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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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RE SJ Butkins

I always enjoy your sincere posts about "yutz" and "uggies". Your comments continually remind me why I have little respect for the y.

Perhaps after you finish your paper route tonight you and Max can hang out and wonder why you get no respect.

Move on?

To all posters who like to write things like "move on already" or "let it go, it's only football" or "get a life" or "go spend time with your family" etc.:

1) YOU move on. This is interesting stuff.

2) It's obvious to everyone that you are secretly eating this up, or you wouldn't even be here.


To Surprising Comment: FYI, the U of U already has a program in place to text for assistance or call for security if fans are unruly. In fact, at our last home game, two fans sitting a couple of rows in front of us were removed at the start of the second half - never to return. So don't think the U of U isn't doing anything to get rid of the problem fans! There is no excuse for any fan of any college or university to "hate" anyone - no matter what the situation is. Max would have been a much better winner if he would have gloated over the win rather than refer to ALL UTE FANS and the organization, etc. etc. as classless. Shame on him.


With everything in life there is always someone that is self-serving and thinks only about the moment. A few so called Utah fans last year did something that effected all of Utah and BYU fans. This year someone hurt Coach Whittingham's wife with the celebration at BYU. Max put him self at their level. I thought Max was above that and I guess he is not. Let us be thankful he is will not be back next year.

With the self-serving so called fans they should be banned from future games. Throw beer and insults on them selves at home watching the game on TV I say.

Football is just a game. It is sad that we the fans, must now police the games and get rid of the self-serving Gomers. If we get enough of these Gomers out of the statium and make them watch the games from a TV, the better it will be for the rest of us who love to see a great game live win or lose.

It may seem harsh

This may seem harsh but I think Max should be benched for the bowl game. He needs to be disciplined somehow and not just slapped on the wrist.

He had no right!

First he had no right to take the disrespect of a few fans and place that on an entire organization! And those of you who are encouraging that are NUTS! Because you know darn well there are some pretty NASTY BYU fans as well. Really people you cant blame an organization for a few fans! GET OVER IT move on it was a year ago. You think its bad now? Max just poured gas on the fire! Lets act like adults and Play football! And his apology was lame, Im glad he got reprimanded, Football is a rough and roudy sport people! GET OVER IT!


"BYU has a new deal this year at their stadium. From your seat in the stadium you can quietly text for assistance if you having any problems or being harassed in any way. Security will then act and do what is needed, as appropriate. A real good idea that the Utah administrators should look at also"

Already in place and being used at the U.

moar hate

I agree, I'd be happy to see Riley play in the Bowl. It gives BYU a chance to show they are serious about sportsmanship, and it gives Riley a chance to show his stuff. It's a great deal in my mind. Max only had one really great quarter this game anyway.

Someone above mentioned his horror that BYU fans could actually be defending Max. Here's the question to ask yourself, bro: If I (and my family) had been subjected to the kind of taunts and verbal abuse that his family had across the time he was the quarterback would I have done the same thing?

I don't know what the answer to that question is, but I don't think it's an easy one. Further, you sound super judgmental, are you sure you don't go to the Y?

Reprimand the Fans

I don't see anything wrong with someone stating his opinion here. And look he even apologized, but who cares?

The real story should be keeping the fans on both sides under control. The fans are really the ones that make the rivalry more nasty. The small minority of bad fans make all the good fans look bad.

Next time you see a fan from your own team do something dumb, open your mouth and do something about it. Everyone has turned into innocent bystanders, if you see it happen and let it happen you're not innocent and you damage your school's reputation!

Me oh my!

Utah lost the game and dosen't get to go to a BCS. bowel game. Poor souls, now you need someone to take it out on.Perhaps you will lose some of your egotism and clean up your own house before crying so much and completly ignoring their own misbehaving. Its like "a piece of coal calling the stove black"
Shame on Max and on the Ute fans in genereal. They want to live a double standard.
You just can't stand to have to swallow all your pride and negative remarks all year long about how you were going to wallup BYU on Nov 28. Get over it, it was only a gamb and Max dispite it all can stand taller than the slobs that throw beer and spit. on people just because they are a BYU fame, Shame!shame shame!!

Max is a bitter man....

for the second consecutive year max is the second-best quarterback in the MWC. for the second consecutive year, the guy above him will be going to the BCS. Poor max. such an angry young man. We should all pity him. his outbursts will prevent him from holding down a job once his football career is over.

Annakin Sywalker

Is it just me or did Max sound like Annakin Skywalker when he shouted to Ben Kanobe "I hate You!" Careful Maxie your falling to the Dark Side....You need council from YODA! HAHA


"What needs to happen is that Utah actually enforce their policy and block as much as possible at the gate but also remove any drinking (beer, alcohol), drunk or abusive people from the stadium."

Let's see they search bags, carried coats and blankets of everyone entering the stadium Short of doing a pat down, which I'm sure would encounter several problems, they are trying to block as much as possible. And in my years as a season ticket holder I have seen several fans removed.


I can't wait for next year!

Las Vegas BYU Fan

I am so sad for Max Hall's comment. Granted he helped BYU to a good season, he turned out to be a "classless athlete" with his use of those words and that is appalling. I am hoping that BYU will continue to do well with a new QB.

To Utes...what can I say. Next year will be an exciting rivalry again.

re: Boise Fan | 3:14 p.m

gag reflex

Morons R Us

Anybody who thinks Hall should be suspended for the bowl game is a flat-out moron. Let he who has had Ute fans simulate sex acts on a blow-up doll with his mother's name on it cast the first stone.

When is Matt Asiata going to be reprimanded for causing a fight on the field with fans? What a thug.

When is Kyle Whittingham's wife going to be reprimanded for jumping on a guy's back and hitting him because he was holding her son, who had grabbed his blackberry and thrown it into the stands? Then she plays the victim because she inadvertently caught an elbow???

Where's Morgan Scalley's reprimand for what he said about BYU in 2004?

It's a football game, people. Get a grip.


It's better to say nothing and be thought of as a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

Re "Kyle's wife should be assaul

Kyle's wife should be assaulted | 12:57 p.m.

What a class act YOU are!

To even insinuate that Kyle's wife SHOULD be assaulted??? You are aware that she was injured by an irrate BYU fan before the game Saturday aren't you? Maybe you should listen to the news and quit posting obsurd stuff like "Kyle's wife should be assaulted".

Utah may have been in the wrong LAST YEAR... but Max Hall is obviously in the wrong THIS YEAR.

Your attempt to pat Max on the back and say, "That's OK they deserved it", and then try to turn MAX the offender into the VICTIM!!!

You take the cake, as far as silly postings I've read today.

I'm not saying the U is without blame (we all know that's not the case). But to justify what MAX did in ANY way.... or worse yet, to turn it and twist it so Utah is the bad buy and somehow FORCED Max to say his hate-filled remarks is just plain dumb and low class if you ask me.


So his family was assaulted a year ago--they were spit on and had beer thrown at them. This apparently was so extreme that the police needed to provide protection to them. I wonder how such a clear case of assault and public intoxication was ignored by the police--especially at a DRY CAMPUS. I have attended several games at Rice Eccles and have never seen use of alcohol tolerated, EVER. I have seen several people turned away from the gates, and even from lingering outside of the stadium, for being intoxicated. I have seen staff and police alike continually monitor the crowd for signs of disruptance and I have seen a no tolerance policy for any behavior that would put a person in jeopardy.
If the University needs to apologize and reprimand these mysterious fans for the problems they caused a year ago, should the police be reprimanded as well? Apparently they failed to do their job as well. Do we hate them too? Are they classless? Or could it be that just perhaps, Max's "heart" got the best of him and he's taking a minor incident and exaggerating it as fuel for his hatred?

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