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Published: Thursday, Dec. 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Joe Wilson

I am glad the Jazz let Maynor go back to VA to he honored by VCU.
I am not sure Jerry would have let that fly 5 years ago.

CJ Miles

should be the fourth guy off the bench at the 3 spot,Brewer,AK and Millsap should get most of the minutes there,maybe he can pick-up a couple minutes a game at the 2 backing up Matthews

i bet CJ is excited...

he's watching Matthews tear it up. Look for CJ to be traded before the deadline.

Matthews and Maynor two complete studs.


If I were Jerry I would not play him for another week. There is no way he is ready to play after being out for two months.

@ CJ Miles; As far as being the fourth guy off the bench, whatever. First off Millsap is not a 3. Did you forget that Matthews only plays about 20 minutes a game? So I am sure that CJ would be happy getting the other 28 minutes. Great Idea. Thanks for bringing it up Houdini!! Your intelligence is starting to shine forth.

Miles > Matthews

Matthews is doing well, but Miles is better. Plus he put on a bunch of muscle over the summer. I'm really excited for his comeback. I don't expect it to be slow (it will be a couple of weeks before he is consistently doing well) but he could be huge this year!


To Miles > Matthews: Matthews is the best defender on the team, according to the team itself, plus he's a reliable scorer when needed. Miles is not a lock-down defender like Matthews nor is he a consistent scorer--so I'd say Matthews is the better player.

This is what four years of college ball can do for you, versus zero for CJ. Plus, Matthews is actually older than CJ, believe it or not (by about a year), and it shows in a positive way.


CJ should not lose his starting job due to injury,he`s our starting 2,Matthews can back him up,5-10 minutes per outing


Miles is not better than Matthews

Matthews shoots a better FG% and 3p% He also gets to the line at a higher percentage

He is a much better defensive player. I have seen Matthews take more charges this season than I did all last year.

He complements Boozer, Okur, Williams, and Brewer much better than Miles.

Miles your numbers do not add up.

Matthews plays 20 minutes a games
AK plays 34
Brewer 34

That leave 10 minutes to Miles.

Good Comments

Good comments Blauch...I agree 100%. Miles needs a chance to show off his off-season work, but he's really got his work cut out for him to beat out Matthews. Matthews is great - he's got the grit we need.

A little help

Here is Jerrys statement:

"Coach Jerry Sloan said he'll have to evaluate how Miles looks in practice before deciding whether or not to reinsert him in the starting lineup over rookie Wesley Matthews, who's started the past nine games. Sloan hinted that he isn't necessarily inclined to make changes to the starting five, though."


Take a seat Miles.

"CJ should not lose his starting job due to injury,he`s our starting 2,Matthews can back him up,5-10 minutes per outing"

Great point if we want no defense and no rebounds from the 2 position.

Miles won't be losing his spot due to injury. He will be losing it to a better all around player.

If Miles can come back and somehow prove that he can play better than Matthews then he can have the spot, otherwise?


We are tired of hearing about "potential" we would much rather watch actual performance and results as we have seen with Matthews.

How is it you justify benching THE TEAMS BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER?

Only you Miles would think that would make sense.

Your judgement is impaired as your rebounding.


Matthews is a better team player than Miles. Maynor and Williams is a better backcourt than Williams and Miles. I hope that Sloan sticks with a rotation that has been working. Miles didn't lose his starting job because he got hurt... He's lost it because he hasn't been very good.


@Blauch: Thanks for the update. With AK out that leaves 44 minutes a game for CJ. I am sure he will be happy with that!

@Miles (comma man, houdini) Read my post before you post. I said that Matthews would be playing 20 minutes, not 5 - 10. Now you look like a fool.

It will take Miles a couple of

weeks to get to full strength. He is very good defensively sometimes and very good shooting sometimes.

I suspect that there are match ups where Miles would be best and also ones where Mathews would be best. I hope Sloan plays match ups and gets rid of his "set by the stop watch" rotations. If a player is playing well let him stay in. The depth is really important on back to backs and against running teams.

I don't care who plays or how much, as long as it results in a W.

Many players play better over the course of a season with a routine. However, the Jazz need to treat every game like a playoff game and win every game they can.

The Vets are comfortable to Mathews at this point, they have played with CJ for years. Sloan can mix and match.

Just keep the Ws coming.

The Jazz move ahead of POR if they win this one and are gaining on DEN.

Just Me

Miles should not be starting. Matthews is doing great. Miles should be traded or at the end of the bench for garbage time

Miles > Matthews

To Blauch and the person who replied to me:

I like Matthew's defense and his ability to get to the free throw line. I think he still struggles in the offense though (I didn't see the last 2 games though)

I wouldn't call Matthews a "consistent" scorer yet. When Matthews has a good game he scores 15 or 16 points, when CJ Miles is hot he scores almost 30ppg. I think Miles has the ability to someday score 20ppg (for some reason I'm still hopeful... maybe I should have given up on him like everyone else)

Just remember that in training camp everyone was talking about how good CJ Miles looked. Unfortunately he hasn't gotten the chance to show us how much he improved. I'm hoping he'll turn some heads.
I really thought Matthews would be going to the Flash when KK and CJ got back. But he has done really well, I hope he continues to progress. But I'm still thinking CJ Miles is gonna surpass him (and play decent/good defense)


Cj is not going to lose his starting job because of an injury. He is going to lose it because Mattews is the best 2 we have ever had on the Jazz! Watch his defense.


By the good fortune of injury, the Jazz have managed to put together the best team they've had in years - primarily because they play together as a team. I like CJ and he can be a decent outside shooter, which is a great help for spreading the floor, and he can move inside for some dunks. But he's inconsistent, only an OK defender, and looks more often for the shot rather than the pass.

Matthews has added defense and hustle, which has helped to energize the entire team (when did you ever see Memo dive on the floor like last game)? But more than that, like another poster said, he's a great team player. He doesn't score as much as some others because he's always looking for the pass. He actually got five assists last game - which is probably more than CJ ever got in a game. That makes the Jazz better all around.

Besides, CJ needs time. Brewer is doing great at 3 - leave him there. Back him up with AK and CJ. Back Matthews up with Korver (when he's back) and DWill, with Mayor at point. Solid team off the bench.

todd from santa ana

hee hee

More of Matthews
Up to Cj to outplay him

I ask "Jer" not to just hand him his job back




I like Matthews better than Miles


I've given up on CJ. Nice guy, but soft and inconsistent. I'm really worried about chemistry as these guys come back from injuries.

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