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Published: Saturday, Dec. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Makes you long for the days of the wild west when we would just hang him from the closest tree. What a silly waste of time.

The "people" are so concerned about the rights of the criminals. Get a grip.
Now we get to put him in jail and feed him for the rest of his life. Nice.
Jail is for minor offenses. Death is for people like this.
America is getting so soft we are about to be taken over by anyone who wants to take it.


Mitchell is competent.

However I have my doubts about the person who authorized the half a million dollar bill for the shrink.

Warren Kay

Due process is protected by writ. But $500k for a report seems quite excessive. I would bet he is not the only paid expert witness...


And how did Cheney and Iraq enter into this discussion? Tsk Tsk

The unmade point is that all of the time and money was wasted needlessly, due to a Utah judge who was unwilling to say "Sit down and shut up" clear back in 2004. Judith Atherton, if I'm not mistaken. She will come up for a retention vote in some future election, and Utah voters will have a chance to give her some deserved feedback. My vote will be for her unemployment.....

Pay me

Half million dollars. I can tell you if the kidnapper and child molester should stand trial. In Fact I will tell you for half of that amount.

Holy moly, the the entire federal government should be fired.


I'm not sure what the objective is here; prosecuting a guilty criminal rapist kidnapper or posturing for book deals and proliferating non-profit organizations victims. I do not like what I see. Mitchell would (and will be), be convicted one way or another by any jury in any venue. It will be difficult to find a venue where the media hasn’t biased everybody in the pool. Moreover, whatever the maximum penalty is for this crime, I am sure a jury and a judge will levy that against Mitchell. However, the need for this outrageous forensic specialist and particularly at that rate publicized is unconscionable and represents a fleecing of the state; shame on them!

This entire ordeal now seems like one disparaging grandstand after another in so many ways and most honest people are tired of it.

I am curious how much money the public is spending defending Mitchell. Isn’t it strange that we have to pay to prosecute Mitchell and pay to defend him as well. Good grief!

Victoria Sethunya

CougarKeith | 2:14 a.m. Dec. 5, 2009

Your comment seems to me to work for the majority of cases but nothing like kidnapping and rape. Hypothetically, a person injured in a car wreck cannot be compared to another who has been raped: I find this to be insulting.

Further, I add, as you rightly put it, yours was an accident. Do you know of anyone who was raped by accident? And what did the rapist do? He or she said, "Oh sorry, I meant to get the other!"

Rape violates the very core in a person's being, leaving him or her angry, desolate or in all manner of states that are opposite of good. What will ever restore this person's psyche to normal, we may never know.

The article says, "move on"... as though commanding someone with a broken fake nail to get on with life. This is not fair.

The article touches on the Smart's religion. Is the article asking the Smart's to just be happy and smile and wait for ressurection? No, I think this family makes a distinction between expressing pain and happiness. Some people become uncomfortable with showing either. Why?


Isn't Mr. Smart angry that Dr. Skeem and the defense were trying to cook something up to get Mitchell off? Am I missing something here? Doesn't judge Judith Atherton bear some responsibility for this fiasco? I am with the poster who longs for the law and order of the old west.

John Pack Lambert

To the 2:34 commentator,
This was a Federal not a Utah expenditure. How many times will I have to repeat this before people figure it out?

John Pack Lambert

Paragraph 3 states this is a FEDERAL hearing. A few paragraphs later it says the U.S. Attorney's office confirmed the amount paid for the psychiatrists services.
Also, Mr. Smart said he was "appald", he did not say he hated anyone.


CougarKeith | 2:14 a.m. Dec. 5, 2009

I think you are confused CougarKeith. Not only is your experience, bad though it was, not analagous to that of Ms. Smart's as Victoria has explained, you also are confusing non-forgiveness with the righteous desire for justice. They are not the same thing.

Mark Terran

Welner's testimony is a bombshell indeed. "Expert" credentials notwithstanding, Dr. Skeem has a lot to account for now. Very interesting.


Must we hear Ed's commentary follow each day of hearings.

The public is very supportive and sympathetic of Elizabeth and how she has handled herself and moved on with her life.

As for Ed. Please go away.


Floyd, the reporters go to Ed & ask him questions. He doesn't stand outside the courthouse yelling "Here I am, come ask me my opinions about Mitchell!" He has attended the competency hearings in support of his daughter. The day they stop asking Ed questions will be the day Mitchell finally goes to prison for life. Ed talks to reporters so that Elizabeth doesn't have to. In any case you don't have to listen to Ed. Just turn off the tv when he comes on.


I don't understand people who want Mr. Smart to go away. What kind of person would have such hate against a father and family who are just trying to get through this nightmare. Small hearts abound.


I'm sure Ed would rather be anywhere else than speaking into the microphones. If this hadn't happened to Elizabeth, he might be home posting on blogs.


Ed Smart doesn't have to jump in front of every camera in sight to support his daughter and family.

Just because a reporter asks a question does not mean that Ed or Elizabeth have to respond.

Know before you speak

Correction...the federal government

Joan K.

The truth is that Mitchell has wasted a considerable amount of money squirreled away in a mental hospital for the past 5 years when he was actually competent. Dr. Welner was the only psychiatrist to really put the time and effort for a substantial report that proves Mitchell is competent.
Elizabeth Smart deserves justice and the comments here disregard the fact that significant money has been wasted and would have continued to be wasted while Mitchell sat in a mental hospital and the defense wasted the court's time with useless motions.
No one here seems appalled by the amount of money athletes make. Dr. Welner is at the top of his field, and his work reflects that--he deserved the paycheck which was issued.

Rule of Law

Justice ain't cheap.

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