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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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about time

well, it was kinda nuts that this was ever a restriction in the first place. Thank god SLC is making another step in liberalizing the crazy Insane restrictions on folks freedom to drink.


'insane restrictions on folks freedom to drink?

It is my own personal choice not to drink. Not my religion. I see the putting more bars out there as an invitation to become an alcoholic. A person who can't wait to Friday and/or Saturday night so they can party hardy is an alcoholic.

If a person wants alcohol bad enough they will find it- in cold medicine for starters.


To "Anonymous" at 946pm:

Nice job at contradicting yourself there. You go on a rant about how more bars encourages people to become drunks, and then state how if a person wnts booze bad enough they'll find it in cough medicine.

Your second statement is far truer than your first. A true alcoholic will go for whatever he/she can find. Capping, decreasing, or even eliminating neighborhood bars would do nothing to reduce the number of alcoholics out there. For that matter, its no secret that most true alcoholics do most of their drinking at home.

Most bars will not serve patrons who are already clearly past thier limit, thanks to dram-shop liability concerns and the strongarm entrapment tactics of the DABC's enforcement arm. As such, your worries about encouraging alcoholism through this move are nothing more than unfounded paranoia.

Liberalizing this particular restriction will make life a little easier for responsible drinkers. Real alkies will still go to the liquor store then home.

Been some time

that Salt Lake City proper has moved from a society who's majority would shun this sort of "freedom", to one which welcomes it with open arms. There is no denying it, it is what it is. The only irony is how at the center of what is becoming like any other major city center in America is LDS Church headquarters. The contrast will become starker and more pronounced over time - what is Church owned and operated versus the rest of downtown. Maybe someday a large wall will go up...

old man Potter

thanks to the city council. Now SLC will look more like Potterville than Bedford Falls.


I applaud the decision but not the people who lifted the laws. Utah talks about being a "moral" community, but like with everyone else, they will compromise their values for money.


Revitalizing downtown?? No way---more bars are NOT the answer. Why can't people who enjoy a drink now and then (or more) just go to the bars that are already downtown? There's certainly enough of them already!! Yes, bars may not serve patrons who are already over their limit, but do we want more of people who are already over there limit downtown---or anywhere, for that matter?

utah cit..

Where is butters he needed to vote on this issue.
Did he not get the letter ....telling him which way he should vote.

Sad Compromise

For many years, business brought me to SLC from out of state. While I was not a member of the LDS church, it was a breath of fresh air to come here as opposed to other metropolitan cities. There were fewer bars and clearly a more uplifting environment. I am sad and disappointed to see the desire of SLC to become like other cities. If people want a bar let them go to the ones that already exist.


All hail the lord of Free Market.


This is good. More restraunts will start downtown as well. More retail is not going to improve downtown nightlife.


We don't need any bars downtown!! I travel to SLC just because it is supposed to dry!! NO BARS!!!!


Modern day Salt Lake City - the founders would wash their hands of parts of it, including a recent mayor, perhaps two. Well, the Sun gay bar was torn down a few years ago, across from the Union Pacific Depot, and that was a good start.


By the way, the British Crown most probably considered the Declaration of Independence "abusive, offensive, off-topic, misrepresentative, [and] more than 200 words" (it has 1334 words, without the signatories). Fortunatley, the Declaration of Independence did not contain any URLs.


Why use some nutty arbitrary number? In a capitalist system you would let the hidden hand of the free market decide.

Is what Utah's conservatives are saying is they believe the free markets fails? If our free markets fail in allocating bars what else is effected by this failed system?


This is one step in the right direction, too bad they have no more liquor licenses left. What a joke. One step forwards two steps back, that should be the new motto of Utah. We all know mormons don't go downtown to socialize anyway, except for general conference. I don't understand why the posters before me are so uptight, they probably only go downtown like twice a year.


This is a sad day for SLC. Since when did we ever want to be more like other cities? SLC has always been unique and beautiful.. more bars=more problems, more drunks, more crime.


This is a terrible mistake.

If you have ever walked around other large cities, you know that bars and taverns have a nauseating oder to them. Not only that, but intoxicated people are much more prevalent near them.

Salt Lake City has always resisted such places, and for very good reason. Now, despite the new City Creek Center, and all promise that it holds for rejuvenating downtown, it's just going to continue to be just like any other city.

You've got to be kidding me!

It's too bad we need more bars to have a better night life. Why couldn't we just have more cultural events? I've always supported the opera and symphony. What I don't need is the hassle of intoxicated bar patrons roaming the streets as I come and go. Bad move Salt Lake City!!!


What would the old Leaders think about the new changing rules with the times and seasons. SLC has always been a pretty safe place to go to not be bothered by drunks. What's the difference between second hand smoke and someone trying to eat with some drunk near your table. Both pretty bad. Responsible drinker...contridiction in terms.

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