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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Richard Judd

Why keep quoting what Max Hall said? What did the league office say? Isn't it a public statement? BYU should so something as well.


I'm so glad I graduated from Utah State University.

What would you do???

Here is a question for both Utah and BYU fans - what would you do if your wife and mom were verbally and physically assaulted? Would you say nothing? Would you defend them? This has NOTHING to do with football and everything to do with common human decency and respect and assaulting two women after a football game is as low as it gets. For those of you who say Max should have said nothing perhaps you should look in the mirror and consider what your response would have been. Defending ones family needs NO APOLOGY!!!

Once Again.....

BYU fans cant grasp that they dont sell beer at RES so your boy Max is lying. There are two sides to a story and im sure that Max's family is without fault. I have been to games at both stadiums and fans get crazy or "classless" on both sides. We can all give stories about crazies on both sides but it is time to get over it. I could care less what Max Hall has to say about ute fans, students, educators and alumnus because Max Hall is a clueless individual and nothing that comes from his mouth is deserving of any thought to me. People who think his actions or fans actions are bad have never been to a SEC game or a soccer game in europe. time to get over it, on both sides.

No beer sold at RES

People, no beer is sold at RES!!!! Get it through your heads!

Herb Gravy

In Utah, is it considered rude to throw beer on someone?


last time I checked Kyle Whitingham refused to issue ANY apology for the ugly behavior of HIS fans. Perhaps Kyle is looking at his wife's fat lip and boiling over with anger ...as he should!!! Perhaps also Kyle now understands a little bit what Max has felt for an entire year!!

Boise Blue

Hey B Whine U fans, have fun watching us play in our SECOND BCS Bowl Game this year. In case you are keeping score:

Boise 2 BCS Bowls

BYU 0 BCS Bowls


Cougar Fan | 1:14 p.m. Nov. 30, 2009
I don't like what Max Hall said, it did detract from a great win. However, I do like Max Hall. He's a passionate KID who made a poor decision.

i am sorry, but 24 years old is not a kid. hall said what he meant to say and he shouldn't be forced to apologize because of it.

what gets missed here is its a big rivalry and stuff happens, most of it meaningless crap. noone should have beer poured on them or sprite for that matter, or be sworn at or intimidated.

for anyone who thinks cougar fans never get out of hand, please join the real world. verbal abuse of ute fans was rampant at les saturday, and much of it was profane.

By the way

Everyone does realize that all the bagging on Max Hall now is exactly what he did to the University of Utah. All those that call him classless for calling someone or something else classless are themselves classless. Get over it. Everyone has faults and do stupid things. If the 4th string quarterback had said the same things I can tell you that we would not be hearing about it at all. Get over yourself people.

I can't find

anywhere a quote from a Utah player that they "hate" BYU's football program, the players, the coaches, the fans, and the university in a PUBLIC FORUM. Comments made in a lockerroom before a game or at practice between teammates could hardly be compared to what Mr. Hall did. Also, the call for Utah coaches and administrators to take care of a problem that occurred in Nov. of 2008 ? How ridiculous !! " Hey Dallas you really need to do something about the safety of the Presidents of our country in your city !!" This was gutless by Hall, and it was calculated,planned, and executed with him knowing he would be reprimanded by the MWC. Which is the equivilant of grounding a fat kid to guard the ice cream counter !!


Where was all the righteous indignation when the Utes made the same comments.....Fact is if it had been a ute the response would be.....wait there would be no response because that's just the way it is. Utah lost the game, can't handle it and now can't face the music for their own boorish behavior. Wine away ;

Who Cares

I'm glad Hall hates Utah. I think most of the BYU team hates Utah. Utah also hates BYU. Why be so P.C.? I hate my neighbor and I want everyone to know it.

Just a thought....

BYU shift to another conference and compete based upon the sports-program not religious biggotry as frequently found locally.....just read several of the BYU-haters every time an article is written here if you do not understand this.

Let Utah either remain in the MWC orshift to the WAC again and stop this constant belly-aching about "The School Down South."

Frankly, it appears both schools have pathetic, boorish fans........

Then....let's see how the attendance of both schools does???

I bleed Blue

What Bronco needs to do is send him up the hill and put a fresh coat of paint on that big U. Then they can discuss where he can send his first born. Give it up people.

BYU, Where Hate Speech is Good

Max really is a righteous and awesome person.


Max Hall said it and was reprimanded, but what he said is/was true. Whittingham should be held personally responsible for not taking charge of a situation out of control. Utah fans and the MWC are angry at Max for telling the truth, not for telling a lie. The UofU and MWC officials fail again.


People are getting mad at Max Hall for saying these comments, but where were the reprimands last year when all of these incidents were happening? Yeah it was wrong for Hall to generalize but his assault was just words. The fans of Utah used physical assault. There is the real problem.

New news

To all the BYU fans posting that Halls family had to be escorted by police, could you please provide the link or article where that is mentioned. I am not suggesting you are lying or passing on gossip to help yourselves feel better, but this is new news. I didn't read it in Dick Harmons article and surely he wouldn't let an opportunity to disparage the Utes go by. I just want to be able to read the facts, not some allegation. And please don't quote Hall. His credibility is not particularly great today. And to the poster who supports Kyles wife being assaulted, how bout we just turn that on you. We should all be as mature and respectful as you. I'm sure your family is very proud of your suggesting. After all the world is your classroom and you are doing your best to teach your brand of ignorance and cowardice to the world. And finally, Max finally found a way to get some national exposure. Too bad it had to be this way. His legacy of winning games will unfortunately only be remembered by a few.

Magic Happens.

to Anonymous | 12:28 p.m. Nov. 3

You obviously don't know what embarrassment is. The Utes are the embarrassment.

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