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Published: Saturday, Dec. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Victoria Sethunya

Money can be thrown out in buckets to waste lives in wars overseas: At home money cannot "wasted" to preserve lives.

It is a well known fact that there are attorneys who steal money from clients. This is not going to stop the demand for justice. "Hard work" by an attorney "from law school" cannot be paid for by clients through billable hours. That is why attorneys who are engaged in this form of corruption must face charges. The complacency of those robbed not taking remedial steps is itself manifest in the billable-hour-practice becoming a legal profession.

The job of a conscious citizen is to appeal Wellner's expenses through proper channels. Whether the funding is state or federal, the public still deserves governmental and moral accountancy on how the money was disposed.

The citizens babying corruption by attorneys who bill in mysterious ways are concomittantly the same citizens pawning life for justice, and no one is "appalled"!
Concerned about Wellner's excessive fees? Hold him accountable. Sign a petition or something.... Class action? I don't know. Smart's case is a legitimate war at home and wars are expensive!

Mt. Vernon, IL

Wow, and people complained about being price gouged at the gas pumps.

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