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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 1 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Well, the rule is you don't lose a starting position due to an injury. But if Sloan benches Matthews in favor of CJ, he's crazy.

Wesley is EXACTLY the type of player Utah needs at SG. He can hit an outside shot or drive to the hoop. He plays tough defense. And he knows and accepts the fact he's not going to get a ton of shots.

Finding Matthews puts the Jazz one step ahead in revamping the roster. Jazz no longer need a SG. You can have Wesley backed up by CJ.

Now KOC needs to find a SF or PF with the NY pick and vice versa by trading AK's expiring deal next year. I'm not counting on a Boozer trade this year. Jazz need to have Booz and Harp come off the books so they don't pay the luxury tax again next year. So Utah won't be taking on any long-term contracts in exchange for those two...unless a Gasol-like trade came up.

Houdini: still waiting...

"Miles has potetial" CJ shows "climpses or has moments" I`m still trying to figure out how many games potential or glimpses have or will win for us.....how about none,zero,nada,zilch,miles is that young rich punk who should`ve stayed in school,Matthews,the undrafted rookie is head and shoulders the more complete and better player...not even close


can you imagine Sloan STARTING a rookie and undrafted to boot,just proves Jer knows a bit more than most,Matthews has earned his playing time


CJ is out because he dived on the floor.

You gotta be kidding

Comparing CJ Miles to Wes Matthews right now is ridiculous. Its not even close who is more valuable! Wes Matthews is 10X's better defensively and very productive offensively. His mental toughness is also 10X's that of Miles.

Bet the Jazz wish they could take back the contract they signed with Miles, and give it to Matthews instead. The guy is the real deal. Love our Rookies!!

Go Jazz!

RE; Miles bashing

Hey,lets give this kid a chance,he`s only 23 with huge upside,he`s only been with the team 4 + years,it takes a while to learn the system,when was the last time someone just came in and understood Sloan`s system?


hopefully he`ll come back and do another nose-dive,be gone 3-4 months....

Jazz Cop

If wes from marquette is playing like he has been, no way you can take him off the starting card; in a short amount of time, hes done relatively alot; compared to miles, and i'm a miles fan, mostly because he has a high ceiling, but miles, truth be told, is coming along sssslloowwwllly


has a high ceiling,huge upside,lots of potential....


I really like them both. I really don't care who plays when. Just so they both play.


Matthews is the future! CJ will be a solid backup. Last I checked, basketball is still being played on both ends of the floor!


"...when was the last time someone just came in and understood Sloan's system?" @10:26 a.m.

Uh ... I guess that would be Matthews and Maynor. Neither of them have needed 4+ years to understand Sloan's system.

No one can argue that Maynor and Matthews have contributed mightily to the Jazz resurgence in the last few games. They might not yet understand all the intricacies of the Pro game but they are well on their way.

I believe the reason they have done well in the Jazz system is because both played 4 years of college ball. They also had great Sloan-like coaches. Neither was coddle and had to earn his playing time.

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