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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ute fans

who are calling for Max to be suspended from the bowl game are really rediculous. Their QB a few years ago had sex abuse charges against him and he not only played in the bowl game, but the BYU game as well. Free speech vs sex abuse, get a clue uties.

Instead of talking about Max's comments, why not try to figure out why your secondary implodes at crunch time 3 out of the last 4 years.


Max Hall is embarrassing BYU alumni everywhere. Please don't give Max Hall the microphone again. Also, you know where Max said all week that he forgot about last year's game? Riiight......

Max had his feelings hurt so bad last year he couldn't wait for this year's game. Good thing he eeked out the win over a Freshman in OT, in his own house.

Re: Cowboy Joe 1:19

Love the comment. It puts things in perspective (unless your an uneducated cougar fan!)

Magic Happens


Max Hall may have made too much of a blanket statement, but we all knew what he meant when he said it. To all of the Utah fans that are LDS, I have never seen you take a stand and stop the garbage that goes on in RES when BYU plays there. No one said anything when the blow up doll of Max's mom was held up with a sign accompanying it. No one stopped the screaming of "where is your God now?" to Collie last year. You all sit in the stands and laugh as you watch the blue collar losers do what losers do. Take a stand and say something some time. I know that if my wife and mother were treated like Max's, it would take a small army to stop me from going after them. Way to be a man and have courage Max. Just next time, make sure it is directed to the right people so that thin skinned people can't react and act like they don't know what you are saying or that it directed at them!! Go cougars.

Get over it Utah & BYU Fans!

Wah, Wah, Wah. So what. Max speaks his mind. He clarifies his statements and it becomes even MORE clear what loser some Utah fans are at RES. Beer on family? Wow. The real losers here are the Ute Fans. Max's "apology" is on the front page of ESPN.com and it is an even WORSE indictment of the Utah losers and how they act in the stands.

Hopefully this is a wake up call to the loser Ute fans - and loser BYU fans that act out badly in their respective stadiums.

Max felt he had a beef. From what I have read, he does have a beef. Ute fans + Beer in RES = Major Idiots.

Shame on you all.


Who cares about any of this! 26-23! That is all that matters! Both sides have done classless things over the years. This happens in every rivalry. In Max's defense, I'd hate Utah too for fans doing what they did to his family. Wait, I already hate Utah. Max just said what every BYU fans dies to say.


Big deal. Let it go now.


As a SOB Wyoming fan who has been to a lot of WYO UTAH games, and to a lot of WYO BYU games, BYU fans are far worse, more obnoxious, smug, and rude than they ever are in SLC

Just the meds

Sounds all too much like a case of roid rage. He should be ready for the NFL now.


I love what he said! maybe it should not have been towards the whole school and program, but even a lot of utah fans are embarrassed how utah fans act!
Most Utah fans claim they like Utah just because they hate BYU! get over it sore losers.......


MWC commissioners should place a ban on all use of the term "holy war". It is the sports journalist equivalent of scatilogical humor, but the media blatantly profiteers from aggravating and enflaming hate. Just as they are loving this latest tempest in a teapot. It sells papers.

I also think those condeming Hall (Ute and Cougar) for being angry that his family was attacked are a bit more than just "holier than thou" hypocrites.
When turning the other cheek disintigrates into a form of masochistic martyrdom; it is even more unhealthy than hate. Hall has a right to be angry as do we all when injustice occurs: It is what you do with it that counts. Hall could have been more eloquent, but he is a 24 year old man - give him a break - could most of us do any better than he has at that age - I think not. Forgiveness is far more important than being right.

Classy Idaho Cougar

His punishment should be to have to watch a MTN broadcast of a game and have to listen to Todd Christiensen butcher the english language. Good thing that there were so few pass completions because we didn't get to see many of them on TV. The MWC should repremand the Mtn for classless broadcasting.

Duane J.

My kids always apoligize when they realize they might get something taken away. Hall needs to get a thicker skin. People have been treated far worse than him in this life but they are no where near as bitter. Why didn't we hear about this incident with Hall's family last year after the game? Seems be amazing that Hall held it in all year long but then couldn't contain himself for 5 more minutes in front of the press corps. They have pics of Whittingham's family being attacked by a BYU fan...Utah fans attacking Hall's family...no evidence except for Hall saying it happened.

Hall could have said the same thing without using the word "hate" over and over...maybe "I will always be a Cougar and thank my lucky stars I went to BYU instead of Utah" or "BYU is where I went by choice and it has a winning tradition that outshines any football program in the state...I am glad to go out a winner against our biggest rivals".

Nippon Coug

Good work Max during the game and after. It looks as though local press's only response is shoot the messenger.

Surprising Comment

I guess the most surprising comment I have heard so far was from a lady who assured everyone that there was no beer sold in RES, which is true, and then continued that no beer was brought into the stadium. Honest!! She actually said that. What needs to happen is that Utah actually enforce their policy and block as much as possible at the gate but also remove any drinking (beer, alcohol), drunk or abusive people from the stadium.

BYU has a new deal this year at their stadium. From your seat in the stadium you can quietly text for assistance if you having any problems or being harassed in any way. Security will then act and do what is needed, as appropriate.

A real good idea that the Utah administrators should look at also.

max is the loser

win or lose utah/byu the Y's leader has ruined the enjoyment of your victory. sham on you you max hall. its sad to say you will be known as the infamous max hall. instead of the great leader you could have been noted for. live and learn from this

Morgan Scalley?

Hey everyone....what Morgan Scalley said was in PRACTICE, in the locker room in front of his own team....NOT in front of the entire media. You don't think both Utah and BYU players say these things to eachother all the time in practice about the other schools? Come on people, wake up! There is a huge difference between Max Hall and Scalley - Hall's was public, was a sweeping statement and was said with every possible reporter in front of him. Scalley's was not. Hence the reason there was no firestorm following Scalley's statements.

I'm going to cheer for Utah State from now on.


Firstly Hall should be fined, or something for his classless tirade at the end of the game, and then again an hour later. Yes, I am a BYU fan, and yes I am appalled at his over the top performance after BYU had already won. I have a great idea:

Play these Utah vs BYU games at neutral venue - or behind closed doors with only the press invited. Do this for a season or two and send the message to ALL classless acts, be they Utah fans, BYU fans or even quarterbacks!

To: No Beer at RES

Yeah, and outside food and drink aren't allowed at LES or movie theaters either, but they both get in in abundance. Nice try, but maybe you can think things through a little bit before you comment.

There is all sorts of alcohol being consumed at RES. I've seen it. To deny it is to be either naiive or a complete liar.


Max didn't even complete his mission, if he is not worthy to serve a mission, why is he worthy to play QB at BYU? Nice double standard Bronco.

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