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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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We need a national boycott of the BCS by any and ALL non BCS team fans. I for one will NOT watch any of the games except perhaps the BSU/TCU game.

Ok by me

"MISTER K: Not only that, but the Cougars will be playing Oregon State, one of the hottest teams in the country and one that came within a touchdown of going to the Rose Bowl."

So if we win it'll be that much sweeter.



people love to complain. This article is a perfect example. I'm guessing if the BCS national championship game had TCU and Boise State you'd complain that they put the two in the same game so one would loose? They'd have only one NON-BCS winner! Give me a break. These two played last year in a competitive game settled by 1 point! Maybe, just maybe they mean what they say! It's funny how two non-bcs teams made it and guess what... people still complain! Let's have a playoff so you can complain about seeding, or the number of teams, or, or, or...

Kentucky fried chickens

TCU and BSU need to throw down the gauntlet and challenge Cincinatti and Florida to play them instead of each other. Geographically, TCU v. BSU and Cincy v. Florida makes sense. But the non-AQ conferences are getting robbed of a chance to prove themselves against the so-called "big boys". Welcome to the Big Chicken System. Brrrrrrrrrck brrrck brrck brrck! Oh wait I fogrot - the SEC is so good that their worst team would beat the MWC's best team by 50 points. Right.


Face it: you can never legitimately call someone the "national champion" if you don't give everyone a shot at the title. You can call them "champion of the BCS conferences" or "champion of 50% of NCAA Football Division 1 conferences" or whatever other name you can come up with...but not national champions.

It's kind of like baseball; how can you win the "World" series when you don't play teams from around the "world"?



Yawn whine

Put up a consistantly rated team that makes its way up to one of the top two spots and you to can play in the NC game. Otherwise just whine and complain about the big bad bullies that wont let you have what they have.

Bama and Texas. The top two ranked teams. Winner takes all. All the rest whine.


The National championship in college football doesn't always produce a true champion.
19 times there were 2 teams crowned as NC.
9 times the NC was selected while losing their bowl game.
In 1984 BYU beats a 6-5 Michigan in the only NC game ever played in december. Major changes followed.
In 1997 The AP, which had voted Notre Dame No. 1, took a second vote, giving the national title to Michigan after its 49-0 win over USC in the Rose Bowl.
In 2004 undefeated Auburn and Utah were left out.
In 2008 USC, Texas and Utah were also left out. This got the attention of the US president.
In 2009 TCU vs Boise St. to avoid BCS teams losing more credibility.
The NCAA football NC has been a sham from the beginning and still is today.

Re; Yawn whine | 11:35

Your right. Every other sport at every level from 5 year olds to professionals have it all wrong by having a playoff and deciding a true champ.

Tell texas or Bama congrats on being "paper champs".

Big 12

has once again found a spot in the NC game and once again they will give another trophy to the SEC so that next year we will once again have a 1, 2, 3 in the polls be the SEC or Big 12 unless of Course Ohio State or USC are hot.

Millions gone,great for BCS

By putting TCU & Boise together that means that the other 3 BCS games will get more attention & monies.They don't want 2 non-BCS's teams in 2 BCS's games, they might beat a Alabama or a Flordia, how would that look for football gods.They should have put TCU vs Alabama & Boise against Ciny,Texas or Florida.Two wins for the nons & 2 for the BCS,they don't want nothing to do with that sirnario.Each BCS bowl pay out is in the millions, they don't want it going to non BCS's.By putting TCU & Boise in same game it saves there bacon,thats why it's all rigged,all about the money. Utah was the national champ last year & TCU this year.Again the BCS got it wrong,at least the bowl monies will get divede up where they want it keeping TCU & Boise in same game,system works in there book but not mind, MCJ


The BCS bowl team match-ups aren't what you think.
First, yes the top two rated teams play each other for the BCS Natinal Championship.
But the other bowls get to pick one team, then the next bowl picks, etc. until all BCS bowls have picked twice.
The Fiesta Bowl passed on Iowa and picked TCU. TCU is higher ranked. By the time they got to pick again Boise St was the only really god team left.

I agree. I won't be watching many bowl games this year. They are mostly yawners.

I am interested in the UofA and Nebraska game.
But then again, the Pac-10 is historically poor in bowl games. Especially CAL and Oregon.

Oregon St/BYU might be interesting. BYU gets to play a better school this year. The top 4 or 5 PAC-10 schools are pretty equal and beat the snot out of each other this season.

Funny... the BCS was suppose to solve the "who's the real national champion". It has made things worse. Get rid of the BCS and let the bowls pick the best teams they can get.


Doug, you need to go back to college and take a class in creative writing class since you are a one trick pony who only knows how to bash the BCS system.

What isn't right:

If TCU beats Boise State, they have proved nothing. They were supposed to. Big deal!

If Boise State beats TCU, then the pathetic WAC Champion beat the lowly MWC Champion. Who cares?

The BCU powers played this out brilliantly. TCU can beat Cincinati, Texas, Florida, and certainly Iowa, and Oregon. And they get Boise State?!?


Doug will never stop complaining until the Y makes it to the BCS NC game with 2 losses in a season. Tell the Y to start recruiting more African American 4 and 5 star recruits like Texas, Florida and Alabama does.

Chris Crowe

"In reality, it's a shameless, transparent attempt to avoid a matchup between college football's upper class and the peasants."

THANK YOU for your proper use of 'transparent.' I'm sick of seeing it used as some sort of synonym for 'honest.' Thanks,too, for slamming the BCS-ites for their hegemony.

re: Conpiracy?

Actually, if I'm reading the BCS selection procedures correctly, the rub is that the Orange Bowl selected Iowa over both Cincinnati and Boise State, followed by the Fiesta Bowl picking Boise State over Cincinnati and ending with #3 Cincinnati being the LAST team picked for the BCS bowls by the Sugar Bowl, which passed on them to take Florida with their replacement pick.


After watching Texas need a bevy of questionable PI calls and a long last second field goal to put away mighty Nebraska (not to mention they barely beat Oklahoma), I do not believe they are even close to the second best team in the nation. The Big 12 is not that great this season and so Texas is probably going to get smashed by Alabama, but any undefeated team from the SEC or the Big12 is automatically in the NC game regardless of which patsies they played OOC. After watching Nebraska's D-line destroy McCoy, what do you think TCU would have done to him. Boise State and TCU got robbed by this arrangement and everyone knows it. TCU would have beat any team they played.


What sport in the country year in and year out is ALWAYS connected to the words "sham", "unfair", "monopoly", "money", "polls", etc. Only BCS football!

What sport hires a high priced marketing company to try and mask over these "words". Only BCS football!

When will all this end? In just . . . one . . . word . . ., "playoff".

If we do that, all the other "words" disappear and are replaced with "fair", "true", "champion", etc. NCAA should want to do this, but they have sold their souls to the BCS devils.

It's up to the fans, arise and revolt!!

BYU not given a fair shot

of going to BCS. Year after year, BYU has won at least 10 games. This year they lost only 2 games --one to BCS bowl team, one to FSU.
BYU deserves a BCS game by now.
After all, BYU did win a NC in 1984.

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