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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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True Ute

I feel that it was very unfortunate that Hall's family were treated badly at RES. I personally have been treated badly at LES. It is hard to control fans. I wouldn't want to live in a country where legal bantering among opponents was punished.
I'm LDS and don't like being lumped with "all Mormons" as being a non thinking sheep--Nor do I like being lumped with all University of Utah supporters as being classless. (I might be, but I don't like been lumped as part of group of classless folks.) Max Hall has apologized and I'll accept that. I truly hope it was a sincere gesture. I feel terrible that a Church owned institution of any demonization fosters hatred. I apologize for all Utes that ever got "caught up in the moment." I'll let the Hall thing slide if you'll let Ute bad behavior of the past be in the past. Let's be civil supporters.


I'm not surprised by the way his family was treated, and I understand the heat-of-the-battle thing. My family is the best part of my life, too. If someone had threatened them and abused them like that I'd be upset, too.


Maybe the "Holy War" should take a two year break to let things calm down a bit. Instead of playing each other for the next two years they should schedule another OOC game with the same school. Just a thought. Things are getting out of hand.


So what was the extent of the reprimand?! That it was public?

From an Aggie Fan....

What said is said and no amount of explaining can take back what words were spoken in any situation whether it is a football game or something else. Those were harsh words and they cut deep.

Did you hear Coach Wittingham talk about his hatred for BYU after his wife got hit in the face after the game.

The best thing to remember is if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.

Hate Should Not Be Tolerated

BYU is not about hating people, ever. Max must be disciplined by BYU.

Criticizing blocking techniques does not violate core values of BYU. Espousing hatred does, whether it is at all of Utah fans or just some of them. There was and is no excuse for Max's behavior.

I hope BYU does show that it expects more out of its players than do the executives at the Mountain West Conference.


BYU should also reprimand him by not allowing him to play in the bowl game. I am a life long Cougar fan, but his actions are unacceptable to what BYU and the football program stands for.


Since coach Mendenhall said today on the radio that he supports Max and his comments, should the conference also reprimand him as well.

If your sportsmanship is reprimandable whould it also be reprimandable to agree and support Max in this poor behavior?

I guess sportsmanship is on the down at BYU untill they can show us that they have a coach that does not support bad reprimandable behavior.

Oregon Ute

I hope the Y football program has the guts to reprimand their own. That is something I respect about Whit, he reprimands, there are consequences to your actions at the U.

James Reynolds

I still remember when I was in the Utah marching band over 10 years ago and the things that were thrown at us in Cougar stadium when we marched in. I think people who get vicious at these games have bigger problems and they use the rivalry as a way to vent those negative feelings.

Bowl game penalties?

Does anyone know if the reprimand will affect whether Max Hall can play in the upcoming bowl game?


Why does every article about this Max Hall event just quote verbatim his rant. Give us some new news.

Agree with Um

This article was a waste. It provided no new information other than the headline. I want to know what the "reprimand" was.

Hypocrite Utes

The utes would be LOVING it if they had won and one off their players had mouthed off and said the same thing about BYU. Stop being "HOLIER THAN THOU" utes. You lost. Get over it. We don't like you, you don't like us. Stop acting like this is bigger than it is. I can only imagine the terrible things players say about byu each day at practice(and the things byu players say about utah). And NO, it's not different being on tv. Why would it be?

You still lost!

This make you crybabies feel better? Guess what? THE SCOREBOARD IS THE SAME!!!! I loved what Hall said. It's true. Stop acting like you are HOLIER than byu fans. You dont like us, we dont like you. It's nothing new what he said, ute hypocrites

Max is GREAT

I was not a big fan of Max before the game, nor during the game, but I AM NOW. I don't care if the sensitive utes are bent out of shape because Max hates them. Did we hurt your feelings? Or just your pride? You lost losers.


in two senses of the word.

1)Great game. Both defenses played terrific football. Utah had chances to go up bigger early but settled for FG's. BYU had chances in the 3rd to put the game away, but the Utah defense held them down. So unfortunate that an egotistical athlete takes the glory away from his team and places it right onto himself. Hall says nothing of the incident for 364 days, then opens up a tirade on the entire Utah nation, but only after they win? Think he brings this up if they lose? Not a chance. Coward.

2)Run and hide. Hall just left future BYU players out to dry. Next year's game would have favored Utah heavily regardless of his comments with Wynn coming back and BYU working in a new QB for the first time in 4 years. But with Hall's comments, you think Utah will be fired up next year? You betch ya. And he'll be nowhere to be heard from, leaving the 2010 Cougar team to take the brunt of his mouth's actions. Coward.


did not win the game Harvey Unga did and without Mr Unga BYU would not have even had a chance .Max Hall made ONE big pass and the rest of the game did very little.Max Hall is a whiney loudmouth who will never make it in the NFL . The reason being is that Max Cannot take criticism . You think NFL fans will play nicey nice Max ? Think again.


You dont like us and tell us everyday how much you hate our school. Of all people, MAX HAS THE RIGHT to hate the utes. I hate them, and I've never had beer thrown on my family or assaulted by their typical fans. Stop acting like you'd act differently!!!! You act the same as Max EVERYDAY. Hypocrite utes.

Axe Diesel

No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home...failure in the home begins at University of Utah.

Read chapter 18 of Miracle of Forgiveness and don't be so offended (little pigmies)

Oh wait…that’s Mormon Doctrine. Never mind.

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