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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I know how Max must feel…
When I went to the Las Vegas Bowl
My family had to walk past a man who
was smoking and we got second hand smoke
On us. I hate all smokers.

re; utes= hypocrites

YOU'RE RIGHT! Max has the right to dislike the Utes. he watched THEM achieve his dream twice in the last 5 seasons.... agreed BUT to take a personal attack at the whole University and Organization... That crosses the line. He called everyone classless.. im a returned missionary good standing member of the church. And i am a die hard Ute. i find what he said against the very principles our church teaches. And i know there are a FEW Utah fans that go to far but dont Judge everyone by the works of a few. If a Utah player did that same exact rant about BYU and the church, it would come across as just a bitter kid with little brother syndrome. So then why do BYU fans try to justify these comments?? unless they have now just become bitter with little brother syndrome to the U?

Ute fans get away with anything

"Lose the Bowl game if that's what it requires. Having your star player say what he said was unbelievable. I'm an active LDS BYU fan who was appalled at what Max said."

Your religion has nothing to do with this so stop acting like it does and you being a BYU fan doesn't have anything to do with it either.

It's your defense of Utah's classless lack of action and comment taken against Ute fans that required the police to escort Hall's family to their car while you condemn Hall for saying what needed to be said that is at issue.

The entire Utah football team should be benched for not saying anything and immediately coming out and saying how sorry they were to hear about how Hall's family needed police to protect them at Utah's stadium.

"My own feelings for BYU have taken a big blow."

It's about time that someone from BYU had a backbone to say something about Utah's classless behavior. If they had any decency they would condemn their fans and defend Hall's comments as being said because he loves his family.

cowboy joe

I don’t know why Max is so upset — up here in Wyoming
When you get swore at and beer thrown on you
It just means she doesn’t want to dance on Friday night.

Did they onside kick — now that would make me mad!

Max for Heisman

I say we do something similar to what Florida did with Tim Tebow's pronouncement last year when he shared his presonal feelings after a loss to mighty Ole Miss. We make up a plaque with Hall's statement, verbatim, and have it placed at the entrance to LaVell Edwards Stadium, for all to see and remember. It might even become the Christmas season's most popular gift.

Rise and shout!

BYU, Where Hate Speech is Good

Thanks for being a shining example of righteousness to my children, Max Hall. If you can't tell, I am being sarcastic.


No one got hurt, no beverage can thrown at them, spit upon or cursed at. Yes, I think it was wrong to say what he did and he should apologize and explain his words from the heat of battle, Oh... wait, he did that already. Ok then, all is well lets move on... Sorry to hurt your fragile feelings Ute fan I think you are reacting to the Loss and not these words spoken! Get over it Sally!

to RE:let it go

You are a complete Utah homer. Selective hearing. What about (LDS BOY) Morgan Scalley and his totally viscious remarks about the Cougars a few seasons back or (RM) Paul Krugers remarks last year. Or Reeds swing at Jan Jorgensen. There's plenty of public talk on both sides. Utah is a great program, but no better than BYU. Both sides need to stop the nonsense. GROW UP.


MWC officials naturally have to say something about Max Hall's critical statement. It was uncalled for. However, I for one would like the universities to do more to prevent hooliganism like Max referred to. A few hooligans are giving sports a bad name and must not be allowed to get away with it.

Mike Johnson Fallon NV

The MWC said Hall violated rules 4.2-e and 4.4.5.

"4.2 Acts in Violation of Sportsmanship Policy. Conduct by athletes, coaches and other institutional athletics personnel who act in an unsporting manner is subject to sanction. Violations of the Conference sportsmanship policy shall include, but are not limited to the following: ...
e. Publicly criticizing or disparaging a game official, the Conference or its personnel, another institution, a student-athlete or personnel of another institution."

4.4.5 was too long to quote here, but lists the penalties for violation of 4.2-e. 1st offense is a public reprimand. Second is a one game suspension. Subsequent offenses carry 2 game suspensions. There is a one year statute of limitations--record is expunged if there are no offenses in the last year. Won't help a senior, but public reprimand is the penalty for a first offense--nothing more. I think that is appropriate.

It is time to move on and hope both teams beat their PAC Ten opponents in their upcoming bowls--for the sake of the conference and football in Utah.


Awe this comment board is the epitome of hipocracy and irony. All the comments from byu that anyone in the right mind would label as *classless* or *arrogant* about how classless an arrogant the Utah fans are.

re: re: Let it go

You've got to be kidding. Utah players talk off the field all the time. Alex Smith just railed on BYU at a local school in front of the media within the past year and said nearly the same thing Max Hall did. Quit playing the victim just because you lost. Deal with it and move on.

If Ute fans still need a shoulder to cry on, George is available; he still has time before he needs to run in for the winning touchdown!

I Bleed Blue

I've got an idea. Bronco can send Max up the hill to put a nice fresh coat of paint on the U. Let it go people.


Is it possible that someone above the age of 6 could actually write such a post? And think that the taunt will somehow impress someone? Please don't tell me that you're a BYU student or grad. Please be from Utah.


Give the dude a break.. People use the word hate all the time! People are acting like he dropped an F bomb! Whatever makes you ute fans feel better about losing.. Utah fans should be thanking Max Hall because it's giving all of the UofU fans something to "cry wolf" about. Just bash on him a little more so it makes that loss a little easier to bear.

Poor TV coverage!

When will the Mountain West Conference reprimanded for the horrible T.V. coverage. They have much more on their hands then to worry about BYU.

What is a Reprimand?

So if your team gets 5 reprimands, do you pay a fine or something? I wouldn't worry about it, Max. You're being reprimanded by the same pack of buffoons that signed the ridiculous TV deal with The Mountain. Horrible camera work, horrible picture quality, and Todd Christensen is the most annoying, arrogant announcer in the history of college football. Yeah, Todd, you know much better than the coaches on any given play. That's why you stopped perming your hair and now work for the lamest sports network in the world. Got it.


Really you think that a player should be suspended for saying they hate their rival school? REALLY? Wow, perhaps every player on both teams should be suspended, oh wait I'm sure all those personal fouls on Saturday we're because they love each other!

re: The truth hurts

TRUE BLUE fan here, and I do NOT agree with Max's actions. Own the mistake, don't justify it.

The unbiased approach

Max shouldn't have said what he said. Speaking up about the way his family was treated is good, but saying the whole organization of Utah was unfair, and he apologized for it. Should have cooled down before he spoke at all... That being said, Utah fans and the media are overreacting to the whole situation. A little forgive and forget should be in order. Hall made a mistake. The media is paying way to much attention to a mistake made by a football player. The rivalry also can't help with the media. If he had said that about Utah State, there would have been a couple articles, but it wouldn't get the attention its getting now. The media has blown it out of proportion. Shame on Max Hall for saying it in the first place. Shame on the media for continuing to bring it up.

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