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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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re: Let it go

That's the difference. Utah players talk on the field, and say nothing off it. BYU players feel the need and lack of discipline to do both.

The truth hurts

Wah, Wah, Wah. So the truth hurts get over it. Max you are awesome and BYU fans respect you for the comments coming from your heart. All die hard BYU fans agree with you. If they don't agree then they are not true blue.


College Football Final's take was 'the reason I have a problem with his comments, is that he played poorly.' To Max's credit he didn't turn the ball over, but he also completed only 1/3 of his passes. Another ugly game by two mediocre teams. Good luck in training camp next year hope you can make it out of a camp by showing up.

re: CougarKeith

So what you're saying is Max was misquoted? Because he sure made it crystal clear he didn't just mean a few fans during his tirade.

The man is a coward. Coward for only bringing this up after he won, and after his career against Utah is over. And now a coward for not having the you know what's to stand behind what he said and running away with his tail between his legs.

BYU sucks

max hall directly represents the BYU football program and the school. The way he spoke could be taken very badly by the kids looking up to this man. BYU is a morman school, part of being morman is loving one another. He should be taken out of their bowl game and disciplined as much as possible.


I've never seen such a tantrum over someone saying they dont like someone. And by a college football program! It's ridiculous. We've never heard ute fans/players say similar things about byu have we? Hypocrite ute. Sorry we hurt your tender feelings! Ha, Max was right on.

Frustrated in WA

Get off Hall's Back! Last time I saw the Constitution he still has the freedom of speech. Both schools need to police the fans and yank their season passes if they can not be civil. Banning beer from the RES would be a step in the right direction. If you have an axe to grind with with the Mormon's handle it with prayer.

Crazy Comments

Suspend him!? Not let him play in the bowl game!? Give me a break!!! I hate people who post such outlandish comments!!!!

((Note to readers/responders/civil activists: The previous use of the word "hate" does NOT mean that I actually, truly hate THE PEOPLE who make such ridiculous comments. Its use is intended to prove a point. Maybe I should be suspended from viewing or commenting on these boards because I used the word "hate," . . . ))

Robert Johnson

I wonder what is going to hurt him more in the 2010 draft: His five interceptions against Utah in 2008 or his class-less inability to control his immature hothead. Not exactly the attributes that most NFL teams are looking for. Please...the guy couldn't even make it 7 months on his mormon mission before quitting.

A state in need of healing ...

I went to BYU and cheer for the Cougars! I have seen poor behavior on both sides. I was in church and heard someone ask a Utah fan why they came to church. I've heard religious attacks of BYU fans. Let's see - many general authorities graduated from the U. I'm not from Utah and have seen some really great rivalries around the country. It's time fans of the universities in Utah (Yes - some USU fans have issues too) learned to separate religion from football and quit making personal attacks. Come on everyone - Here's a new competition - Who can be the better sport, who can show more class, who can prove they can be more accepting of people, who will win at the HUMAN BEING game?

A cougar fan.

Max hall stands in the shoes of Steve Young and Robbie Bosco and fails to measure up.

Not even Jim McMahon embarassed the school as much as Max.

Kitty litter

Hate is a strong word. Folks it is just a game, when it is all said and done we go on with our lives. Our life does not change with the outcome of a game.


Its football! Its a game! A GAME!

Why don't we focus on important things? Things of value.
Isn't it time for BYU to spend less time on a game?
A game with NO value, other than making people into brutes?


The reprimand cited code violation 4.2-e and 4.4.5 which reads, 4.2 "Acts in Violation of Sportsmanship Policy. Conduct by athletes, coaches and other institutional athletics personnel who act in an unsporting manner is subject to sanction. Violations of the Conference sportsmanship policy shall include, but are not limited to the following: e. Publicly criticizing or disparaging a game official, the Conference or its personnel, another institution, a student-athlete or personnel of another institution."

4.4.5 Reads "Public Criticism. An individual affiliated with (e.g., over whom the institution and/or Conference has jurisdiction) a member institution or the Mountain West Conference who publicly criticizes or disparages a game official, the Conference or its personnel, another institution, student-athlete or personnel of another institution shall be subject to the following penalties: First Offense. Public reprimand.

It's over folks! Move on! You can't un-ring the bell.

re: utes=hypocrites

Correction. K Whit's wife was phyically hit in the face by a BYU fan in LES Saturday. And he did not go on a tirade blaming that incident on the entire BYU organization. He stayed classy, and has refused to comment.

Whit/Utah = Class
BYU/Max/Bronco = Talk a good game, then contradict everything they say with a situation like this.


Since when is it unacceptable to use free speech? His comment may have been tasteless, but he has the right to say what he wants when a mircophone is shoved in his face. I think Utah fans are more upset that Max was on the winning end of three of four games in his tenure at BYU.


Max Hall's comments represent one persons feelings. Not the entire institution of BYU. Fans need to understand that and just realize, like most of you are saying, that A TON of fans feel the same way. However, this is what makes this game A RIVALRY!! Max probably shouldnt have been so easily to say those words, but I love the fact that he did. BYU has always taken the "moral high road" and that is what makes people think of us as the school who looks at themselves as "holier than thou." By him saying his true feelings, he showed that we do not think of ourselves as better than anyone else, and we are just as human as anyone and any other university. I hate Utah too. Many of their fans are indeed classless. Whitt himself has shown glimpses of classlessness in game running up the score.

Go Max, and I hope there are future BYU athletes who share their feelings like you!

Still waiting

for BYU to take action --then we will see how classy coach Bronco is

Max's Pass

The throw was not all that great and probably should have been picked. What was great was George keeping his feet and rambling into the endzone.

To Ute Fan

Let me apologise to you for the abuse you have endured from other Ute fans. Shame on them! Utah should stop their sports programs until their fans are as good as those at BYU. We just have to read these comments to see how one should behave in a civil society. Few ever blame themselves, always the other guy. I've always loved a great football game on a beautiful Utah Saturday. This ugliness ruins it for me. Guess I'll find a good book.

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