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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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What is classless? It is when you win and then start explaining why you deserved the win more than the other side, because that the other-side is worthless. The University of Utah is an excellent school and has many excellent programs. Why on earth would any team-member, after already winning the game, have to turn around and say that he hated the entire school that he just played. It is stupid, immature, and silly. Anyone who could actually support that type of behavior and gloat about it is making BYU look even less credible.


If Hall plans on playing ball at the next level, he'd better get a spine and get his family prepared as well. Once someone knows your weakness, you are fodder. Never let them see you sweat, Max.


Max Hall means nothing to me. He'll have a nice wake up call when he leaves the bubble...


The thing that is not being talked about is the fact that max hall is so easily flustered. He has played poorly in every big game that byu has played in his career with the slight exception of a 5 loss oklahoma team. (He played good on the last drive that mattered most) He obviously is easily unnerved and is immature in dealing with adversity!! I think despite the success the program has had with hall at quarterback most fans are ready for a change!!!


First of all I know we are terrible and both Utah and BYU kicked our butts. Our basketball team is off to a 5-0 record. We have season tickets and my son and I watched both blow outs. The BYU fans were a little annoying with their "another Courgar 1st down" and their fight song, maybe because we heard it so much. On the other hand the (some) Utah fans ( and we do sell beer here)were not only drunk because we have them to, but their language and their insults were so bad I had to ask them please not to say that in front of my son and I was told to F off right in front of my son. Even when the game wasnt even close and Utah kicked out butts. They continued to be rude. Im sure their are alot of classy Utah fans and not all were that way, but I think the line was crossed when they had no respect for children of any religion. Again, im a REBEL and not a UTAH or BYU fan, but BYU fans over all in both blow outs were better.

RE: BYU Cry Babies

It sounds like you are the one crying. Max will throw 3 interceptions and fumble twice in the bowl game...BLAH BLAH BLAH..that's all we heard all last week from the ewes,it didn't happen did it?You say We will win our bowl game and BYU will lose...so what, we beat the yewts again. 3 out of 4 baby...scoreboard!


To Bryan and nameless who directed their comments to me at 1:09,you won't find a bigger BYU fan then me. I bleed Cougar Blue. My youngest's first words were "touchdown" I have a California plate that reads,"BYUFBAL". I am a native of Utah. I tried out as a walk on in 1984. I took my 2 year old daughter to the first ESPN broadcast of Thursday night football and she was shown on camera followed by a Longhorn baby. I have traveled many times to Provo from So. Cal to watch the games. Don't call me a supposed fan. I have been to games where I have had beer spilled on me and profanity hurled at me for wearing BYU blue.(SDSU, USC, UCLA). I agree that Max has done well for BYU. Unfortunately his classless act will be the only thing that most fans will remember him for. He has damaged the reputation of my school and my team. I was a big fan of Max and defended him through all his inconsistencies until this caused me to do a 180. Now man up and do the same.

byu alum

Let's get real! Hall was expressing his opinion/feelings about something he felt very strongly about. This smacks of "political correctness", which is way out of control in this country. It seems no one is free to express an opinion without having everyone jump down their throat! It is just a game, for goodness sake! Hall was simply speaking his mind. Let it go and give people the right to express themselves. This whole thing is ridiculous!

Max for president!

This just goes to show that BYU is the cream of the crop. They are held to a higher standard. All the Ute comments from the past are laughed off with a grain of salt. Max says one thing in the heat of the moment WITH HIS PADS STILL ON and is held up as gospel. Little brother syndrome at it's finest.

Re: Anne

Kyle Whittingham is a Mormon too. Do his profanity-laden rants on the sidelines (we can read lips too, you know) embarrass the LDS Church?

Why is it that Mormons who go to BYU are held to a higher standard than Mormons who go to the U? Does the Church give a free pass to bad behavior if you don't sign an Honor Code?

If so, I wish I had known this while I attended Weber State. Oh, the fun times I could have had!

Matt Fumbled

Worse than if he had been on the field. All those years of training, and this is what he has to show for it?

Quite a memorable "last play"...

Outside Observer

Don't the fans of each team sit on oppisite sides of the field to reduce this kind of stuff? Did this happen out in the parking lot? Do the teams have to park where they will come in contact with the other side? Maybe some of the solution could be found in the logistics.


Hall's rant was about his disdain for those Ute fans and officials who through action or inaction allowed the verbal, physical, and visual abuse (much of which was of a sexual and anti-religious nature) aimed at Max's wife and family. The acts were premeditated as shown by the items used which are not common to a football game. The lack of an apology by the Ute organization and its supporters including the football team and coaches augmented the lack of class to which he referred. He held his emotions in for a year, pretty amazing. Go Max!


To: fake as they come, So like many others I am wondering just how you live with yourself. Max's wife and children were clearly victims of "Assault and Battery." They were clearly abused verbally and then attacked. Then your have the audacity to provide us with your tripe. What really needs to happen is at the administrative level. Get the fans under control................


throw the first stone to what Hall, said, any of utah fans that believe what Hall has said is not true. He has the right to his opinion. You are free to express your freedom of speech, as much as utah fans to theirs, I do not care about the Mwc silly thoughts priod.

Kyle's wife

Re: Kyle's wife should be... | 1:30 p.m. Nov. 30, 2009

Fat lip? Really? She was telling everyone and anyone who would listen. I watched her retelling the story several times to the media people around her. She was 30 feet from me. Didn't see it and didn't see a fat lip. If that happened, that is really sad.

Richard Sabin

I hope whoever BYU plays in their bowl game see's what kind of a person Max Hall is and lays him on the field hard enough that he has to be taken off on the golf cart!

SJ Bobkins

MAX EMBARRASSED NO ONE The man was emotional and honest based on his experiences. Holy Cow, the guy isn't 60 years of age, he's 24 or 25, and after taking it on the chin from the very charitable yutz fans for his turnovers in the rivalry game, he got it out of his system. I applaud him. The yutz are good losers but horrible winners. One would think that you could be happy with last year's win, NO, you had to rub it in as if you expected to get blown out but due to Max's errors you whipped the Cougars. Give yourself credit for 2008, remember the win, it could be the last one in a very long time. It' Heap's time baby.

Remarks were school sponsored"

see Desert News Associated press Nov 30 2009 1:37 pm mst COURT WON'T REVIVE STUDENTS SUIT OVER GRAD SPEECH


Max was not allowed to speak simply because he was a private citizen in the area. The event was school sponsored and so was the speech ...see above Supreme Court. President/Coach MAX was your mouth piece hence your teams and schools "SPONSORED SPEECH


I don't think a verbal repremand is enought. I think he should be sidelined or suspended. I also
think they should not go to a bowl with their attitude, and temperment. Just suspended byu for the rest of the year and maybe next year. thank you

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