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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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AK Cougar

Too bad the MWC does not have an agreement with the Holiday Bowl. BYU when in the old WAC made that bowl. Utah, Wyoming, SDSU all got a chance to go and it was awesome. The Holiday bowl is one of the best bowls outside of the current BCS.

Go Cougars and Go Utes. Win any bowl game you get.

If. . .

If BYU plays Arizona again, then that means we will have played them every season since 2006. Crazy possibility. I'm hoping for USC. That by far would be the most exciting chance for the Cougars. To be able to play the Trojans and have a chance to beat them. . .wow, if that does not fire them up, I don't know what would bowl wise. Of all the teams in the Pac-10 who would you rather play? I think USC is the obvious choice.

None of

USC, CAL or AZ are going to be easy.

Monsieur le prof

None of these teams is going to be easy. They all have fine football traditions and great athletes and will be up for the game. The Cougs are going to need a lot better concentration and execution than they showed Saturday to defeat any of these teams.
Fortunately, they have time to recover from their injuries, heal, and prepare before then. We seem to have a hard time in the bowl games. Maybe it's the long layoff that makes us less sharp.


In most years it's kinda sad for the MWC conference champ to meet the PAC-10 #5 or #6, but this year is different. With TCU likely headed to the Orange or Fiesta, that leaves BYU (10-2) and Utah (9-3) to play against a slew of talented teams. Oregon State, Cal, and Arizona would all be worthy opponents (my guess is USC and Stanford will be picked up before the Vegas or Poinsettia bowls can select).

Personally, here are the match-ups I'd like to see, both rematches from a year ago:
Oregon State vs Utah
Arizona vs BYU

Certainly if USC is available, that would be a great chance for the conference to shine.

The Utes are one of the few teams to own a bowl win over USC in the Carrol era, and though it was his first season I'm quick to point that fact out to all of my cougar buddies. And you know what?...it was in the Vegas Bowl.

Cougar Breath

I think it would be nice to have a change of scenery in the poinsettia bowl in San Diego. But if we go to Vegas, we get the better opponent and we get more money, and its an easier traveling destinations for fans.

RE if...

"wow, if that [playing USC] does not fire them up, I don't know what would bowl wise."

Fans throwing beer?

Going to the Bowl

Whether it's the Poinsettia or the Las Vegas Bowl it doesn't matter. We'll be there for our 5th consecutive bowl. I just hope Bronco takes full advantage of the extra practice time alotted to bowl game preparation to get BYU ready to win another bowl game and as a head start to breaking in a bunch of new players for next season.

Last year was a bit of a downer for fans and players. Nobody seemed very excited about the bowl game.

This year seems to have a whole different attitude and I fully expect BYU will be very well prepared for whoever they face in their bowl.



Once again on the national stage BYU will embarass both the institution and the State in another bowl game.
Big thumbs up a month in advance.

Winning Records in bowl games

take the game you get and just win baby, just win.

Doesn't Matter

Bring em on. Go Cougs! Go Utes. It's about the conference now. Most of all, GO TCU! We have to get this BCS system busted down completely. It stinks that they play for 10s of millions while quality teams from the MWC play for peanuts in the non-BCS bowl games....against 4-5-6 place teams. It's wrong!

Of course, we need to beat those 4-5-6 place teams as well.

GO MWC! (Nice apology Max. Nice to see you man up and clarify that you were directing at loser fans..who exist on both fan bases!)


Now that Max has the Utah Monkey off his back he will be able to settle in and have a big game whomever they play against. Go Cougars!

Who cares?

Thanks, to Max "the Fall" Hall, I don't care who they play. I will be cheering for the other team. Try not to cry max and take losing better than you treated winning.

Our chances

Both BYU and Utah's chances to win are based on the Pac-10 5th and 6th place team being disappointed for not finishing higher. We need better bowls than to play 5th and 6th place teams. I guess we can "brag" win we win those big games though.

Re: Dennis

Nice try troll. BYU was won 2 of it's last three bowl games...

I hope they don't get Arizona. I'm sick of that match up. AZ is good, but I just don't care to see us play them again. USC, Stanford, OSU would all be cool games.

Brilliant Dennis

Once again, on the national stage, BYU embarassed both the yewtie fans and their so called mighty team.

to Dennis

Oh, I'm sorry - did we just beat your team?

Yep, BYU sure looked bad against Oklahoma in the biggest TV game for MWC this year ...


Wherever they go, they should go with Max on the side line. After his tirade on Saturday, I have lost all respect for him.

USC fan

We don't care were we will go we would crush any MWC team period end of story.


Max's mouth was hotter than his arm. Too bad. Had it been the other way around, BYU would have won handily and no controversy would have happened.

Let's hope Bronco's learned enough lessons that he's able to prepare this team properly for a bowl win, instead of learning another lesson in a loss.

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