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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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stone max hall

I think we, the self-righteous and perfect people who write on this comment board because we have no real life to speak of, should stone Max Hall because we are without sin.

To make things 'sporty', we can let the Ute fans paint their rocks red with a pretty U painted in white.


we can realize this is just rivalry banter by a senior who's leaving the program and does not have to worry about getting sacked next season. We can get over it and move on and look forward to next season.


You don't have to be a UTE fan to dislike BYU. Negative comments against BYU aren't all from Ute fans.

Stop the Utes

Oh, yeah. Hall already did that.

Look at the scoreboard, haters.


BYU 26 utah 23


Yewt fans are a bunch of BABIES.

I am sorry you got your feelings hurt, but quite frankly the hatred flowing from both sides is an issue that has needed to be dealt with for years, and like it or not Hall has provided the avenue for it to finally be addressed. IT IS A REAL ISSUE, so stop crying about it and let's get it fixed.

By the way 26 - 23 - DEAL WITH IT.


Do you realize that Utah has not won more games in a decade than BYU since the 1960s - over FOUR decades ago. Now that is what I call a national power. And don't look now, but:

George is STILL running
Magic happens on 4th and 18
Harline is STILL open!

Shame that Whittingham can't win the close ones because they are the really fun ones to win - anc create the memories!

Better luck in basketball Yewts. You are going to need it.


Double Standard | 12:25 p.m. Nov. 30, 2009
How many times have Ute players been reprimanded in the past for saying the same thing about the BYU program? Zero? That's what I thought. Way to be consistent MWC.

none of the utes players have been reprmanded.


Hall shouldn't have to apology for anything. He does have the right to say what he feels.


What a bunch of cry babies.This is why BYU or Utah is not taken seriously. Get in the SEC where Max Hall would be backed up by his team, his university and fans. At least Hall had the guts to say what he felt.

Dr. Seuss

Every Ute Down in U-ville Liked Utah a lot . . . But the Max, Who lived just south of U-ville, Did NOT! The Max HATED Utah! The whole football season! Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason. It could be the beer, dumped on his family one night. It could be, perhaps, that his cleats were too tight. But I think that the most likely reason of all May have been that his helmut was too sizes to small.

it doesnt add up

I get that Hall was in an emotional state, however, if you look at it as a whole, it doesnt add up.
Hall wins a pretty entertaining game in OT against his rival in his last home game as a BYU Cougar. He then celebrates by bringing up last year (you really wanna throw another pick max?) and says that he "hates the entire university" because of what a couple fans did to his family? Was it a bad thing? of course. I would be mad too. However, where was this a year ago? or any time before now? Now it just comes across as a "I am going to kick them while they are down" move. Poor move Max, very poor. Heat of the moment or not (you just won the game, so shouldnt you be happy?) that was WAY out of line.
If Bronco has any guts (which if you watched the game and the personal fouls, he doesnt as he never once got mad at the players committing those fouls... while whit was all over his guys, how classless) he will sit Max in Vegas.
I wont hold my "classless" breath though.


This has nothing to do with Utah State. It has everything to do with BYU football not living up to it's own standards. I have to question wheather or not I should send my daughter to BYU. I think people there don't even realize themselves how far they has strayed from acceptable standards. What's the point of a church university if it's just like any other? THIS IS A LEADERSHIP PROBLEM.

And yes I have lived in Provo when my wife was attending. I was disturbed my many things that don't seem right at BYU.

At least at ASU my daughter would know she is supposed to be different than the average student.


re: re: Bench him for the bowl | 8:30 p.m. Nov. 30, 2009
Actually, I love BYU football always have. Last year I had season tickets...I accept his apology.


Wonderful but he didn't call your Alumni "classeless" and hated "the organization".

Any apology that starts by excusing your behavior is not sincere. If he cared so much about all the "hate in the rivalry" and the "beer" issue was such a big deal then he should have brought it up last year.

Personally I could care less about Hall's apology from BYUs PR department.

I just love the fact that a 25 year old was outclassed on and off the field by a 19 year old freshman.

Go Wynn!! Boooo Max "to Vegas" Hall!!!


'Issuing a statement' is PR spin code for 'I've been reprimanded for embarrassing the school and now must publicly apologize so I don't get suspended for the bowl game and/or further tarnish BYU' (see public apology from the New Mexico women's soccer player). It does not denote real remorse or sincerity. A real apology would be to come before either the press he made the comments to and/or the University of Utah coaches, players and leadership and personally apologize. It doesn't matter that those who offended him and his family have not done so (though it would be entirely appropriate), this kind of statement apology is a copout for being caught in the act. Man up Max, it's the right thing to do!

Too Much Said Already

And then more.



In your dreams...come on get serious...what a joke of a comment. That's not even typical Aggie talk. You must be an intimidated little Utey hiding behind Aggie Blue. What a crock.


Don't live in your state anymore, not a member of your church, but am still a BYU fan. Max Hall represents BYU when he speaks at a press conference. His views might not be those of BYU, but his represents the school and the team. If they had asked him at home or of campus, then maybe you could say that they were just his words, but he harbored hatred for a whole year, and spewed it out on everything that has to do with the U.

Okay, I don't like the U or their fans either, but his comments show a lack of maturity and responsibility and he should be suspended one game. This is a university team and he had his chance. He has been unsportsmanlike too many times and saying, "well he is doing like everyone else" does not excuse him. If BYU does not step up, the MWC needs to. That is three reprimands in two weeks. Enough, a bowl game is a privilege, not a right.

Re:Dr. Suess

That was really good, whether you are a BYU or Ute fan. I got a chuckle, but it should have ended:
"But I think the most likely reason of all, may have been that his helmet was two sizes too small."

Simple grammar and spelling.

A key point to remember...

is that BYU is a church-sponsored university. It tells the world that "we do things differently here." When poor sportsmanship is displayed, or literally hateful remarks are made by someone wearing a BYU uniform, it resonates deeply.

For the most part, I believe that BYU athletes behave themselves well. Max Hall's recent tirade is an exception to that. I think the intense emotions of the situation got the best of him. Maybe off the record, he really does feel that way. I am willing to accept his apology.

However, the most disturbing thing to me about this whole situation is the fan's reactions to his comments. We should know better, particularly those of us (myself included) who signed the honor code and attended BYU. This bitter rivalry has become an outlet for far too many of us to behave badly, and leave our Christian ethics on the shelf.

If we applaud Hall for his hateful comments, then what does that say about us? Do we really believe that they are OK because they were directed at the despicable Utah fans? I must have missed that Sunday School lesson, and that clause in the honor code!

Mizzou Blue

Nice try self-righteous Ute fans. My son went to a BYU-Utah game in SLC & at half-time four Ute fans spit on him, & were going to physically assault him in their rest room when some of his friends happened to come in & put a stop to it.

So don't try & preach to Hall or anyone else when every other year we have to experience this type of nonsense from some of the Ute fans.

And to BYU fans like myself, we do ourselves no good when a few of our fans stoop to ridiculing, name calling, etc. The media will make a huge deal out of it & bring upon our great University the kind of image that we don't want.

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