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Published: Saturday, Dec. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sad but True

The "Shrinkos" need to do another study to build up their retirement fund. Our society is so messed up. I have found the the psycho MDs are thes one who need a self evaluation the most. I think we need to send Mitchell to Italy and try there judicial system.


Most wouldn't agree with me, but you have you're daughter back, you are getting her the help she needs, the man needs to be punished, but WHY all the HATE? Aren't you supposed to be teaching "Forgive 70 x 7? Don't you live your religion? Hope he gets his just do, but to spout hate and such the way you are is very disapointing to me Mr. Smart, as a matter of fact you are setting a very poor example for your girls, your family, your neighbors, your Ward and your Stake! My friend, I was broad-sided by a drug addict in 1996, she killed my friend, hurt my daughter, and gave me a SEVERE TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY which has left me disabled, and I have to take several drugs a day to keep my brain chemistry somewhat normal. I have suffered horribly since, but you know what, I FORGIVE HER! The state pardoned her of over $77,000 and counting more medical expenses which have added thousands to the total, I forgive them as well. They deserved their just do, but that's it, I forgive them, end of story, LIFE GOES ON!

Spend More Wisely Utah!

Glad our state is paying a mental evaluator $500,000 to interview this nut job for 6 months when it could have paid someone already on a yearly salary of perhaps $100,000 per year time to do that over several months. If you ask me, that person should be put away for stealing from the state and tax payers!

In many other countries, we could just throw this guy in the dungeon the rest of his life and throw away the key, or in other more stringent countries with far less crime, just put him out of his misery right away. Save millions in costs and help out society by getting rid of these dangerous psychos!


Forrest, Mitchell is looking at life in prison for kidnapping & rape. If convicted he will get a life sentence. Btw if he's convicted on the federal charges will the state charges be brought up again?

justice is served

Mitchell appears to be a narcissistic pedophile, parading behind a facade of religious doctrine with no actual substance behind it. I think it is excellent that he is finally being brought to justice and that Dr. Welner put the time and thought into gathering so many collateral sources of information and compiling a report that includes so many reflections of Mitchell's antisociality.
Everyone continues to say "I could offer the same opinion for a much cheaper price." Well, don't you think that there is a reason why you weren't asked to? There is a heightened level of quality assurance that comes along with a higher price.


Welner wanted the case to go on and on and on. More billable hours. Why end a good thing especially in today's economy.

C Cline

What really makes the difference whether he is competent or not? He should be put away forever IN A PLACE HE CANNOT LEAVE - and we all know he was competent enough to hide who she was and run away, so why not competent enough for prison forever?


Why do we care whether he is competant to stand trial or not? He is a proven threat to others, so lock him away and throw away the key. There is no rehabilitating these sexual predators, whether or not they have delusions, so no reason to think he should ever be alone and unfettered with another person for the rest of his miserable life. The only thing being debated is if he gets put in a cell painted with white paint, or an unpainted one. This sociologically-driven track that has been accepted into the justice system is a crock and a waste. The lawyers, sociologists and psychiatrists who prop it up are just more conniving bottom-feeders.


The only true justice will come from God who warns if any offends these little ones then they would wish that they had never been born at all. Even torture and ending his life won't bring real justice to Mitchell but it would speed up the justice process and make most of us feel a lot better. And to those who are bogging this down the Eagles and Willie were right "Lets kill all the lawyers lets kill them tonight". (OK kill is harsh how about just eliminate them, most of them are useless)

Judges are Sick

Brian is having fun and he is getting all the attention. I don't know him but I can tell he never work before taking this young girl and Wanda and now having fun with many people today. What do you think? Why not send him in Cuba Prizon along with all those Terrorist Group? Or let Pres Oboma get involve and realizing where all the money went to the swink.


Why did we bring in a phsychiatrist from New York. Don't we have any competent local doctors who charge far less money? Give me a break! Who agreed to pay this bill? Get rid of him/her first. Any idiot can see he is playing the court system and the medical field for all its worth. Mental health professionals are a joke. They read in books and learn in school but frequently don't know what they are doing. Common sense should say something here! Why burden the taxpayers like this. Get rid of the people who have agreed to these costs is my lament. I agree with Ed Smart. This is ridiculous.


The true problem is that we are too liberal for our criminals. That's why our crime rate keeps going up an up. This guy should have been convicted 4 years ago. Who cares if he was in the court room or not, they could have put him in a room to watch via video. This is long from over because, we allow people to appeal and then appeal again. The laws are built to protect the criminal, not to protect the victim.


I have worked as a medical-legal expert for 15 years. My rate is $300 per hour. I have never charged more than $2000 for any given report nor more than $10,000 total for any case beginning with the initial consultation and ending with trial. $500K in charges is way, way, too much to pay for any one case, even a high profile case like this. Shame on the government officials, attorneys, whoever agreed to pay this astronomical bill. I'm with the folks above on this one.

John Pack Lambert

The statements by Skeem are very suspicious. It almost seems she was coaching Mitchell on how to derail the process.
I think people have failed to note that Welner spent OVER 1000 hours, so it was LESS THAN $500 per hour. Those who gripe also forget that anyone who runs their own business has non-billable hours.


Whether Mr. B.D. goes to prison or stays at the Utah State Hospital or wherever they're holding him, just keep him away from the human population. Him and Wanda Barzee.

Welner scumbag

People who take advantage of the legal system to get rich, like Welner, need to be locked away also. The prosecutors who pay so much for such stupidity need to go back to school.

When are we going to reform our legal system to get rid of the dumb defenses that allow criminals like Mitchell to muck up the process of justice?


Of course he is crazy! Is there a sane person in the world who would kidnap and rape a little girl? The fact that he is crazy doesn't mean he shouldn't have to face the consequences of the choices he's made. I guess if the legal process doesn't give him what he deserves someone else will in the afterlife...

Hard Work

For those of you complaining about someone charging the normal rate, I suggest you go to school for eight years, work 90 hours a week for four years and then work 70 hours a week for the next 20 to build a successful practice.

As far as "outsourcing" the job to New York, it's obvious that they wouldn't use another Dr. in Utah. These are tight knit communities. It would be dfficult to find another Utah Dr. that would openly bash this Dr. like he did.


Why is the Deseret News only allowing negative posting against Mitchell and not permiting comments on the big picture of bias, prejudice and church influence in the case.

expensive but necessary

Wellner and his study were expensive but necessary in this case because of Skeem and the fools who accepted her "expert" opinion unquestioningly.

Hopefully those who have been fooled these last six years will learn a lesson about the true value of "expert" opinion.

Good for Elizabeth herself who reportedly has eschewed on a personal level these worldly priestcrafts of psychiatry and psychotherapy and who instead has turned to a far more omniscient and omnipotent God along with good family and friends. Evidently she is on the right track, too, judging by how well she is doing now!

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