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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Who really cares about what Hall says.


Oh what a proud people we have become! And who is really behind all of this contention, anyway? Quit pointing fingers at each other and get over it already. Grow up people!


I thought we were living in America where we have free speech? I guess were in China!


Lesson learned: talk is not ok. Throwing beer and spitting is fine.

byu fan no more!!!

that was classless brother hall!!!!!

Why so much Beer talk

So many cougar fans claiming beer was splashed on them. They don't even sell beer in RES and it is very very difficult to sneak it in. So how do all these fans get splashed by beer? How do all these BYU (LDS) fans know what beer smells/looks like? Oh yeah, they must be the students hangin in the SLC/Park City bars. Ha Ha


Taken at it's very essential basis, Max is right, UU is a classless organization. And, yes, he hates them. A fact. And he's reprimanded?


Max realized that he had made a mistake. There are many Utah fans that are not inebriated belligerent dunces who actually graduated from the institution and don't disdain the church.
It is hard to spot us in that crowd.
The sad thing is that he(max) just poured gas on the fire and it will probably get much worse.
Go to a game with a friend and you don't pay attention to the trash. Take your daughter to a game and you realize just how bad it really is. Utah football is definately not family friendly.

Jolene Bradshaw

Things happened a year ago at Utah that Max felt were unresolved. As a result he has let them fester and out of anger said and acted in a way that is both embarrassing and disappointing for BYU fans and the school. I think BYU needs to step up and resolve the situation this year. Max needs to be reprimanded. A school that builds character, needs to help this character resolve his problems. Winning a game does not correct hate in the heart. Come on BYU be the example of building and correcting character in a timely manner.

Boise Fan

You have to cut BYU some slack. I think BYU is so disappointed in their football program. BYU has to watch us go to our second BCS bowl this year, while BYU has never been to a BCS bowl. It must be hard being a Cougar fan.

Cougar Blue...

As a lifelong BYU fan, I have to say that i'm truly embarrassed by Max Hall. What a disgrace to have had him represent the Y with his comments. I got to become friends with Ty Detmer this summer at Charity events and would never in my lifetime put Max and Ty in the same category.

We couldn't get rid of Max sooner. As for the Ute fans who give the U of U a bad rap, so be it. They aren't going to change, and neither are our ridiculous fans. I almost took my 6 year old to the game with me and it would've been an embarrassment to have him listen to the fan comments back and forth between our fans and the "f-bomb" dropping Utes.

Lastly, I don't understand how any BYU fan could back Max up on his comments. He could've turned his final post-game remarks around to showcase himself in a postive light. He could've said how great it felt to win in his last game at LES. What a missed opportunity. Go Cougars, (the ones with class!!!)


What is crazy to me is the simple fact that some not all BYU fans are defending Max for his loss of composure. Let's not defend the wrong. Was it wrong for the incidents last year? Yes. Some good comments on ESPN about the alleged incident. However what BYU did is what was expected. They were favored to win by 8. Anytime Utah is favored they blow out BYU. When BYU is favored by any amount they barely win. A win is a win I guess and even sometimes that isn't enough. Unless you judge an entire group of people. Move on and let the ball bounce the way it may.

The problem is...

Sports is the "controlled" flow of testosterone (even female sports with the partial exception of the beauty sports like gymnastics although that is changing quickly). Naturally, the ability to control that flow is frequently lost. In the case of Max Hall, he just let it flow a bit much. It has happened many times in many forums, but Max represents a school that is supposed to be above the fray. Sadly, BYU often falls short of the higher bar that has been set for it. No one expects Ute fans to be above it. If beer had been poured on Ute fans at BYU, well, that would really be something wouldn't it.

time to say good rid

so long to max as you leave your byu career as a donkey. win or lose you will always be known as a donkey. sorry to say good ridence max and would like to say the pendelton was awesome. he was the man!!!! It was defense that won the game


and I think Riley should play in the bowl. Max hasn't being doing well in bowls and it is time to give someone with a future a try, besides, the school needs to distance itself from the hate. Sure Utah fans are not good, but when asked about criticism of his performance, her responded by expressing his hatred of everyone. Not a good missionary!

Re: Kyle's wife

Take a look at the pictures on this website. As they say, a picture says a 1000 words. Just in case you are inept in finding it, the BYU fan is grabbing Mrs. Whittingham by the arm while another person is pulling him back away from her. Assault, I would say yes, fat lip, just the media account. Check your facts before questioning someone else's account.

max is my hero

WOOO can't wait for those "Max is my hero" t-shirts to come out!

Boise Fan

This is just too much fun! On the one hand, we have these pathetic, self righteous BYU fans trying to “out righteous” each other by piously seeing who can express the most indignation against Hall. On the other hand, we have these sniveling, cry baby Utes who feign shock that someone would dare use the “hate” word against them! I got my popcorn here while reading these posts…what a silly bunch of whiners! And to think that I don’t even have to pay for a ticket to watch this best “dang” comedy of the year!

Just a fan

BYU should reprimand Hall for honor code violations. Is what their students are like or taught to be? Vengeful and full of hate?

Hall should have kept quiet and have a little more class.

Spokemans or Not

The gig of whole thing is this...whether or not you are the official spokeman or not, matters not. You are paid by a University to play sports, but virtue of your stipend (CASH), tuition, housing, books, travel and perks. You should represent them and your team with honor. It doesn't matter if it is a public school or a private church owned school. Do your job. If the ownership of your University teaches infallability, then you are then held to their standards. So like it or not you just put your opinion out there for 20 million church goers of your school to be judged by your words. This will be generational, don't expect it to go away for 20 years. Just because polygamy was officially stopped, the University ownership group is still judged by it 100 years later. Thanks BYU QB

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