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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: The Rivalry will end

Bwahahahahahahah.... you are so funny. You know absolutely nothing about the PAC-10. They still hold our conferences as second tier and they would never put Utah, Boise State or BYU in their conference. It was a good laugh though, thanks,

smack talk

Its cool, he won. Isn't smak talk part of the code?


Wow what a sore winner. I understand how much it hurst for your family to be attacked and verbally assaulted but Hall could have handled it in a "classier" way. He needed to be the better person and not sink to the "classless" Ute fans level. It was a mistake on both schools but now Utah has it in writing. The BYU Utah rivalry has been getting worse and worse and now its in print. Maybe its time to take a break from each other...


It is ironic and funny how a society that believes in and practices violence (don't tell me that football is not violent) gets easily ofended or worried by a few words... it is really funny!!


His comments ruined our win!! He must believe in an eye for an eye. At his age he should believe in the golden rule.
I am glad he apologized.

I am a mormon

and and BYU and I hate the utes in general.

Brett Lakes

The board of trustees of BYU ought to do what they did at BYUI (formerly Ricks College). Just drop intercollegiate sports altogether. It has absolutely nothing to do with the overall mission of Brigham Young University or the Church!

we hate hypocrits

Seriously zoobs, try to analyze things for both sides. Why? you want the whole thing all because it doesn't look good for you right? Is that all? Don't try to justify, you will always fail. Don't try to lighten the whole issue just because someone insincerely apologized and just because you all think you are so righteous. Have Maxi show me prove that his family was ACTUALLY attacked or else he is always going to be a liar and a bitter jerk. And lastly, don't even try to come back with something smart because it will never work for any zoobs.

Carolina BYU Cougar

I'm very disappointed in Max Hall's comments. But he was just reacting to something that happened last year. The MWC can act, but UTAH fans cannot, because of course you remember the lockeroom pre-game "I hate those guys" tirade from Scally a few years ago while Urban Meyer urged him on. I was at BYU while Coach Whittingham was a great player for the Cougars. Except for when they are playing BYU, I'm a Ute fan because I'm a Kyle Whittingham fan. Last year I watched the Sugar Bowl in Afghanistan with a Utah grad and a bunch of Alabama rednecks. I wanted it to be BYU in that game, but I was cheering like a maniac for the Utes. So, Max made a mistake. But Utah fans (at least the ones with class), don't demonized Max when your own players and former coach have done the same thing.

Utah and BYU are two great universities. And TCU is one of the best teams in America. Let's build our conference stature and keep it about football and no trash-talking. Can't we all just get along -- except on the field!

Re: A Utah man am I

Sure but that was more then 50 years ago, a very different contrast compared today's u of u. If they had a chance today to attend, I highly dought they would.


Brain Johnson should have said the exact same thing to BYU but he actually used his brain and complimented BYU even though their idiot quarterback threw 5 interceptions


I'm kinda disapointed that max hall apologized he didn't need to.


How is it that two BYU football players and one coach are reprimanded by the Mountain West Conference? Given the governing principles by which BYU claims to live, I have to ask why it is that disciplinary action is being taken by the conference and NOT by BYU????

From the BYU Football Web Site...
The mission of the BYU football program is, "To be the flag bearer of Brigham Young University through football excellence, embracing truth, tradition, virtue and honor as a beacon to the world."

This statement is, of course, subordinate to the all encompassing BYU Honor Code, a standard BYU faithful claim sets them apart from other universities. However, it appears today that BYU is choosing to not hold the players, coaches, and fans accountable to the letter and spirit (intent) of those standards. This is a defining moment for BYU...either BYU upholds those standards and takes corrective action against their athletes and coaches or the standards become meaningless.


Max's comments took away from his win, he came across sounding entitled, I'm disappointed that we are dealing with this rather than discussing the potential bowl match-ups for both teams. I'm sorry for both my schools....hhhhhmmmmm frustration.

re: re: Bench him for the bowl

Actually, I love BYU football always have. Last year I had season tickets. I don't boo my team even when I disagree with certain calls or when they play bad. I was sitting in the Muss in 2006, in blue, to see Beck complete his beautiful pass to Harline. I thought I would get beat up. Many of the Utah fans I sat around showed no class at all but one did. After the game as I was walking out he stopped me and genuinely said "good game."

I defended Hall all the way through last week and actually wrote a comment entitled "Defending Max."

We obviously disagree with part of BYU's mission statement. I think they are a University who holds themselves to a higher standard and you don't. That is why I thought BYU should do something to distance themselves from his comments.

That said, having read Max's apology and hearing Bronco declare that Max was motivated on his own I feel I was too quick to judge. He spoke largely in the heat of the moment when he made his blanket statements his apology clarified.

I accept his apology.


It is football folks - rivalry football - go to a ACC, SEC, PAC 10, Big 10, or Big 12 rivalry game wow - this is what it is all about - the only comment I have is that the football game should not be a LDS crusade - religion and football - I don't hear ND fans saying its catholic bashing etc - TCU (and if you have ever been to a game in FT Worth they are hostile)saying its an anti Christian statement - all BYU fans are not LDS keep the religon off the football field please - if it is the only perceived religious event of the week talk about it on Sunday please. bravo to Max - BYU and Utah - this will get ESPN game day attention next year wow I love both programs we are lucky here in Utah


So in the end Max really lost, by not being a true sportsman, How sad.

LDS Aggie

Having been to both LaVell Edwards Stadium and Rice Eccles when the Aggies have visited, I would say that Cougar fans are by far the more irritating, rude, and vulgar fans as compared to Utah fans.

Stop the Hate

Stop the hate.

Go Utes!!!

Holier than Thou

Hall's comments, strictly at face value, are not that big of a deal and would be heard in many rivalry settings around the country--anyone have any friends with a stake in the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry? I don't know a single Ute fan that had much of a reaction to this other than a mix of a little surprise at the timing, disappointment for what apparently happened to Hall's family, and amusement at the immaturity of the rant.

That being said, it seems to be lost on everyone why this story is news. BYU football (unlike the U) represents the LDS church, especially today as Bronco wraps the LDS faith around everything the football team says and does. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as the team represents LDS ideals--I would guess hate language isn't one of them. An earlier post suggested that the "Holier than Thou" label was due to BYU not fighting back. Completely wrong... it has more to do with perceived hypocracy: Claiming to always take the high road, and doing something very different. It's the same reason political scandals are so juicy.

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