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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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byu fans in wi & recent converts

We were saddened to note that he mouthed the "f" word and that they showed it right on the television. We are all human, but one would hope that, especially knowing the prophet and children are watching, a person who has risen to the level of Hall in sports and in life would be able to express himself better than to use a bar-room word. We continue to believe in our new faith, but are saddened that he chose such a public way to voice his opinion of the other team and hope and pray for him in the future to think before he uses such language in the future and to perhaps take a class in filial piety - he did not honor his heritage by stooping to the low of the masses, and he did not show very good sportsmanship. We hope that he will learn from this and that he and his family may forgive those who hurt them last year. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing, truly, when it starts with yourself. The scripture calling for us to forgive really says it all. Bless Hall and all the Utah players - whether Utah or BYU!

Give him a break

Nobody's perfect. Give him a break. I'm sure that most people in that kind of situation would let their emotions get the best of them. Do I think that was a bad decision by Max? Yes. But things like that happen every day. Everyone needs to realize it's just a football game, and trash talking is part of football. If you can't take it, find something else to do. I think everyone needs to just let this go.

Cougar Fan #45

My 7-year -old grandson received a Max Hall #15 jersey for his birthday Saturday morning. He wore it and cheered for his team and they won. I was happy for my grandson because I knew the game could have gone either way. What disturbs me is what a quarterback from a "Church" school said. How am I supposed to answer my grandson, who informs me at church yesterday, that he does not want to wear the jersey, because "only a loser would act that way after winning." What a great role model you are MAX!


Too bad that Bronco , Holmoe , and the University didn't gave the guts to do the same.

Utah State Aggie Fan

It's fun to sit back and watch as BOTH BYU and Utah fans make fools out of themselves!
So What----Max Hall says he hates the U. Big Deal! So he says what's on his mind---and people go crazy. Whatever happened to "freedom of speech?" Don't tell me that the Utes don't HATE the Cougars, and vice versa. SO WHAT!! GET OVER IT!
We took our children (Utah State v. Utah) to a game at RES---and we'll NEVER go back! We were treated with vile remarks. It's a sporting event---NOT life and death! It's funny to me that the school with the crudest fans are the ones who are crying the loudest on this issue! I can't wait until someone suggests that because of Hall's remarks---that BYU should have to somehow forfeit the game. Get a life people!! What Hall said was MILD compared to what takes place out on the field and at the bottom of those pile ups. People need to remember that it is ONLY a game. You can be a true fan by supporting your team---but not acting like a moron!

No apology necessary

What Max said is true and the Utes say the same things about BYU every day. I know because I attended the U. Max shouldn't have to apologize and the MWC shouldn't be reprimanding someone who speaks the truth.

Robert - St. George

Maybe we should hold the BYU-Utah game on a neutral field out of state and without any fans. That could possibly help control these immature out of control fans on both sides of the field. This whole situation just shows how we let things that really are not that important control our lives and behavior. Wow, are we a sad bunch or what?


haha! Glad you switched sides. BSU deserves an 'awesome' fan like yourself.

why do people compare us with stupid Pac-10 schools and what their fans do? Who cares?? Enjoy the smurf turf....we as Utah fans will try to survive without you...somehow.

From an outsider

I mean, honestly I really could care less who won, but what does surprise me is what the MWC has done to BYU out of character. If anyone feels like going back to last year when Utah won, the same things were said about BYU and Utah received nothing from the MWC. If anyone is classless it is the MWC and their refs that can't even remember someone's number for 30secs after a foul...

But all in all, both sides need to do better, neither side is innocent...

Re: A Utah man am I

It took a huge amount of money to persuade your coach (who doesn't have the class to even say BYU) to "come over to the correct side." It was based on cold, hard cash, not a better institution. Don't fool yourself.



Ute Fan

I lived through the Lavell Edwards era at BYU, so I know what it's like to be jealous of your rival's program. I "hated" BYU - still do, although not so much since they've become irrelevant outside the MWC. It's easy to understand BYU's jealousy of Utah's superior program, especially the BCS success. I don't blame Max, Bronco and the rest of them for hating Utah. Everybody hates those whose success eclipses their own.


Remind me which team got the most personal fouls in this game?

The rivalry will end.........

........soon. Utah (and Boise St.) will leave for the Pac-10.

Benching Hall

Think about it Cougs. If you bench Hall at least you will have an excuse to fall back on when you get throttled in your bowl game.


The time has definitely come to end the BYU-Utah athletics rivalry. Do away with football, basketball and all other intercollegiate sports at both schools and use the millions spent on them for education. Isn't education what universities are for? Part of what education is about is treating others with respect and civility. Football does not promote such values.

I find the aplolgy

I find Hall's apology more offensive. He meant what he said in his original comments so be it. Im a Utah fan and I dont care what he said, BUT to all you cougar fans HIS comments are what have taken away from your win. You should be able to talk about the game like we were able to all week last year. Max has taken that away from you with the comments and for that you should be upset.

There are bad apples on both sides. Remember in 99 when the cougar fan ran out on the field and tried to tackle the utah cheerleader. The BYU fan and got pummeld but he still attacked him. Halls family had issues last year whitts family had issues this year. It goes both ways.

And for the Morgan Scalley comments he said it before the game then backed it up on the field. He didnt wait until he won the game to say something like hall did. If your going to say something man up say it before the game then back it up on the field.

This will all be forgotten with another BYU bowl loss and Ute win.


It amazes me that a player from BYU critisizes all utah fans, alumni, etc. Does he not know that most of the Prophets graduated from the U. Does he not know that the BYU President graduated from the U? What about the "Honor Code" doesn't the coach Bronco have the responsability to sit him out for the next game? Let's see what happens. Will the Honor Code be "HONORED"?

To Cougar Fan #45

Come on grandpa. I'm sure you're capable of answering those hard pressing questions from your little grandson. I'm sure he has NEVER heard the word "hate". You might think of taking some grand-parenting classes that can aid you with REAL issues "johnny" may have someday.

Not a Ute fan anymore

I am tired of all the crap that goes on at RES. Many of the fans are classless, vulgar, annoying and out of control, The average fan just sits there and lets all of this garbage go on. Most just look the other way and believe there is no problem. Chris Hill, Michael Young, University Officials and big time U. donors, why don't you take a stnad? Do something about these out of control jerk fans. I can't stand to go to the games anymore. I have to label the whole situation "classless", until something is done to clean up the atmosphere at RES. P.S. There are many who feel the same as I do.

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