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Published: Thursday, Dec. 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Congrats to USU! Clearly the best team in the state right now. I am a Cougar fan and always will be but I love Cache Valley, Logan, Sardine Canyon, and am a big supporter of Stew Morrill. I hope USU wins the WAC and does well in the Big Dance. USU is a tough place to play and a tougher place to win.


yea yea, pre-season. Bring on a real challenge!

Sierra Blue

The game is totally different on a neutral court or in Provo. But, congratulations to the Aggies for a nice win.

But seriously, Aggie Fans, you have to acknowledge that a win in the Spectrum doesn't mean you have a better team. It just means you have a huge home court advantage.

As for Dave Rose being "afraid" to play in Logan, that is the most ridiculous assertion ever. Please Aggie fans, don't become like the Utes and make such ridiculous statements.


Can I get a WOOT YEAH?!

Re: Sierra Blue

USU, along with almost any other basketball team, has a home court advantage. Although USU's advantage is probably better than any other in the state, that doesn't necessarily mean that the game was won solely by home court advantage. Teams can become better or worse as new players arrive, old players graduate, and current players advance their skills. Had this game been played in SLC, USU could have very well won there as well, but that is all silly speculation. Fact: USU has a W on their schedule/results sheet and BYU has their first L. That is part of basketball and many in-state rivalries in college basketball. Play a team at home, then play that team at their home. Good luck with the rest of the year Cougar fans, I'm sure you'll do great. Go Aggies.

Bishop Sidwell

What a fine showing for the Aggies. Especially on the night before Coach Chris Jones 48th birthday. What a special treat for him, to beat BYU.

Class team, class fans, class coaches.
Happy B-day Joneseeee!!!


As always, the cougar coaches and players have good things to say about their opponents. I saw several instances of good sportsmanship on the part of BYU throughout the game. They are coached well and are just a great all-around team. Their post-game comments to the media were very congratulatory and spoke of their characters quite well. At least with this rivalry (yes, it is a rivalry, we've played for the past 100 years) we don't have the ugly situations as with BYU-Utah. Come back any time Cougars and we'll see you down there for another great game next year.

Aaron W.

I'm disappointed in BYU for laying down to an inferior team. This has always bugged me about BYU, whenever a team gets tough they always lay down and give up. It's frustrating to watch.

David Decker

Watched my first BYU game(no mtn)and was dumbfounded. Coach Rose, who I respect greatly, either made no effort to inside; or his players defied him? We can't be hot on 3s every game. USU did play great defense. But, I don't buy this "home" court 6th man stuff. As a "one armed" pitcher at a CA Jr. College, I pitched mt best game (6 innings no hitter) at a hostile CC in Coalinga, CA where they had no entertainment except sports. Go Aggies in WAC; GO COUGARS in MWC and in the NCAA.


Give the win to the crowd. They were boisterous, rude (did you hear what they were screaming in unison?), loud and abrasive. Do they practice this? The weight-challenged bare-chested guy under the basket was enough to distract every player with a continued double-take!

CW30 has a long ways to go to provide a quality TV sports presentation. Visual quality looked like a kid with a cheap video camera making a backyard movie. Professional it was not!

I'm a Cougar fan and was literally scared to see the Y play in Logan. USU took the Cougars completely out of their game plan and the Cougars panicked. Can't JT drive for the hole? His game is now predictable since all he wants is a distant fade away jump shot. Sit him until he brings back his game.

A team that lives by the jump shot will sometimes lose by it. Fredette is awesome, but his drives should have created some assists to his teammates since his shots weren't going down.

Difficult game for the Cougars to swallow. Kudos to the Aggies!

Re:Sandy Claws

USU=best team in state?
Didn't USU lose to Utah earlier?


Hail the Utah Aggies!


I've noticed a huge difference in the comments on this board. Most are respectful. And isn't this an instate rivalry?

Stew morrill is an excellent coach.


re: sierra blue

Did you really just tell us not to make ridiculous statements? Um, why don't you pull the beam out of your quarterback's eye, then you can start talking.

Re: Sierra Blue

Come on. Don't become like Utah fans and make rediculous statements. If my mind serves me correctly, LES is one of the toughest places in the country to play and win. Ridiculous statements like yours are part of the reason that any fans make statements at all. I haven't yet, but since you brought it up, seriously, since the Cougars beat the Utes saturday in Provo doesn't mean you have a better football team, it just means you have a huge home field advantage. Now since your statement is not ridiculous, neither is mine.

John Harvey

RE: Aaron W.

Get a life Aaron, BYU didn't lay down to an "inferior team", IT GOT BEAT BY A *SUPERIOR* TEAM!

RE: Aaron W

How do you figure that the Aggies are an inferior team? The Aggies are a tough, well coached, blue collar type of team that just beat you. If you are losing to an inferior team then what does that make you? You are a little full of yourself. If your team quits when things get tough that sounds like a problem. Utah State took away what BYU wanted to do in the game. You had a season low in points and you got out rebounded by an "inferior team". I wonder what a "good team" would do to you then.


this is why byu will be a once and done again in the NCAA tourney if they even get there. i am happy to see Haws the freshman starting but that says a lot when JT the senior should be benched. he is a clutch player "at times" otherwise he is reckless and that has not changed since playing this summer with the brazilian national team. the Cougs need more talent like Brandon Davies on the team. athleticism like you see at duke or north carolina is missing. that extra pop and jump in the step is not there. jimmer does a good job but is now trying to hard to do it on his own. Davies is being held back from what i can see. cut him loose. start working the ball into him and game plan for davies.

Big Easy Speaks

re: Sierra Blue. Child, please. If USU had just squeaked out a one point win your point might have some validity. That was a thorough domination, though. The crowd can only do so much in a game. Anyone who knows anything about basketball could clearly see who the better team was and IS.

Last night reminded me of 2004, when USU crushed BYU in Logan AND in Provo. I'd love to see a rematch in Happy Valley, I believe we win there too.

First road game of the year and.

first loss. Sorry Dave, can't play them all at home.

No wonder BYU tried so hard to change this series to a neutral-court affair.

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