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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Slap on the wrist...

Nothing like a slap on the wrist to tell someone they are acting "unsportsmanlike"; more like a kid on a playground that had there ball stolen from them.

A public reprimand is nothing more than a mother slapping their kid on the wrist and telling them "No! No!". Depending on the kid, it usually doesn't get the message across.

It seems Bronco Mendenhall doesn't condone unsportsmanlike conduct, as he simply said Max was speaking from his heart...the question that then comes up is how cold is that heart to "hate" everyone that associates with any given University that Mr. Hall decides not to like?

It seems that the entire BYU PR department is going to have to work overtime to fix the damage that "heart"-felt comments create.


I loved the game. Loved Max's comments. The ute fans are trying to shift the focus to an argument instead of the game! HA! I hate that school too. Well done Max!!!! The Utes are hypocrites - they feel the same way about us, so stop acting "holier than thou" utes.

In the stands

I challenge Chris Hill, Michael Young and other administrators and donors to sit in the MUSS next year during the Utah - BYU game.


Isn't it a bit ironic that Ute fans are all screeming about these "offensive" comments when for the most part they are the ones who constantly go off on "BYU is so hypocritical" "BYU is arrogant" "BYU is self-righteous" etc, etc. and then when somebody in blue hits back, they run and cry to the press...and the worst part of it is that the press eat it up like a protective parent whose spoiled little brat just got what he deserved.

ute fan

i honestly think Max said what he said, because he was mad that he didnt live up to the expectations of going to the BCS this year. He is once again going to Vegas and hes mad about it. if he was so upset about it, he would have came out earlier and said something

Oregon Cougar

When we lived in Utah I never ceased to be amazed at how many BYU haters there were. One man I knew taught his young two year old to say "I hate BYU," and would laugh and reward him every time he said it.

The anti-BYU sentiment by adults was horrendous. I can see cheering FOR your own school, but to be so ANTI anyone is wrong. And especially for the Mormons who throw their lot in with these Mormon haters. It makes no sense to me.


Ok - let him get reprimanded (do something) and let's move on. Enough of this subject.

Spoken Honestly

Let's get real here, when I heard Max's comments the first time, I was thinking WOW, that's spoken from the heart! Spoken from my heart and many others too! Then the analysis started and I realized that I have several Ute friends and coworkers whom I like and respect, so I scaled back and said, OK "hate everything" is a bit broad and "hate" is a bit strong, but in general I still agree.


If BYU administration sees football - as it claims - to be an activity for molding men of moral character, and not just for winning, then it should follow suit in reprimanding Hall as well.

Kyle's wife should be assaulted

Where was the reprimand to Utah's program for not doing anything about their fans assaulting Hall's family. Where is the MWC when it really matters or do they only reprimand a football program and its players when they say something and not when they don't say anything like Utah and its coaches and players who said nothing about theirs fans acting so badly that the police needed to escort the BYU quarterback's family to their car so they won't be assaulted by Utah's fans.

Maybe if the MWC issued a reprimand for allowing such behavior to continue without Utah taking any action than Hall wouldn't have had to refer to the Utah program and university as classless. We know that BYU is forcing Hall to issue this apology and they are right to do so but the real apology should come from the entire Utah football team for doing and saying nothing when their fans behave this way and I will never attend a game at their stadium until they condemn their fans who act like this and how dare they act upset when people call them classless for allowing such behavior.

Mad Max

I am behind you all the way. For 3 years all the classless ute fans have belittle every move you ever make. Every pass ever thrown. Even the good ones. So why is it sooooo wrong to flip the script. What is wrong with getting even. Do unto others? Ute fans? I hope we see t-shirts for Christmas that says - -- Max is my Hero....


A longer mission would have helped max grow up a bit before he was a senior.....VERY FRESHMAN MAx....VERY FRESHMAN.


Also classless to be hypocrites and pretend the Utes wouldnt love it if their player had said similar things(aka Morgan Scalley) about byu. Grow up utes - you lost.


To all you supposed BYU fans (KFausett), bring your families by sometime and let them be spit on, thrown beer on and have to be escorted to cars by the police. You are just going to turn the other cheek and be a good boy, right? I would hate to be your family.


It is truly unfortunately that this young man will not be remembered for his efforts on the field as great football player but rather for his remarks after one game. I can understand the reason why Max Hall was upset but that was not the proper place to vent those feelings.

I hope we will all try to move beyond these remarks and learn that nothing good can come dwelling on negative thoughts of the past. I wish Mr. Hall and his family well. I also wish the University of Utah football and their supporters well as they approach post season play.



I'm sorry your tender feelings got hurt. After so much trash talk for the past several, well, decades, you'd think you guys could handle someone saying they hated you. I didnt' know you WERE SO FRAGILE. We'll try to be nicer in the future. HA HA HA HA HA. I loved the comments. Sorry we offended you. HA HA


It does not surpise me what he said. Look at his on field personal fouls. Probably holds the college record for the most. That is a reflection of his true character. Classless. He that casts a stone should look at himself first. However, his 15 minutes is just about up. I am looking foward to better people playing for BYU in the future. I just hope Bronco can recruit classier young men.


Many moons ago

I attended a BYU Notre Dame game in the Fall of 1990 in South Bend. The end result was BYU won that Game. I was on the 25 yard line and was surrounded by Irish fans. They were drinking beer and having a great time. Not once was there foul language or vile remarks towards me or my family. No beer showers, nothing. Maybe we should take a page from the Catholics on how to be civil at a sporting event.
Disappointed in both BYU and UofU fans.



BYU take a stand sit Max

Lose the Bowl game if that's what it requires. Having your star player say what he said was unbelievable. I'm an active LDS BYU fan who was appalled at what Max said.

As an institution that stands for something please stand up now. It will save your image and help Max in the long run.

My own feelings for BYU have taken a big blow.

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