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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I love how all these BYU fans post about the hypocrisy that the Utes have but tend to ignore the fact that it goes both ways. In all my years following college teams I have never been treated with the open hostility that I experience in LES. I have had soda and bags of trash thrown on me more than once for merely walking by wearing red. Actions like this are inexcusable by either side, but please don't try to pretend it isn't done by BYU fans too. The sad reality is that Max Hall doesn't just get to represent himself when he speaks; he represents the team, the school, and the Church- of which, incidentally, most UofU students are also a member. Coach Mendenhall needs to send a message to his team that this behavior is unacceptable.


As I have loved you,love one another.

Lotsa HATE going around today

I guess Max just got the ball rolling for those how LOVE to HATE.

Glen R. Pulley

In reality BYU didn't beat Utah, Utah beat themselfs!


To Max Hall,

Apology accepted. What we did to your family was unacceptable and we weill make every attempt in next year's game to treat BYU fans with respect deserving of our main rival. Until next year...

Oh, wait, that would be the mature thing to do. Just kidding. We'll keep acting like the children in men's bodies that we really are...

Audios until next year, when we can REALLY make your life miserable in RES...

Not Offended

What Max said about the baseless, crude, and insensitive behavior of SOME Ute Fans was justified and needed to be said. I no longer take my family or friends to UTE Football games due to the rowdiness and off the wall behavior of SOME drunken UTE Fans.

Where was the MWC When Meyer & his players said they hated BYU. It was noticeably absent in reprimanding or condemning both the words and the locker-room antics of Urban and/or his UTE players. It has also failed to not similar hate comments from some of Whit's football players

Having personally experienced SOME UTE FANS' behavior described by MAX HALL in RES as well as enroute to our car from RES, I have no sympathy for those who choose to be offended . . . UTES or Cougars. I believe JS referred to some of his detractors as "fiends of the eternal pit." I believe another great person JC drove people out of his Father's House for money changing. There was only ONE perfect person and look what they did to him.

Real strange

This never happens at Cal Berkeley Stanford games. Whining isn't fashionable on the Left Coast. Here if you win, that's wonderful. If you lose, there's always next season. We don't lose sight of the goal, to get out on nice fall days and enjoy an event.

Not Offend #2

I enjoyed the win and the fierce competition on the field of play by both teams . . . Ute and Cougar. If you must find fault with Max's words, then first look within yourself for the mote that you perceive to be in Max's eye. GET REAL!!! I for one understand EXACTLY why he did WHAT HE DID!!

Really Wondering...

Since when did disliking and/or cheering against BYU equal disliking the LDS church? Sure there are Utah fans who are non-mormon and do dislike the LDS church and that's their right, but to take them and equate that the entire institution dislikes the LDS church is ridiculous. In the same sense since so many people jump the logic shark and assume the U is full of non-mormon individuals, does that mean BYU fans hate non-mormons? Furthermore, when BYU plays against Notre Dame do BYU fans hate catholics? How about hating christians in texas when they play against TCU? since when does cheering against a team equal hate of the demographic make-up of the school's student body or a representing institution aligned with that school? This is a large part of why i am LDS and not a BYU fan (other than I received a degree at Utah, oh my gosh!). (BTW, the institute at Utah, which is either the largest or 2nd largest in the church educational system, is almost empty because Utah is soooo non-mormon! PLEASE stop trumpeting the Utah is non-mormon card, it's sooo flimsy...)


Consider this a PUBLIC REPRIMAND towards the MWC itself for the untold thousands of U and Y fans that got shafted and were unable to watch the game as a result of the conference's stellar collection of minds.

He has a right to say what he wants. The U is classless when it comes to football, and its high-time someone with the spotlight said it.


I hereby reprimand all of you! Go to your rooms...

Move on....

* perhaps 10% of fans on both sides need to "grow up" and realize this is just a game - I have no idea how many, but it's far from "all"
* Everyone needs to accept Hall's apology and "move on" rather than escalating the vitriole
* Yes, Max should have directed any displeasure purely at the offenders, not the vast majority of great fans on both sides - and he should have gotten that out of his system a long time before the game.
* the players clearly feed off the fan base, their coaches and each other - they need to move on and redirect their emotions into better play, not personal fouls.
* looking into Utah from the outside right now is very sad - none of you are winning.


For any of you willing (Max Hall haters or not) to be the bigger person and admit that maybe there's more to the story and to let it go, there are a few good reads on Greg Wrubell's blog, "Cougar Tracks."

Feel free to check them out over at KSL with an open mind.There are three different posts people should read: "Max Impact" "Max Hall Statement" and "Bronco on Max: He spoke from the Heart"

Please note in the 3rd one that Bronco Mendenhall doesn't say he supports Max Hall making comments like that about other organizations, just that he supports him and respects the way he is personally taking responsibility for what he said and how he is handling the situation.

If there be any who persecute Max Hall for what he has said, even though he has issued an apology, then look deep inside yourself and see if you would have acted any differently had you been in the exact same situation. Many, if not all, of you will come to realize that you are acting very hypocritically. Accept his apology and let it go!!!



The U of U has had plenty of opportuinty to rein in their fans. It would please me greatly if someone assulted at a U of U Football game with evidence were to file a law suit against the U of U for negligence. Being aware of a dangerous situation and failing to take step to control that situation. I'd bet a million damage award for failure to mitagate a dangerous situation would wake up the Sleeping heads at the U administration office. The adminstration either does not care to correct the situation or they by doing nothing are winking at the situation. In either case a lot of the responsibility for this contiued mess rest squarly on the adminstratin dept of the u.

AZ Dave

I hate the MWC. It classless and clueless. It deserves BYU, Utah, UNLV ... except Air Force. Real heros and real students


"Me thinks thou doth protest too much". Utah fans are so upset, BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT'S TRUE.....

2 bits

I can't find any way to justify Hall's comments... true or not.

He may be a great quarterback, but I'm disapointed in him as a Christian and a Mormon (like me).

Double Standard

It's funny to read all the double standards from both sides in these comments. Contradictions everywhere. Justifications for Hall, justifications for Scalley, justifications for Whittingham. The fact is that BYU won a close football game, has bragging rights for a year, and the rest doesn't matter. This rivalry is bringing out the worst in everyone.

Give'em a 15 yd penalty, play on

The worst penalty assessed for what is 'done' 'on' the field is 15 yards. So, let's call it unsportsmanlike conduct and give the Cougars a 15-yard penalty on their initial kick-off of their Bowl Game. Will that make you happy? Not that 'words' spoken 'on' the field are often penalized. In most cases this sort of thing ends up a negated, do-nothing, "off-setting penalties", even if one side provokes it and even if one side reacts more strongly than the other. Weighing the abusive beer and verbal abuse showered so lovingly on Max's family against his unsportsmanlike verbal retort 12 months later, why don't we just call it off-setting penalties, ... but realize that were there more civility on the beer-splashers Max never would have been left with the festering frustration that spilled over on Saturday.


What a soft rivalry. I love BYU and I love this rivalry, but coming from the east and hearing people involved saying this is one of the best rivalries in sports is a joke.

If any other big rivalry had similar comments said it wouldn't even make the news. Of course he hates them. Of course they hate us. Would we have it any other way?

I remember Ladanian Tomlinson saying the same thing about the Patriots two years ago when New England beat them in the playoffs. It was a passing reference. He even called us (New England) classless just like Max did. Not a big deal.

Utah sports fans will always have a weak sports scene when stuff like this is big news. Toughen up.

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