't expect very much. Ultimately, it was Gasol who kept the Lakers close throughout, and the Jazz just ran out of steam. Would Fesenko have played if he'd been healthy? I would hope so. His presence would have cut down the huge disparity on points in the paint. Hopefully team doctors gave him some pepto or something, because Superman is coming and Utah is going to need something more inside to try and slow him down.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!


I hoped the Jazz bounced back against the Magic, loosing to a good team like Lakers are understantable as long as the Jazz did their best


Where to place the blame after this one? 6 pts in the 4th? Their bigs are too long and skilled for our frontcourt and then they have Kobe on top of that, that equals a bad match up for us. Regardless of how bad we matchup against them, 6 pts is unacceptable. Where is the heart? Not quite sure what else you can say about it. I know it happened against the big bad Lakers but Todd, I think now is the time to hit that panic button.


And how do they find these photos of Okur's defensive prowess? They had the picture of him blocking Duncan after monday and now he's doing it to Kobe. Why don't they show a more appropriate picture for the game?

todd to jbra80

my friend thank you........I would like mr knowledge of REAL the great Fedor to give his thoughts. Also Snagglepuss would be helpful if he came back.

I see this the start of a 8 game losing streak? No of course hope not. It is not that the Lakers are not better we know they are. My worry is how for 2 years any sign of road adversity and we completely tense up, fall apart and stop playing. That is a huge concern more than losing a basketball game.

I blame everyone yes Jerry should have tried Koustos. Yes, Jerry did not have a scorer he needed Okur to at least hit a 3 or 2 to stop a 19-0 loss.

This is a total team loss not just a head coach.

My question tomorrow...Who will defend Howard and his friends?

Maybe Hymie the robot from Get Smart

todd to cowboy joe

I am sorry to report this, I am beginning to agree Chris Paul is a better leader than Deron. It kills me to say this. Tonight he helped put the team on his back vs Minnesota and last night vs improved Sacramento.

By the way what did i tell you? Minnesota is (0-2) since beating us


If the Lakers get up by more then 5 or 6 points Sloan needs to immediately call a time out. Momentum and confidence are major, major factors in basketball! This was poor game management. Don't allow the Lakers to get on a roll!


Hey CJ you don't need to jack up a shot every time you touch the ball!


Sloan please please please. Then fire O'Connor. The trade Boozer( He is playing great) but face it he is gonna be gone next year let's get someone for him now why he is playing great. I love the Jazz and always will and I can live with the loses if their is effort. One of the funnest years I remember is the year after Stockton and Malone. They didn't have much talent but busted their butt. Sloan has lost his fire for the game and you can tell it is effecting the rest of the team. O'Connor just needs to be gone all he does is sit back and collect a paycheck. This status quo has got to change, if not I hope the Jazz fans stage a boycott on at least one game. one game could make a huge difference in a change.

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