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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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So what did the reprimand say? What does the reprimand do? What, other than the league saying he is "reprimanded" have to do with his immediate future? All you've done here is cobbled Hall's original comments, and then his clarifying apology into a few paragraphs. Tell us what the reprimand said and what it will do, please.


It is just sad this had to happen. The rivalry is a fun get together that shouldn't end in name calling or vocal bitterness.

Double Standard

How many times have Ute players been reprimanded in the past for saying the same thing about the BYU program? Zero? That's what I thought. Way to be consistent MWC.


Utah fans treated Hall's family poorly. Hall made a mistake in taking their bait. He clarified and apologized. I hope Utah will apologize to Hall and his family on behalf of their fans from last year. Now, let's move on.

fake as they come

Fake apology and fake honor code. Starts with the coaching. Not all BYU I wont stoop 2 Max Halls level but enough to judge the leadership on BYUs football team lacks character.


Big deal, Max just stated what everyone around Utah and most people around the United States feel about the University of Utah.
In my experience they are classless, and their sports are overhyped. I wish more people would speak their minds about the Utes.

Let it go...

This whole thing is such a non issue. C'mon DesNews and SL Trib...let it go. I mean, here's the story, "QB says he hates rival school" Big deal!

I would have liked to have heard what the U players were saying during the game. Maybe the press can get a hold of that and print it.

Bottom line...it was an emotional game in an emotional rivarly and it is done. Let it go....


Talk about classless. BYU embarrassing itself again.

Wrist Slap is no Punishment

Slap on the wrist. That's it. Blount physically assaults another player and gets benched for the season. Hall verbally defames an entire university and gets a slap on the wrist. If Bronco wants to really live up to the whole "Tradition, Honor, Spirit" thing, then he would be wise to follow Coach Kelly and sit Hall for some time in the bowl game. We'll see if he's that serious about his own team motto.

A word to FANS

To both UTAH and BYU fans:

If you don't think you can act civilly and respectfully during and after the game then please STAY HOME!!!!!! Your stupid and irresponsible behavior is ruining the game for everyone else!!!

It's over

An apology has been extended and I would hope accepted, end it already.

A Man's Perspective

Go Utes!!

Ute Fan

I want to apologize on behalf of Ute nation for the way Max's family was treated last year. I have been subject to attacks on my religion even as a Ute fan by other fans. Some of the things that are said are vile and disgusting especially those that are religious based. Ute fans should realize the hatred generated by Ute fans at the Mormon religion. To be spit on and to be escorted by police is beyond reproach.


So, will Morgan Scally, Steve Tate, Paul Kruger, and Sylvester Stephenson be reprimanded now for saying that they hate BYU?


The fact is the Organization isn't "Classless", he was aiming his comments at the RUDE FANS they have that DO THROW BEER, SPIT, Swear, and are UNSPORTSMANLIKE! That was the jist of it, he just got carried away. I don't like some things about the Football Utes either, but most of it is FAN Based, MANY OF THEM ARE RUDE, Make threats, are delinquents who damage property because it has BLUE or a "Y" on it. If you go to their stadium for a BYU @ UTAH game, many are VERY VERY RUDE, Obnoxious and threatening! It is a shamed the FEW give the organization such a bad rap, that it caused Max Hall to say what he said. He said it out of anger and "IN YOUR FACE, WE WON!" to those types of fans, and YES, THOSE TYPES OF FANS DESERVED IT!!! Way to go Max!

Max, Max, Max

You really undercut everything BYU professes to be and strengthened the animosity that so many already feel towards BYU.

Bad move.

I spent all last week defending you and then you had to say what you said Saturday night. I cannot defend those comments. Nor would I ever try. Thanks for the apology but so much damage is already done.

I hope Bronco, his team, and the entire BYU fan base can try to make amends and show Utah and the world that we aren't a bunch of classless hypocrites.

I don't know what you, Max, can do to make it up to us but I hope you do. By the way it won't be repaired by what you do on the field in the bowl game.


Just what does a reprimand mean from the MWC? More games played on the MTN?


This is already becoming a bit of a dead horse we're beating, isn't it? He said something stupid out of anger (justified feelings, just shouldn't have said anything), he apologized, life goes on. Memo to sports radio: thank you. We get it. We know what happened. Can we talk about the actual game sometime?

He should be...

suspended for making such ridiculous comments. Make him sit out his last game.


What did the reprimand consist of? Was he disqualified from playing in a bowl game? Was he fined? Slap on the wrist? Or just told he was a bad boy? Pro athletes get real fines and sanctions. Guess Hall gets a free pass on this one, except his reputation is forever tarnished due to his selfish, classless comments.

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