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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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So BYU can criticize those who say Oregon just wasn't motivated in 2006, but then turn around and play the same card for last year?


Go Bronco

We're an excited and dedicated football team.

No really... we're excited... and dedicated... oh, and we're having fun too... at a higher level... really.

re: Hypocrites

A wise man once said that you will find what you're looking for. Based on your comments, you're looking for hypocracy and are finding it, whether it truely exists or not. My friendly suggestion is that you find a new hobby, or at least make an effort to find something more positive in your life.

Stay classy, UteFan, stay classy.

to Hypocrites

Hey, ute troll,it's not really an analogous situation, but then don't let the facts get in the way when criticizing BYU.


The Cougs better come ready to play, because the Beavers were a play or two from going to the Rose Bowl. This isn't some rogue, 5th place team in the Pac-10.

BYU reform still needed

No question about it.
Even though BYU won their "BCS bowl game", 26-23, this team still needs a new direction. Or they will keep chasing the January BCS games forever.
Say what you want,BYU fans, but Utah and TCU will have their recent (less than a decade) BCS bowl games/win to show off. BYU has none except a quarter-century old NC (with an asterisk) that fans will bring up whenever Utah fans talk about their 2 BCS wins.

BYU in Tucson

"Looking foward to playing a good team this year" They played a good team last year. Last year I worked 12 hours all night then drove 8 hours to Vegas I'm diabetic, 40 years old and still had more energy than the Cougars. Now they say they're excited so we'll go again I guess. My wife and are excited to go to the Holiday bowl though. I'm so mad about TCU BOISE we may skip driving 2 hours to Pheonix. Also the ESPN bowl special was lame, they didn't even mention the Vegas bowl. 2 ranked teams ain't bad. I hope BYU fans are more excited this year and can muster some crowd noise.


Hey, if it hadn't been for BYU and a few others who rose out of obscurity to tweak the noses of the elite NCAA establishment in the old 'system', there wouldn't even have been a BCS to falsely inflate the pride of some. Kudos to Utah and others to take advantage of it and expose the bias of the BCS, but no more credit than to the pioneers who did the same thing under their circumstances. If it hadn't been for the likes of BYU, would anyone be paying attention to Utah and Boise St. now? Utah wouldn't matter as much if it didn't sometimes beat BYU. Your passion to discredit BYU only exposes the insecurity of your own claims.

re: reform still needed

Say what you want Ute fans, but you went from 2nd best in the country (I have no problem admitting that) to 3rd best in the Mountain West.

That is not a trait of a consistent national team.

BYU Blue

I am a big BYU fan, but this article is discouraging. Arizona handily beat BYU in last year's Las Vegas Bowl, and now we are talking about how we were discouraged by not being able to play a better team? We sound like Alabama after its loss to Utah. "We were better, we just didn't get up for the game." Fact is, we played a better team and got beat. So did Alabama. Better teams win games. I hope we are up for this game this year, and then some - no excluses. Otherwise, expect the same result.

What are you TEACHING?????

I am more disappointed in Coach Mendenhall every week.

"We were down because of the loss to Utah, so we didn't use all our practices and didn't play hard."

The best cure for disappointment is HARD WORK and success at the next thing you do. It isn't whining and sulking and taking days off! It isn't making excuses.

Max Hall spouts off about hate, and Mendenhall doesn't comment for 9 days. People talk about BYU being the "Lord's University." Well, apparently Mendenhall, Holmoe and Samuelson have very different standards than Jesus, who preached against hate and anger.

I'm a BYU grad, but if I had a boy who was being recruited by BYU, I'd advise against him playing for that coach and that team. I'd want him to play for someone who actually teaches the thing Bronco preaches about on the intro to the coach show on KSL.


How come byu is not suing the BCS this year?.... Was is not byu that threatened to sue the BCS when they were not awarded a bid in 2001?... Maybe if they cry more the BCS will finally hear byu?

To Byu reform

So you are clear. Either talk about the present or talk about it all. I would focus on your bowl against an unranked team. Recent past should be painful for you. Anything before this year does not include a mythical, magical, National Championship.

You will just have to trust me on this - the feeling of winning a National Championship does not compare to being one of 8 teams in a BCS bowl. BCS bowls are to be commended - they are not a National Championship.

Re: What are you TEACHING?????

How old are you? Are you another BYU Freshman?

Bob in Boise

I am a big BYU fan, but this article is not discouraging. Who gave BYU a chance at beating Oklahoma at the time they played them? You can say the team has been up and down this year despite the record of 10-2. Who would have thought they would beat New Mexico by only five points? The bottom line is they have one more game to play, and we can expect they will put forth their best efforts to win.

As for the BCS and NC stuff, it takes winning and some amount of luck to make it to the top. The only reason BYU has not played in a BCS bowl to this point is because of when they have had their winning streaks. It was just last year that BYU had a 16 game winning streak that ended in an October loss to TCU. Sixteen is more than enough to get you to a BCS game. I seem to recall two consective seasons where BYU did not lose a conference game. This was something that never happened during the Edwards era. Add four consecutive 10 wins seasons to that. The future is bright for BYU football.


What are you TEACHING?????
Your not a BYU Grad.

Re: Cal Coug

Yes thanks to BYU Utah would have 2 National Championships instead of Just 2 BCS wins. Darn it all to heck. BYU strikes again.

Agree with 36-3

Right. If BYU doesn't start the game fired up and well prepared, they will get their butts kicked by an tough, balanced team.


So occasionally I read comments just for laughs. Reading some of these today, make it clear that some of you on both sides need to get lives.


I hope BYU is smart enough to use all of their practices for the bowl game. Not to would be very foolish. Winning every game is important, especially BCS teams. In the future I hope we can get some games against the likes of Notre Dame, Penn State, Ole Miss, USC, Miami, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, etc. I think all of BYU's nonconference game should be against BCS teams. Thanks BYU for good football the last 5 years. Good luch in the bowl game.

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