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Published: Saturday, Dec. 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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$500,000 for 1000 hours is $500 per hour. Glad we got the discounted rate. How much would it be without the discount?


Although I do think Mitchell is a nutcase, I am always leery of so-called mental health professionals who would make statments or opinions about a person whom they have never met, talked to or personally evaluated.


Half a million bucks for something nobody is going read. His testimony is all that is going matter in this case. Baby boomers sure know how to work the system, discount rate yea right.

Re: Brian

$501 per hour.

Re: Hmmm

He did talk to him extensively and got to know him. He did meet, talk to and evaluate him personally?

Worth every penny

Nice work Mr. Tolman; this is a case the government has to get right.


I'm in the wrong line of work.


I worked for the federal government. I saw how the private sector swindled taxpayers. I'm not shocked. Just imagine what Cheney's friends made off Iraq?


Now after having spent millions to keep this guy alive and provide him legal defense, we only had to spend another half million for someone to tell us he can stand trial. I love our legal system! I am so grateful I get to support it with my taxes!

RE: Phil

You don't think people will read this? Did you know that Charles Manson is some kind of morbid "American Icon", or do you live in a cave? Yeah, I think people will find Mitchell interesting just for the fact that he has put a monkey wrench in the justice system for 6 and half years. He has manipulated the system for his own amusement, making THE judge and prosecution look incompetent. Then you will have your religious folk who may want to know what his "testimony" says. He's going to go to prison, most likely for life. Just hope in 5-10 years this criminal doesn't have a fan club.

Clear cut

Guilty on too many levels. Lock him up in solitary. Check back next millennium.


Holy Moly! 500K for one report to determine if Michell is competent to stand trial. I'm sure glad the citizens of SL are picking up this tab, you'd a thunk this was something we cooked up in California to further burden the taxpayer.

Dixie Dan

This will be a bigger disaster than the first O.J. trial was. Too bad Johnnie Cochran is not defending Mitchell.


I would have only charged the State $100.00 and still came up with the same conclusion.


I could have saved you alot of money.
1,000 hrs. -- that's 25 work weeks -- I really doubt it.


DISCOUNT! I would like to give Mitchell and that wack job mental health evaluator the five finger deth punch! Really this is why America is so messed up. We spend half a million bucks to find out something my 2 year old son could figure out on a mac-n-cheese budget! And that is just the evaluation, not to mention all it is going to cost for trial and imprisonment! Get a rope from your local hardware store $35. Buy a book at B&N on tying knots for $20 so you can tie a hangmans noose and string this loon up from the nearest tree! Publicize it too, He is guilty and the punishment should be way worse than the crime! Way cheaper, heck you could even google how to tie the noose and save $20.

Get it over, please

The Smart family has suffered enough already. This man is guilty. Now, we get to see this circus go from ring to ring. Hopefully,his lies will be exposed. It is wonderful that Elizabeth was found. May justice work its course.

Hire me

Now can we put him on trial? If you need a second opioion I will work for $450 an hour. That, of course, is my discounted rate.


It is a federal budgetry item, so yes you do pay.

Second response to Anoy about cost, you could make money if charged someone the pleasure of doing the whole job for you.

Messed Up!

The whole legal system is screwed up. Seems like the citizens suffer the consequences of the criminal. The legal system is WAY TOO SLOW! And to pay half a million dollars for a report is rediculous, they use our tax money like it grows on trees. The whole legal system is unjust!

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