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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Merry Christmas Max Hall


NFL? As what? Waterboy? PR Manager maybe? Certainly not a quarterback!

Oh how I wish BYU could find a loophole and Max could play one more year. I would drop $10000 for a ticket to see him play the Utes at RES next year. Plus who knows, maybe he could finally win something bigger than the Las Vegas bowl. Please Santa Claus (Obviously a Ute Fan), just one more year.


It's amazing how Max wants to move on so quickly after making a fool of himself, but couldn't move on after his family was allegedly abused a year ago at Rice Eccles.

Apparently, he's a lot more accepting of his own mistakes than the alleged mistakes of others. At least his mistake is documented.


Hall finished 2-1 against ur Utes and you have to live with that fact. Oh and where is Brian Johnson these days? in nfl? no he went undrafted. The ufl? nope, he couldn't cut it there either LOL. Funny how you ute fans bash BYU qbs, but ute qbs never seem to do a thing in the nfl.

Max better finish degree

Better have a back up job. NFL doesn't look that promising.

Lets See

Hall doesn't read this stuff but it sure bugged him for a year...even though he doesn't read it. WOW I'm so glad that the Cougars are proud that Max is 2-1 against the UTES. It must mean that the UTES are pretty important on the scale of BYU fans. Has to be..their 1-2 in Bowl Games with Max and none of them were outside Sam Boyd Stadium. Isn't that special :)


You Utah fans are a whiny melodramatic professionlly victimized bunch arent you


It's kind of funny that some Yewts are saying they want the quarterback that brought BYU fans "Collie is still open" AND "George is still running" to come back next year. As if a QB that went 2-1 against ewe (and 2-1 against ranked opponents this year) couldn't go 3-1. I keep hearing yewts brimming with optimism about next year, but it seems Utah loses an awful lot of talent on the defensive end so you put that against BYU losing Hall, which some yewts seem to suggest will actually help BYU, and there's no basis for your statements. BYU and Utah will both probably be good but not great next season and the rivalry game will be a coin flip, like usual.


U say that Utah must be high on our list? Ur the one commenting on a byu article. I've never commented on a ute article so I think it's the other way around. It's too funny how people are so upset over his comments. So if I say I hate Utah will that make u mad too? When secretly it's over the fact that u lost? Get a life. Go byu Utah tcu afa and Wyoming in their bowl games! Let's make this a bcs conference!


"...Hall will begin preparing for what he hopes will be a career in the National Football League." Ha ha, that's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Hall in the NFL, yeah right.


Is anyone surprised that most of the comments on here so far are from UofU fans?

Monsieur le prof

It must be sad to live with this much hate in one's heart...and over something as inconsequential as American football. Let it go... These remarks are worse than childish and are not worthy of reply.
Max may or may not make it in the NFL, but he's a smart enough young man that he will do well.

Not enough

Max cannot wish this away. He has escalated an already ugly war. Now HE is responsible for adding fuel to the fire. Not exactly what a good Christian should do. I thought "Love thy enemies," was something he believed in. Max has a lot to answer for.

Even worse, it's staggering to me that BYU has not apologized and taken action against him. Therefore they tacitly approve. What a black eye for a religious institution to promote hate.


I'm sure there are absolutely NO Utah fans who have said something in their lives that they regretted. So what do you want? A public Max Hall flogging (outside of this forum) so that he can be beaten, humiliated, castigated and then run out of town?

Move on. He admitted it was a mistake to have said it. The Utah fans who want to keep pounding? You are the ones he is talking about. Get real. You are classless, as he said. You are proving his comments to be true.

For the classy Utah fans, you have moved on as have Cougar fans. Let it be a rivalry, not a hate fest!

re: Lets See

Max, so far, has only played in 2 bowl games. How can he be 1-2?

And the point of being 2-1 against Utah is brought up because it is BYU Haters that proclaim to be Utah fans that pollute these message posts on a regular basis with their guile and immature comments (you know HATE).

Before we had our DARK (Crowton) years I can honestly say as a BYU fan you guys were a fun after thought of a game for internal bragging rights because your recruiting bed was the same areas (local rival). But I don't live in Utah so the bragging rights was never something I cared about(recruiting - different story) but we often would win the conference whether we beat you or not and the Utes often needed that game to carry any pride on their 4-7 season or to perhaps squeek out bowl eligibility. Thus it has always meant more to Utah fans/players. All those years of hate/jealousy from Utah fans, followed by their recent success and more hate does fan their own flames and has goated many BYU fans/players to raise the rivalry.


26-23. Scoreboard.

Max Hall

has to rank up with the greats at BYU. His passion, ability, and being a winner is what separated him from the others. Being 2-1 against the utes counts as well. Hopefully, future BYU qbs will possess his qualities so that the program can continue to grow and dominate the state's other universities on the field. Let's see, isn't that 3 out the last 4. It's trending BYU's way and we have Max to thank for it. He'll be missed.


I agree with "wow".


With such acrimony, the best plan is still to cancel the rivalry - no more BYU/Utah games.

However, don't forget the real enemy is the BSC, who pit TCU against Boise State to avoid another 2 non-BSC wins over BSC teams. Until the MWC can command the respect it deserves to legitimately compete for the national title, what does it really matter what happens on 50 miles of the I-15? This is truly a 'tempest in a teapot'.

Admitted mistake?

I haven't Max Hall apologize for his comments. I have heard him justify them and say they were misunderstood. I have heard him try and discount them but really how hard is it to understand, "I hate them and everthing about them." There is no way out of this except a forthright, "I was wrong and I as for your forgiveness." The steps of repentance demand asking forgiveness from those you've wronged and Max has not come close to doing that. It's a hard pill to swallow for him but it must be done. Repentance is hard and Max Hall better get on it quick.

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