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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Classless Utes

Where in the world can opposing players and their familes be assulted but at RES? When are drunk, stupid and law breaking utes going to get arrested and punished for their criminal behavior? Don't believe me, go to a game at RES and see for yourself!

Let it go.

I think it's reprimandable to not accept an apology.

Re: Kyle's wife should be...

Newsflash!! Kyle's wife was given a fat lip by a "classy" BYU fan!! Guess who is turning the other cheek and not saying anything publicly...hmmm...not Max Hall...nope not even Bronco Mendenhall...nope not even the BYU football media relations...Oh that's right! The "Classless" University of Utah.


I kind of laughed when I first heard Hall's comments because I know exactly what element of Ute fans he's talking about (having attended a few rivalry games at RES myself), but as a representative of BYU he shouldn't be saying that even if he thinks it. I didn't take his original comments to mean anything more than what he spelled out in his clarification, but he should have qualified his initial comments rather than implicating the entire Utah organization. Regardless of how true the comments are, they make BYU look bad. As a BYU fan, it's frustrating to me that his comments are taking away from BYU's great win.

That said, we all know his corrected comments about "some" utah fans are 100% true, so what's the big deal? If you felt physically angry when Hall called ute fans classless then you take yourself way too seriously. In a few years this will be just like the Lenny Gomes quote that people laugh about.


I'm not sure why Max thinks BYU was more deserving of the win than Utah? Is it because he was the only senior on the field? Or is it because it was at home?

Max's sense of entitlement in this quote is so glaringly obvious. Also, I'm not sure why more BYU fans aren't frustrated that Max lashed out at BYU fans for saying "thanks to the loyal BYU fans who stuck with me"....are BYU fans not allowed to criticize where criticism is due? Good thing Max doesn't play for the Philadelphia Eagles, or in New York. Come on now Max, as a Ute fan, I do believe you are a much better person than your comments reflect, but this is bad brother.

Both teams deserved to win the game, but only one can. That said, not sure why Max thinks Utah didn't deserve to win the game.

so what?

I don't like BYU and I'm a big Utah fan but c'mon...this is ridiculous. Since when is it mandatory to like other people or colleges...especially where sports are concerned. It's what a rivalry is all about and it only makes it more exciting and a more intense game for both sides. He shouldn't even have to apologize for the way he feels. And obviously there is good reason for him to feel the way he does...I'm sure that he was merely making a statement and painting everyone in Utah with a broad brush. And I'm sure that if he were interacting with any given respectful student or fan of the U of U, he wouldn't actually hate them. I'm not offended and even though he shouldn't have to apologize, I do respect him for making the gesture.


Totally unacceptable behavior. Words are like bullets, you can’t take them back.
I hear on a local radio station in San Diego, “Mormons vs Mormons, can’t get better than that” . If Max is LDS, he has just made a mockery of what we stand for…Christianity. Regardless of what Ute Fans did to your family last year, (who were most likely not LDS if they were pouring beer on them) shame on you for stepping down to their level.
Matt. 18: 21-22
21 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I aforgive him? till seven times? 22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until aseventy times seven.

BYU fans

To those BYU fans who recognize that Hall made a mistake and went to far, I thank you for being reasonable. To all of you BYU fans who just feel like ripping Utah apart, There have been few posts by Utah fans in this article and you are still attacking them. A few Utah fans did something stupid, and it was good of Max to express his feelings about the beer incident, but if you think that people don't get verbally abused by BYU fans, you are highly mistaken. Hall went to far when he decided to say he hated the whole school and everything about it. The rude Utah fans could be 500 of the fans. That still leaves 14000 fans you are characterizing based on that small group.

To BYU fans:

If I were a BYU fan I wouldn't want Max to play in the bowl game because BYU has a better chance at winning if Riley Nelson is playing.


no beer = less problems--very basic.

To the Max

Yawn. Whatever. None of any of this changes the final score. Utah players say they hate BYU all the time, so what? I hate the UofU too. Their fans are annoying, their coach is a turn coat, I can't stand their fight song and red is an ugly color. I know for a fact that a bunch of Utah fans would say the same about BYU. So what?

The real issue here is the conference. Apparently the MWC is good at issuing quick, meaningless reprimands. Too bad it can't get the conference some decent bowl affiliations or fix the horrendous coverage on the Mtn.

Yeah right

I for one don't believe what Maxy claims about what happened to his family. I have had season tickets for years and have seen my share of animosity toward cougar fans. First, I don't believe the "beer poured on them" comment. You cannot have beer in the stadium and if you are caught with it you are removed by the police. You really think if beer had been poured on them it would not have been reported and the fans ejected? Come on now. And somehow for a whole year the incident is never mentioned and he only brings it up now? Typical cougar honesty. He probably made it up in the hopes of taking the spotlight off of his low class comment. The sad thing is that so many of you fall for it because you want it to be true. Team attitudes usually reflect the attitudes of the coach, and with Max's comments added to what Austin Collie has said in the past, it's a pretty good bet what Bronco is teaching these kids.


As I read these, and other comments about the rant and the attending fallout, the thing which continues to amaze me is that the fans of BYU don't even seem to recognize the hypocrisy that is staring them in the face. A young man with the supposed goals of honor, truth and compassion, should be held to those standards. You can't rave about those standards and then ignore them with this type of rant without expecting the fallout.

Alberta Fan

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Why are we still talking about this?


I am a BYU fan and an alumnus of BYU but was very disappointed on the comments of Max Hall. I understand being in the heat of battle and sometimes we say and do things we regret and I appreciate the apology but whether you are LDS or another Christian religion to use the word HATE and it was used several times, is a word or action that we should have been taught not to feel or use. Also BYU coaches should prepare Athletes on proper interviewing techniques and for Coach Mendenhall to make the statement after the apology that I support and appreciate Max and how He has dealt with the situation is crazy. I saw the interview and the hate emotion towards the Univ. of Utah, Coaching staff and fans and it was real and should be dealt with. Max should know better and I know Utah fans can be obnoxious but so can BYU fans and fans from most schools. The whole situation was handled very poorly by Max Hall and Coach Mendenhall and BYU.


as an aside to all of this, some of most dire anti max hall comments that i have heard over the last couple seasons have come from the cougar faithful.

my wife and i were at the game saturday at les wearing utah logo clothes and caps, as guest of byu season ticket holders (our daughter in laws parents). each time we cheered the few good ute plays were were sworn at, with several off-color remarks made to my wife. there was some mild attempt at physical intimidation.

as walked back to the car, after the game, the in your face jeering continued, as did the foul language. bad behavior does not only happen at the utah stadium, and in both stadiums other fans just standby and watch.

am i making an excuse for what supposedly happened to hall's family last season. not at all, and if it happened the people who did so should have been punished. what is curious to me is why wait a year, and why does each time hall tells his story it seems further embellished. if it was me, i would have raised hell last year~~loudly and to everyone.

Cougar Justifiers

Shame on you! What Max did was dispicable, extremely selfish, and completely and absolutely 100% against all our faith teaches. Your justification of his behavior is absurd and embarrassing.


Max embarrassed BYU and the LDS church. Something must be done to reign in the sportsmanship problems at BYU. If Bronco does nothing, I will assume he is part of the problem.

BCS is better then Vegas

Max Hall r u sure it was beer r is there sum underlining msg here. I'm a die hard ute tailgater n season ticket holder, do u know how hard it is to sneak beer in res. Ur such a joke jus like ur arrogant fans. This rivalry is at a new level 4 the worst. Character is earned not given Hall. U suck@ QB and even more @ life

Focus on the game

I am a Utes fan, but nevertheless I apreciated the nail bitting game last Sat. They are both good schools and I hate to hear all the talking about this and that. Too much hate in the world already!! You guys that keeping proclaiming to hate U of U are just hyprocrates. I would like to see you hurt and need of medical attention and declining service because your attending doctor graduated from UofU, by the way, one of the most prestigious medical university in the country. LOL

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