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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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re: utes=hypocrites | 1:07 p.m. Nov. 30, 2009
Correction. K Whit's wife was phyically hit in the face by a BYU fan in LES Saturday. And he did not go on a tirade blaming that incident on the entire BYU organization. He stayed classy, and has refused to comment.

Whit/Utah = Class
BYU/Max/Bronco = Talk a good game, then contradict everything they say with a situation like this.
Its funny that some UTE fan can talk about classy while lying about what happened to Kyles wife. The reason he did not comment is because it was an accident, which is also why very little was said about it in the press. I think the spit and the beer were not accidental.

California Utah fan

I accept the apology and am glad he slammed the ignorant and anti-LDS fans at RES. I’ve been to several Utah v BYU games and I’m tired of seeing my own Utah fans with degrading signs towards the LDS church, alcohol in the stadium, and disgusting language. Like it or not, the U is heavily influenced by members of the LDS church. Look at the student body and key leaders running the school. If you’re one of those bad apples, stay home, that’s not what the U stands for.


Saying this team is dirty or Block are dirty - Like Jorgenson should be reprimanded - because it is slander. Saying you hate someone is not slander - It is how he feels. Hall Hates the Utes - Who Cares. I am sure many of the Utah Football teams hates BYU. How can you punish some for having a feeling. What is going on here.

Nice Apology

That is not an apology, but a mere attempt to justify his actions. A one line "I apologize for anything I may have said that demeaned the university or its fans" would have been much more appropriate. It also would've represented BYU values better (turn the other cheek, not excuse one's behavior). Sad, first his hatred, now his pride and ego.

Audios Max

Hall I can't even explain how happy we are that you are graduating. You taking the focus off the seniors on senior night was one of the most petty and selfish things you could of done.

Cougs 3-1

Now what yoots?

watch your back in SLC

If I was Max Hall I think I'd stay outta SLC until after he graduates. If he gets caught down there by some avid Utah fans he might not make it back to happy valley in one piece!

Max-the Ute Fan

Max Hall's comments detracted from a well deserved victory over the Utes and took away the glory from his own teammates. He might have also hurt his own professional chances in the NFL as his comments can only hurt and not help him. He and he alone will have to deal with the consequences of his actions. As for his apology, I accept it and let's all move on. We have all put our foots in our mouths before. I can understand why he was upset and I am sure he wished he had said something differently but let's not ruin his life forever.

Problem Solver

Some fans get out of line, obviously those who attacked Max Hall's family crossed the line. Sadly, it happens every year from BOTH sides. How are we going to solve this problem? It has to come from fellow fans, if someone is being a jerk and going too far then we have to call our own side out and put an end to it. An opposing fan is not going to be able to do it effectively.

If you think your school has class then expect it from yourself and be proactive in monitoring those wearing the same color you are.

Not Official Spokesperson

Max did not comment in behalf of the Church or BYU. His comments were his alone, and he is responsbile for them. He did not speak for all Mormons, or BYU fans -- as we have seen by the posts. If Max were speaking in behalf of the Church or BYU, he would have made an official, endorsed, statement. Those rarely happen, and when they do, it is by an official, approved spokesperson. So -- this was the feelings and opinions of Max Hall. So what? Don't we all have our own feelings -- regardless of what they are based upon? I imagine if the press had stuck a microphone in front of a random Ute or BYU fan, similar comments would have been made. Let it go.


Hall just all but guaranteed a slaughter in RES next year. Enjoy Vegas and second place and we will proudly accept third and Sand Diego (rebuilding year).

BYU = zero class & hypocrisy!!!

Ute Fan

I took my 8 year old son to RES 3 years ago and sat amongst Ute fans - like I do every week. I have been attending Ute games for 40 years. I was totally embarrassed to be a Ute Fan because of a few fans in that section. What they were saying was totally offensive and way over the line. Not all Ute fans are classless, but there are plenty who are. And I dare say there are more classless Utes than Cougars. I've been treated pretty fairly by Cougar fans when I attend at LES.


A loss is a loss Utah. It dosen't matter what Max said. You lost and this is the only thing you have to complain about. As far as classy, not very much from Hall, except his apology had class....I'm still waiting for Morgan Scalley to apologize for what he said. The reprimand pretty much just slapped hall's hand. Good for Hall.

Re: BYU Cry Babies

What a hypocritical Ute fan. Complaining about how big, mean Max Hall beat you and then told you that he doesn’t like you. Deal with it you crybaby it’s a game, and BYU WON!!!!!!


If BYU would get off the pedestals they have put themselves on, people wouldn't be so outraged. BYU is just like all others, part good and part bad. No one is perfect. This is just one example. The secret is out--you are like all others and can lose your cool.

Bronco and Boys

Bronco needs to get his boys under control. Jorgensen and a coach reprimanded last week for remarks made about Air Force and then Hall for comments about Utah. BYU does not see to like anybody and the coach does not have control!


Bragging rights are bragging rights. Max earned the right to talk trash about Utah by beating them where it matters: on the field. Nothing gives anyone the right to physically assault someone's family though. That's why Max said the Utes are classless and that's why they are. I never heard about the Utes looking into the matter, finding those responsible and properly punishing them (banned for life from football games sounds appropriate). By not doing anything to protect, prevent and after the fact punish that kind of physical abuse cougars routinely face at RES, the University and football program are condoning the beer throwing and other abuse. Max was right, and didn't stoop to their level.

To "Classless... | 12:58 p.m. "

I agree this shouldn't go on ANYWHERE. But you need to realise there was a difference in Max Hall's comments and Morgan Scalley's. Scalley's remarks were not intended for the media or the fans, they were in the locker room to get the team up for the game.

I agree that they shouldn't need junk like this to get up for the game, but there is a difference between the rhetoric a team leader uses in the privacy of the locker room to fire up players and saying stuff like this in a post game interview you KNOW will be broadcast to the public and the people you HATE, just to HURT THEM.

disappointed in BYU

I'm disappointed BYU didn't take action before the MWC did.


I have read these comments and would like to comment on them more than I would on Max Hall's criticisims of the U of U. I can understand his frustration of how his family was treated, etc.

But, it seems that everyone commenting on this issue has failed to see the true perspective. Are we living "an eye for an eye, or are we "turning the other cheek.

Max Hall needs to forgive and we need to forgive Max Hall.

Vegas Ute

Re: Cougar Kieth

I have a problem with the phrase you used stating that the "fans caused Max to make the statement he made".

Nobody makes you do anything. Otherwise the principle of agency would have no validity.

That's right I live in Vegas, and I listen to conference, and believe it or not I'm a Ute.

I think Max needs to the listen to the conference talk on Anger.

Most of the problems of this world are associated with the need of men to feel justified. I understand the principle of justification, I don't think his rant applied.

If he truly holds himself to a higher standard, which I like to think I do, then his comments were outrageous.

The comments that both he made Saturday and Collie made 2 years ago regarding "miracles" give the BYU program a black eye.

Whatever happened to sportsmanship, or being gracious in victory.

Please Bronco / Whitt, help is needed.

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