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Published: Saturday, Dec. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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RE: get it over, please

May justice work its course. There are no words to describe the injustice that this man and others like him do to others. This man should be put on the electric chair!!!


I would have told the court Mitchell was a manipulative jerk for half that amount!

silent majority

less than a penny for a .22 bullet

Why the cost concerns?

There are attorneys in Salt Lake City who bill $500 per hour. Those who feel $500/hour for an experienced forensic psychiatrist based in New York City is not discounted, lack the experience to know. That sounds like a discounted rate to me.

And yes, it is worth every penny.

By the way, there are cheaper ways to gather evidence and fund a legal process resulting in conviction. Just ask Saddam Hussein. If we want a cheaper legal system, let's abandon the doctrine of precedent. Sure...more guilty people will go free and more innocent people will be convicted. But it will cheaper, so, that's better, right?

Democracy, and sound jurisprudence, take time and money. Some of the very criticisms of our system are exactly why it is a better, slower, more deliberate and ultimately more accurate and reliable system than Saddam Hussein's legal system or other systems that do not use the doctrine of precedent (stare decisis). Our system is not perfect...but how to you inexpensively convict somebody of a felony when multiple medical experts have deemed him not competent? The current approach is the best in this case, despite its cost.


How much would he have gotten if he'd come to different conclusions?

If there's an incentive to slant your conclusions, your conclusions can't be above suspicion.

Heck, I'd have given the DA the conclusion he wanted for $100K or so, more than likely--

This guy shouldn't be a doctor

RE: get it over, please

"May justice work its course. There are no words to describe the injustice that this man and others like him do to others. This man should be put on the electric chair!!!"

Let's take a look at this so-called experts report and his findings. First, he fails to mention that Mitchell exhibits the signs of a narcissistic and sociopathic personality and has demonstrated some psychotic traits.

Who agrees that Mitchell is:

1) Glib and displays superficial charm;
2) Manipulative and cunning;
3) has a grandiose sense of self;
4) pathological liar;
5) lacks remorse or shame;
6) has shallow emotions;
7) incapacity to feel love;
8) needs excessive stimulation especially sexual;
9) lacks empathy;
10) was irresponsible and unreliable yet was able to con others into believing otherwise;
11) is a sexual predator; and
12) changes image to avoid capture and prosecution.

Can any of you tell me who this describes? It not only describes Mitchell but every sociopath yet its not these traits alone that define Mitchell since he manifests psychotic and narcissistic tendencies.

One of the primary causes of this type of disorder is extreme childhood sexual and physical abuse.

Justice requires stabilizing him

RE: Get it over, please

"The Smart family has suffered enough already. This man is guilty.".

The issue isn't whether he is guilty but whether he is competent to stand trial and this doctors finding is incorrect because Mitchell past actions over the years clearly demonstrates that he is a narcissist, sociopath and has a psychotic personality.

This isn't something you can just fake and those who try to fake it to avoid capture and prosecution are probably what they are trying to fake. Maybe in his mind he thinks he is faking being crazy but that is one of the things that crazy people do.

"Now, we get to see this circus go from ring to ring. Hopefully,his lies will be exposed."

They are already exposed and it is his pathological lying that is one of the symptoms and criteria for the mental illness that he has.

"It is wonderful that Elizabeth was found. May justice work its course."

Justice requires that he is forced to deal with what happened to him as a child and to admit that what he did to Smart was as wrong as his experience and that its not normal.

You don't need to meet them


"Although I do think Mitchell is a nutcase, I am always leery of so-called mental health professionals who would make statments or opinions about a person whom they have never met, talked to or personally evaluated."

The testimony of all of the prosecution's witnesses including his former Bishop, employer, the hospital employees and now this doctor confirm that Mitchell has a sociopathic, narcissistic & psychotic disorder and is not competent to stand trial.

Just looking at the testimony of the neighbor who said she confronted Mitchell about having a naked picture of Barzee's children and how his response was "what parent wouldn't take naked pictures of their children."

That wasn't said for the sake of a trial or to avoid prosecution and it indicates the source of where his mental illness originates.

Mitchell's defense should ask this so-called expert to describe whether childhood sexual abuse can cause someone to behave as Mitchell has behaved over the years and whether his behavior qualifies for having a psychotic, sociopathic and narcissistic disorder and force him to run down the DSM criteria for this disorder and explain why Mitchell doesn't fit them.


If Dr. Welner gets paid $500,000, Mitchell is not the only one good at fooling people.

Am I reading you right?

Some of you are griping about a half a million dollars. This is a drop in the bucket compared to what our Government is costing us.

But that is not my point. This girl was raped over 1000 times and you people that are upset about the money are joining in that rape. If this mans testimony is what can finally put Mitchell away for life, it is well worth it.

If I were Elizabeth's parent's, I would be so eternally grateful that someone could see things for how they are. And Elizabeth is "our child" in many ways, we were sad and fearful when she was abducted. We cried for joy when she was found and our hearts broke when we heard what she endured. And we again cry for joy that this girl didn't let this destroy her life, she is now serving a mission.

Getting Mitchell would be worth a million dollars, so are you taking the role of the rapist or the role of a parent?


I am glad that Elizabeth is able to get on with her life. She is one very special young lady and may the dear Lord bless her as she goes on her mission. If it was your child, you would want someone to be able to see through Mitchell and his antics. You would not want someone like Mitchell lccked up at the state hospital. He needs to be in prison so he can be put in the hole for what he has done to her. Yes the expert cost alot of money and I think it is a bit exhorbent, but maybe now Elizabeths family ahn her can find complete closure to this idiot who put her through hell.

John Pack Lambert

It is not the "citizens of Salt Lake" who are footing the bill now. This is in federal court and the actions of the United States Attorney's offie. The cost of this prosecution is born by all tax payers in the United States, not just the residents of a particular state or city.

Ernest T. Bass

I love how so many around here who think the Constitution was divinely inspired want to get rid of due process for Mitchell.

Broken System

How outrageous to blow $500K for basically nothing. On a worthless weasel that they should just lock up and throw the key away. Judges, lawyers and consultants are stealing the taxpayer blind. This isn't justice, it's a criminal conspiracy to bilk the taxpayer. The height of ignorance to bring in Jesse James from New York to steal our money. And he didn't even need a gun. Our system is broken and only exists to support those who work in it. Pack of thieves. Lawyers own the system and they profit from it. Everyone else pays, and pays, and pays.

What the!!!

Half a million dollars to write a report!!! What the heck is going on here?

Of course justice is always important but half a million dollars just to compile a report on ONE PATIENT???

I've been working 50 years just to get $500,000 squireled away in my 401K and just recently got there (for the 2nd time since the market colapse). $500,000 represents a LOT of work to me. And we're plopping down that chunk-of-change just to get ONE REPORT on a lunatic pedefile???

Enough already!

Competent or not, just put him somewhere where he can't get at our children anymore and FORGET about him!

"2:58 p.m."
We don't need this report to get him. We already have him! The evidence in the crime isn't what we got for the 1/2 million dollars. We just got a report on his competence. He can be put away with or without this report. State Pen or State hospital doesn't matter to me as long as he can't get out. The evidence is not in question. Just his competence.


For a Happy Meal I could have given them a report.

Know before you speak

Oh how anonymity allows us to offer criticism so freely. The issue with what is being said is that most of you don’t have the slightest idea what you are talking about. How many of you have read the 206 page report? When was the last time you wrote a report that long where the trier of fact comments “represents the best practices in forensic psychiatry and psychology”? Those of you who call Dr. Welner a “so-called” expert, I challenge you to list the most prestigious portions of your CV so that they can be compared to his. On what do you base your criticisms of Dr. Welner’s diagnostic conclusions? Sure we can all copy and paste criteria and make flippant comments, but what makes you qualified to pose any challenge when you do not know the evidence on which the conclusions were based, and you have not spent a single second reviewing the case. As for these comments about money, “envy in disguise still looks like envy”. Professionals make money often to the tune of $500 an hour and sometimes more. Especially when they are highly regarded, which is true in this case.


I think Elizabeth should be allowed to visit Mitchell in prison once a year, in a private room with no windows, with him restrained in a chair, and let her do or say whatever she wants to him. Oh and have a hammer and/or pruning shears available on the wall for her to use.

That is basically the position Elizabeth was in with the roles reversed. And if Elizabeth decides to be noble and not injure him, I'll be outside the door with my finger on the "shock therapy" switch connected to Mitchell's chair.

Make that guy a slave to the state doing hard labor to earn the meals that the taxpayers are buying him...for the rest of his life. No free lunch, rapist!

Misplaced outrage

It's apparent that someone of Dr. Welner's caliber needed to take a closer look at this case. Perhaps if the "experts" who deemed him incompetent 4 years ago had put in half the efforf that Dr. Welner did, this wouldn't even be an issue.

Where is the outrage over the negligence on their part? Let us not forget that there was a point when Mitchell stipulated he was competent, only to be found incompetent weeks later by a defense retained expert.

Re: Hmmm

The article has been updated. When I first read it, it only discussed the interviews with Elizabeth, neighbors, former acquaintences, etc. I did not know this doctor actually met with Mitchell until reading the updates now. Makes more sense.

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