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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Utes are better than 25

As a BYU fan, I think the Utes are better than #25. They played the Cougars very close. Yes, the Cougars deserve to jump up a bit, but the Utes shouldn't have fallen below #23.


Nothing fixes a nagging loss like a bowl win.

Go Utes!

MWC - another classic year in 09

Following up on last season's BCS busting season, the MWC can be proud of having three solid top 25 teams-proving once again-it superiority over both the ACC and the Big East.

Agree that Utah and BYU are both legitimate Top 20 teams with all but one of their losses coming to Top 10 teams (TCU + Oregon). Only BYU's still baffling loss to Florida State mars the conferences OOC schedule.

just one

How many touch downs did the Utes have in the game against BYU?

RE:MWC - another classic year in

How is a top 25 finish make Utah a top twenty team? I think what the poster meant was he was happy that we have three teams in the BCS top 25.


I think he meant that the Utes are underrated. Did Utah really deserve to drop four spots in the poll by losing to another top-20 team on the road by three points in overtime? This just goes to show the bias of the voters in the polls. The consistently drop a non-automatic qualifier farther in the polls than an automatic qualifier after a loss. In my opinion, there still never has nor will there ever be a National Champion in Major College Football until a more-inclusive playoff is instituted. As long as it is determined by the court of public opinion and not by actual results on the field, no one can ever make me think otherwise.

Robert - St. George

I am a BYU fan but I will be rooting on the Utes to win their Bowl Game. Its important to them, their fans, and our conference that they win.


Over rated..........they'll get beat again in Las Vegas. And Motor Mouth Max will vent his hatred towards his opponents once again, and our Commissioner will turn and look the other way and not reprimand him. Go figure!

P.S. I'm neither a Ute or Cougar.......I find it interesting that any other MWC did what Max Hall did, he/they would be suspended. Even after an apology.

sheldon king

Sylvesters comments that he "hates losing" are an insult to losers everywhere. Such disparaging remarks and strong language about those who do not win is inappropriate and should be reviewed by the conference at once. Sylvester should be reprimanded, if not suspended, for the Utes upcoming game.

Y Grad / Y Dad

I think that what "MWC - another classic year in" meant is that after Utah demolishes another bowl opponent, they will end up in the top 20.

Here's hoping that BYU will do the same.

urn tables

told people that utefans needed humbleing. did they humble? nah. BYU has reedemed itself. and utah needs to redeem. tables are turned...

3 out of 4

The Utes get last year. Yep, Kruger is still open, open enough to get a great interception for Baltimore last night. Other than last year it's 3 out of 4 baby with 3 phrases that will be remembered for years:

Harline is still open
4th and 18
and the new entry into Ute-Cougar smack talk
Andrew George is still running


If the Utes want to win a bowl game the offense needs to show up before the fourth quarter and the stupid penalties need to end. The defense played their guts out at byu, but the offense lost that game. BTW, The Utes only beat one team all year with a winning record. They're probably ranked about right, maybe to high.


I take it all back...Bronco is a genius, Whittingham not so much. The Ute's looked more like a poorly coached high school team against the Y, and that strongly suggests poor pregame preparation!


Forget the Utes need to be humble. They'll either get it or they won't. I'll be cheering for them in their bowl game, but what is needed id for the Cougars to find some dignity in winning. Max Hall embarrassed us all. He was classless in victory.

That said, I was once a Utah fan. Went to school there like my father before me. Actually know the words to the fight song which is more than most Ute fans can say. My loyalty finally changed when I could no longer tolerate the fan actions at RES. I deplore Max Hall's classless diatribe, but ironically, his frustration with Ute fans is well based. When I could no longer take my kids to Rice stadium without spilled beer, foul language and physical confrontation, I became a Cougar fan. I know Utes won't like it, but you have earned a reputation that casts a shadow over all.

Cali Coug

Hopefully the Yewts will not disappoint us in their Bowl Game. I would hate to see them get beat by a PAC-10 team, again. How could you lose to OU? Please don't lose to Cal or SC next month...

who cares?

Outside of TCU, there is little to no talk about the MWC. Yes BYU and Utah are good programs, but how come nobody mentions New Mexico, UNLV, Wyoming, SDSU, Colorado St and yes, even Air Force when comparing the MWC to the ACC or Big East? A conference isn't only the top teams, it is every team. That is why the MWC struggles in comparison. Add Boise.

Bowl Champion Utes

We expect another bowl champion Ute team, along with 39 other bowl champions by mid-January, including a mythical, opinion-poll selected national champion. Bring on the playoff and prove it on the field, instead of us always playing teams who don't want to be there, who wish they had been the chosen ones for the title game. Money has corrupted college football.

words words.

sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. Did you Ute fans never learn that one?

5 out of 8

5 out of 8

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