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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I am done with BYU. I was never with Utah. Why can't we cheer for our teams rather than against the other? I am moving on.

re: curious

you are spot on

Bench him for the Bowl

Why? Because he dishonored the entire program by his tirade and went against everything that BYU professes to stand for.

For any other institution his remarks may be permissible, though I doubt it, but at BYU, a school with a message, it is absolutely clear that Hall's message of hate and bitterness run contrary to the message Bronco has been espousing since he has taken over.

His comments of hate and bitterness are not justified because one or many Utah fans hurt him in the past. Does that mean I wouldn't do the same thing if I were in his shoes? No, I probably would do the exact same thing. Does that justify it? No!

If BYU wants to set itself apart from other universities and send a message that they are a university with integrity, class, honesty and character something must be done. He's your star player in a program that gives firesides each week before the game. Going out the next night and going off on a team, its fans, a university and the entire institution says "do what I say not what I do!"

Just don't go to the game

A word to the wise: If you are a wife or a mother of a BYU player just stay away from RE stadium. That's right just don't go!! If you can't tolerate a little personally directed profanity against you and your family along with being doused with some harmless beer then by all means stay home. I mean good grief what do you expect? After all you are playing at the U!!!!!


Interresting, beer is not sold or allowed in the University of Utah stadium. I think Hall is exagerating. His family was not escorted out by the police.


Dear Utes,
You did your very best all year long to get under Max Hall's skin, and when he let you know that you had succeeded, you pretended surprise and wounded feelings.
I say, don't goad someone if you don't want a reaction. Don't abuse BYU's family and fans if you want to be liked. And don't blame the LDS Church, Brigham Young University, its coaches and players if you succeed again to achieve your goal of getting a reaction to your low-class, non-sporting badgering.


You stay classy, Max Hall.

I'm a Utah alum

and I would be caught dead at at Utah/BYU game at RES. I wouldn't subject myself, much less my kids or wife to the language and behavior displayed by our "fans." It's like a war zone. The behavior by our fans is horrendous and disgusting. I HATE it! Hall spoke from obviously very deep feelings of resentment and anger and stepped a little out of the box by including the entire University. But to HATE evil is a good thing and there is some evil behavior that takes place at RES during a Utah/BYU game.

Poor Max

You really need to feel sorry for a 24 year old man with his whole life ahead of him that is so full of hatred and rage against not only Utah, its players, fans etc but for all those BYU fans "who hide behind their internet post and don't support him." Here is a guy that is going to struggle his entire life in whatever profession he is in to get a long and manage disappointment/failure. Can you imagine his RAGE if he gets passed over for a promotion?


So many of you say that Hall should be held out of the bowl game by Mendenhall, because Whit would. Did whit hold out Morgan Scally, Steve Tate, Paul Kruger, and Sylvester Stephenson from their bowl game for saying they Hate BYU? I sure he did since all the utes keep saying he hold his players accountable. I probably just didn't notice.

I feel bad

that Max Hall apologized. What he said is so true. Utah and fans are such hypocrites. They say horrible things about BYU and the religion that its affiliated with. Why aren't they in trouble? Why doesn't the media make a big deal out it? So sad.
I am so proud of you Max. BYU fans everywhere are going to miss you at BYU.


Wake me up when the 'U' publicly apologizes to Hall's wife and mother.

the only

difference here is Hall got caught speaking what everyone else knows to be true. for all the comments blasting Hall, you are all a bunch of hypocrits! His rant was probably mild in comparison to what was thrown at him by Utah fans. Nothing to apologize for Max, you only called as you saw it, which is EXACTLY what it is!

RE: Pharisees

From a true blue BYU fan, I am sorry you have been treated that way at LES. There are definitely idiotic, classless fans on both sides. I try to treat all of our opponents and their fans with respect. Please don't think those loser fans are representative of most BYU fans because they aren't any more then the fans that poured beer and spit on Max Hall's wife and mother are representative of most Ute fans.

re:Glen R. Pulley

I've always wondered Glen, how exactly do you "beat yourself"? Could you explain? Do you run the opposite direction with the ball thus scoring touch downs for the other team? Do you spot the other team points? Perhaps players on your own team change jerseys and tackle your own players as they sprint to the endzone? Hmmm, I guess I don't see any thing in the rule book as to how a team can beat itself. Usually the other team scores more points than you but I guess that really didn't happen in this game huh?

Bench Wynn

for taking a cheap shot punch to the head of a BYU player after the play was over and out of sight of the refs. Now That's classless.

Cougar Dad

BYU will not bench Max Hall because they care more about football than about values and honor.


It's interesting how the people who are blowing this all out of proportion(The media) are the same people who basically pryed and baited Max Hall into saying what he did. If you actually listen to the interview and hear how provocative the media people were, you might have a different take on things.


Forgiveness is a Virtue

Oh come on.....since when can BYU leadership be responsible for what comes out of another person's mouth? Are we not responsible for our OWN behavior? Quit pointing the blame wherever you can. They were Max Hall's comments and only his. He has apologized and explained. Do we not ALL make mistakes and then have to rectify, clarify and make amends? Absolutely. Maybe a little less judging and finger pointing, and a little more forgiveness is in order. Max's feelings over what happened to his family last year are completely understandable. Did his emotions about it spill over after the game on Saturday? Sure, but he has since apologized, so quit the judging and start forgiving. We ALL make mistakes, including those Ute fans last year. Hopefully they feel sorry and realize that an apology to Max and his family are in order also.

Proud Cougar

Let's just end the rivalry.. Utah can go to the WAC and beat up on Boise and BYU can stay in the MWC to be watched closely for future reprimands.. Then the only time we will meet would be in the NC bowl game.. but of course it would be against Boise not Utah. Oh well.

I support you Max.. Utah is classless. Where is the apology from Utah for the way they treated his family?

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