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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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moral victory.

Max Hall is not the only BYU affiliate who has harsh feelings against Utah. let me tell you about my experience at LES. It all started when my group of friends were trying to find a spot for our disabled friend in a wheelchair. while doing this, a rabid BYU fan confronted us, getting in our face trying to prod us to fight, after a while he gave up after realizing that we were not idiots like himself and would not fight. then on our way to our seats Utah made a great play, as fans we began cheering exuberantly(no vulgarity). BYU fans began requesting the ushers to call security.... eventually we moved to be with other Utah fans. the point of this story is not to put down BYU and their fans, but to show that such degrading treatment is what you should expect as a visiting team, Max Halls family sounds like a bunch of sensitive weenies. when I heard what Maxi-pad hall said after the game I felt relieved that the win for BYU was tainted enough to the level that they cannot brag about the game..... go Max Hall and GO UTES!!!

I went to both schools...

I remember as a student at BYU, President Jeffrey R. Holland reprimanding the entire student body at a Tues Devotional following a heated football game. He was PO'd and told us in no uncertain terms that the way we, the fans and students, acted the previous Saturday was never to be tolerated at a school that professed to the standards that BYU holds. He talked on and on about how he never wanted to see BYU students ever to act that way again. I would expect that the current President of BYU would hold this current student body to the same standards and use this QB as an example of what not to do. How unfortunate to feel the effects of ugly prejudice but people, this is the world and you are not the only ones!!

Shut'er DOWN!!

No more football, no more football players, no more football player groupies, no more football player discounts, no more FOOTBALL AT BYU!!!!!!!!!!

RE:I went to both schools...

Hey, I was at that Pres. Holland devotional, too. It was the year after the NC in '84 when BYU fans and students booed Robbie Bosco--not realizing the man was playing hurt. That was a lack of class, too, and President Holland taught us we needed more of that--lots more.

Nice to see I'm not the only one who remembers that--or is disappointed in the way BYU is (NOT) handling this current situation. If they all really think it's just going to blow over and go away, they really ARE hiding their heads in the sand down in Provo. President Samuelson has even more work cut out for him than President Holland did.

This is all stupid...

of course Max hates the U... If he liked the U, he would have been slinging the football for them! Duke basketball fans constantly chant "go to hell Carolina go to hell" year in, year out. Everyone grow up forget about it. It's all just words.

Superiority Complex

I feel bad for Max Hall. He did what racist people do. He let a bad experience from a few spoil his opinion about an entire people. Now that he's in hot water he's taking back his words to save himself but the truth is out. Mission accomplished Mr. Max Hall. It wasn't enough for BYU to barely beat the Utes like so many of their wins over Utah. You had to be the center of attention. May your name go down in infamy!

remind me agian

who said what? and what was it that he said again?
and when did he said it? It was just a long time ago, my memory just isn't what it used to be.


Time to move on folks! Boreiiiiinnnnggggggggg! Bu..... bye!

Not an apology

"Light travels faster than sound, which is why someone may appear bright until they open their mouth."

Hall ruined his reputation by the attempt at an apology. He could have just rescinded his earlier comments and walked away. Instead, his bloated ego and self-righteousness bubbled over. This poor choice of words-- both the original statement and its follow up are making their way around the world, where he is giving BYU a bad name even here in the Netherlands. What an embarrassment, and a spark for future criticism. Maybe BYU should get rid of their competitive sports program so the university can actually represent their religion?

re Jim

So funny how BYU apologists are tired of this forum but keep comming here just to say everybody should let it go. No. :)

I can't wait untill next year's rivalry game. I haven't watched football in years but I can't wait for the game. He's the Charles Barkley of college football - only less likeable. He can work on that.

Now who will I root for? Not sure yet....


If you spit on my wife and mother and poured beer on them while calling them vile names, you would be lucky to get away with a "I hate you." comment a year later.

Take your apology back Max and tell BYU where they can stick their PR campaign.

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