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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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To: KFausett

Oh, stop being so sensitive. He apologized and has been reprimanded. He is going to suffer for this for a long, long time.

Remember he really has also done a lot of good for the BYU football program. (if you really are a fan you should agree.) He got carried away in his comments and has since apologized. Accept the apology and let it go.

Seriously people, what do you want? Kick him out of the bowl game for some insensitive words? Seriously. Worse things have been said. Remember the old playground saying "Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words can never hurt me"?

He knows he was wrong and has said so. Accept it.

Congratulations on the win BYU. Good luck to the Utes, TCU and BYU in bowl games!!


What about the F-bomb he dropped on TV? In case you missed it, after a 3 and out he used the word as the cameras were showing him. It was very obvious what he said reading his lips. I am wondering what BYU is going to do. Do they have the guts to sit him down for a quarter in the bowl game?


This just shows what a sad shape the BYU football program is in right now.

BYU Cry Babies

BYU has always been and will forever be a bunch of cry babies. It doesn't matter if BYU wins or loses a game they will always be found crying like babies after the game. It doesn't matter the outcome of the BYU-UTAH game because I can always be satisfied with the fact that BYU is going to get spanked in their bowl game and UTAH is going to continue on with the nations longest bowl game winning streak. Can't wait to hear what Maxi Pad says after his final game when he throws 3 interceptions and fumbles the ball twice as BYU gets pounded again this year.

Kimbo Slice

Utah did not really deserve to win last saturday's game, cause they were rude to hall's family last year's game. The game became personal to hall, and i believe it was personal to send them home. The players played a very good game, but hall did his best to get revenge on them. Utah Utes do have a good football organization and did not deserve the diss by hall.

California BYU fan

I love BYU and all the things we represent. I attend all the BYU games when they come to California. It saddens me Max Hall has tarnished this win. I understand you were frustrated last year with some Utah fans but what does that have to do with the actual University. 12 months is a long time to hold on to this hatred. I sense you blame Utes for the way the Utah press has treated you for the last year. Keep in mind much of the press in Utah is owned by the church or its members.

I hope you can forgive Utah fans, my experience at RES has been fine. Yes some fans have been tough but that is to be expected when you walk into their house wearing Blue. Also, our fans can be just as bad. 2 years ago after the game I was watching KSL at the hotel and they reported a BYU fan punched a Ute fan that was at the game with his son. He was admitted to the hospital. And now this year rumors about Kyles wife being struck by a BYU fan. I hope not! What a shame.


Beer doesn't open cuts like we have seen after the game saturday. I didn't hear anyone on the local news stations talk about this matter. Hall is a little baby. He will never make it at the next level.
Coach Men. should bench him and make a example to the rest of the team to keep your mouth shut. Good game Hall the worst of the season for you and you act like you did it all by yourself.

Say it Isn't So

I really hope that the posts supporting Max's statements are not really from students or alumni of BYU.

BYU is not about justifying its bad behavior by pointing at the bad behavior of another. BYU is not about hating. BYU is not about being without grace in victory. There is no justification for any of these things.

If this many BYU students and alumni support or justify Max's behavior, the school is failing more than just Max Hall. Say it isn't so.

Cougar Fan

I don't like what Max Hall said, it did detract from a great win. However, I do like Max Hall. He's a passionate KID who made a poor decision. I would like to quote Kyle Whittingham, whom I watched play at BYU and who has created a great and successful program at the U, he said,"My emotions got the best of me, and after thinking about it, I wouldn't have done it in hindsight" he explained. "But emotions were running high as you could tell – both from what we did and the reaction on the other team. That's the nature of sports, I guess. At times your emotions get in the way of sound decision-making. "You've got to guard against that," Whittingham continued. "I'm not making excuses. I'm just saying that was what happened."


CTR .. choose to RANT .. typical BYU


In an era of so-called political correctness and sensitivity, Hall shouldn't have said what he did. No question about it. However, one thing that makes the rivalry so impressive is the number of Utah fans who "strongly dislike" BYU or the number of BYU fans who "strongly dislike" Utah. As someone who grew up in Utah and went to BYU, I couldn't bring myself to cheer for Utah; however, having lived on the east coast for the past 19 years, I cheer almost as loud for them as I do BYU . . . except for Saturday of course.



You would be loving it if you had won and one of your players mouthed off like Hall did. Stop acting "HOLIER THAN THOU." You are just hypocrites. Max was right. We dont like you, you dont like us. You lost. Get over it.


Reprimand or not, the score was still 26-23.
Go BYU!!!

I accept

Congratulations to Max and the second place MWC finish.

Good Luck on the pending Las Vegas Bowl.

Thank you for your sincere apology.

p.s. I forgive you

Utah fan
Email me back at 2BCSwins@nationalrespect.com


Every member a missionary


Utes loved it when morgan scalley mouthed off a few years ago. I loved it when Max mouthed off. We dont like you, you dont like us. It's nothing new - stop making it bigger than it is. Sorry we hurt your feelings. HA HA HA HA


Fact is many Utah fans ar RES are like Raider fans without the IQ.

Re: Oregon Ute @ 12:44

Yeah, like when Whit reprimanded that player who almost beat a man to death outside a bar. Oh, wait.... Whit did NOTHING about it.


I had a similar incident at U-U and BYU game at the Ute stadium. Took a teenager son and was watching from the top of the stadium when two boozed up fans tried to pick a fight with him for nothing. He was standing next to me watching the game. They backed away when I suggested they leave or else it would be me they tangled with. Didn't phase me. I was not a UTE hater nor a BYU fanatic. I had a son play at UTAH and at BYU. I enjoy football. The comments by Mr. Hall does not impact me at all, the mediocre football I seen did. Both programs must improve to be where TCU now at. They have a very good program & right now the at the top of the conference. Forget the hype and work on football skills.


is the same. Losers. You're trying to shift the focus. Get over yourselves. We dont like you. Never have, never will. Just like you dont like us. Hypocrites

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