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Published: Monday, Dec. 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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With the coaching staff that BYU has, and their predictable play calling, BYU will NOT win against Oregon State!!


11-2 would be a great end to a good season over a good Oregon St team. Go Cougars we will see you in Vegas! Make it 3/2 in Vegas

So Cal Y Fan

I much rather would have preferred to see the Y down here in Sunny San Diego for the Poinsettia Bowl, especially after 5 straight LV Bowl appearances; however, the LV Bowl knows a good thing, ticket & fan base-wise, when they see it. The Y's D will definitely need to be on their "A Game" for this one. Go Cougs!

Jeff Peterson

It's great to see two very good ranked opponents in the Las Vegas bowl! And a #2 from a very good pac-10 conference! Go Cougars and Go Max Hall! Leave us with an incredible game that will forever match your legacy!

Go cougs

This is a game of the coach's old alma-mater, if that's not worth playing for its the highest ranking of these two, in this game!!!


this time, please BYU. Don't fall flat in the post season. Oregon State is a very good team that has some amazing players that have proven themselves over a long PAC10 season. The Beavs have played well in big games and will be ready to prove themselves. Riley is a good coach and OreState tends to peak later in the season, not early and then fizzle toward the end.

Living in PAC10 country, I'm pretty sure that BeaverNation won't pour beer on BYU fan. Will be nice to play against a team that has some class.


Why don't they just change the name from the Las Vegas bowl to the byu invatational?

Unbelievable ...

Bronco says they're excited to play a ranked team, WOW. Maybe he and they should have felt more excited a year ago, they should be excited to be playing anywhere in December. Thanks for the once again priesthood meeting'esq media statements Bronco.

Cougs lose .... AGAIN.


#2 Mountain West vs. #2 PAC-10 -- the way MWC bowl games SHOULD be!

Oregon resident

I live in the pac 10 area and fallow Oregon teams regularly. The MWC looks every bit as strong as the Pac 10 this year. I look forward to seeing what happens in Vegas!


"BYU's Eager for Crack at Oregon State"

I think the author could have chosen a better title than this. It makes all BYU players seem like drug addicts.

Go Cougs!

BYU's defense has been suspect this year, but mostly against the pass. OSU is a run first team. BYU defends the run pretty well. That'll be a good match up. They'll pass on BYU, but with an offensive pass game more like Utah than TCU. Should be a good game.

RE: Aggie

I would like to thank "Aggie" for making the one comment that actually made me laugh. Plenty try, but you succeeded. These comment boards really should be used for cracking jokes (no pun intended), since they're usually a joke anyway.

@unbelievable from AZ

And where did you play your college football son?
And, his media statements are called "freedom of the press".
I prefer his comments over some of the profanity laced rants of other coaches.
When did you last have something to say that anyone wanted to print? Sorry chico, blogs don't count.


D news last year quoted Bronco, Jan Jorgensen and a slew of others indicating they were excited to play another PAC 10 team . . same kind of quotes this year again . . let's hope for a COMPLETELY different outcome. I watched the Civil War Thurs. night and it was scary seeing Oregon State's team speed on the edges with Ja'Quiz Rogers (sp?), the mobile QB with a decent arm, their wideouts etc. & special team speed. We will need to have exceptional offensive strategy and efficiency and a solid defensive performance for 60 min to win. Good luck Cougs. Represent!


Go get 'em, Cougs.


will take the cougars tale and show 'em what orange classless looks like....
I've always cheered for BYU when they didn't play Utah but those days are over--- I hope Hall gets his butt kicked....


HEY AGGIE: How about "Cougars sure to prove stiff challenge for Beavers."

Top 10

If the cougars win, and I beleive they will, they should finish top 10. That is impressive by any standard. If Utah loses they wont be ranked. I hope Utah wins though. If BYU loses they will probablky be around 20. TCU will probably win and of course stay in the top 10. How many conferences will have had as sucessful of a year? Go MWC!!!

Stay Classy, Max

I just hope Max can keep things classy, win or lose. He brought a lot of attention with his infamous comments after the win in the rivalry game, i believe he will put on a better act this time.

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