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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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no on sides kick?

Stay classy, Utah

Good form. No response is the best response.


First classy thing Utah has done in years.

BYU fan

Sorry to hear that Whittingham wife was treated so badly at LES. This goes to show that BYU has some very classless people just as much as the utes do.


I'm a BYU fan and Hall's comments went over the top for sure. I'm glad the Ute organization has demonstrated the they're a class act by not adding any fuel to the fire. It's a great rivaly and it doesn't need to escalate to this degree.


What are they going to say he was telling the truth!!!


Is it any wonder that BYU is the most depised team in college football - yes, even outside of Utah? It's coaches, players and fans have no idea how to conduct themselves, and you're a perfect example.

Meanwhile, Kyle Whittingham and countless players that have played for him are recognized throughout the country as a model for how to coach and play the game and how to build a college football program.

As I type this, Paul Kruger gets the game-winning interception for the Ravens. Sound familiar?


It's all fun and games to talk a little trash between rivals, but who could get so low as to resort to physical harm because of team loyalty? I'm a huge BYU fan, but I would condemn any such abuse by anybody in any sport. We're not animals.

Too much

This whole rivalry has gotten out of hand. When fans, or family, from the opposing team can't go to the game without a threat of danger, then it is time to take action to calm it down.

I am a major BYU fan and loved seeing BYU win, at the same time I was hoping that the fans at LES were gracious toward the Ute fans and that they treated them with respect.

I think it is time for Bronco and Kyle to step in and speak up to try to make this a bit more civil...kind of like Lavell and McBride.

BYUTE fan in Arizona

As a BYU fan, I am truely sorry for the unsportsman like performance of not only Max Hall, but several of the BYU players as evidenced by their penalties. I sincerely wish the UTE's well and am proud when any Mt. West team wins, but especially Utah teams. I know that the ill will goes both ways and I also know it is time for the powers that be to bring a halt to such destructive behavior.


Just like Max Hall's comments were classy. Please both schools need to stop being stupid. Rivalries can be entertaining and fun but its stupid fans, BYU and Utah that make it more than it needs to be. BYU is just as much to blame.

Dale Newton

Why respond to a non-apology? Concerning Coach's wife, you mean Coach Whittingham isn't going to start to hate an entire university becuase of the stupid actions of one person or a few people? Who does that? Certainly not Mr. Hall.


I hope they find anyone involved in an assault at the game, prosecute them, and throw away the key.

Sports without sportsmanship is not worthwhile.

former BYU player

Hall's tirade showed his lack of control. Steve Young and Ty Detmer never lashed out like that. Kudos to Coach Kyle for showing Max how to handle a bad fan situation - just don't comment on it. Its hard to admit but in this case, Utah has totally outclassed BYU on sportsmanship.

East magna

Utah, classless? You gotta be kidding me. Utah is one of the last truly classy programs left in the nation.
Lets take the Utah-SDSU game, Utah had plenty of chances to add insult to injury and run the score up? But instead they had*class* and ran the ball out the 2nd half. There have been multiple times this season Utah has done that. The fans may not be perfect, but the program is one of the last bastions of class and sportsmanship in the nation.


Nice move, Kyle. Glad to see someone in this showing some class. Maybe this is a start at making this Utah/BYU thing fun again.

To former BYU player

You can't kid us. There is no way you played for BYU with stupid remarks like that. If so you must still be sour because you sat the bench and twiddle your pinkies during games. If you are so cool then why don't you post your real name on here?


I think its stupid how people want to put so much hate towards Max Hall and BYU. He is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Rivalries are nasty, the BYU-Utah game can be as bad as it gets. If any representative for BYU ever makes any mistake or says anything that would show him as imperfect he gets nailed. I think that's pathetic. Sure the expectations are high from the start at BYU but Utah fans are always there to hold it even higher and point out every possible flaw they make.

Utah is far from innocent after Saturday's game. How many unsportsmanlike calls were there against them yesterday? A Utah player slapped a BYU player in the face (which wasn't called) in the fist quarter and the emotions were boiling the whole game on both sides.

Saturday's game from the fan perspective was the most calm I've ever seen the BYU Utah game, from where I was sitting. A lot like the game in 2007 at BYU. It was hostile last year at RES.


BOO HOO hahahaha

Ute fan

This whole thing is a joke. I don't like BYU or Max Hall, but he said what many/most fans on both sides already think. It is no surprise to anyone, but our politically correct world where people are offended at a word is just crazy!

I liked Hall's apology today and accept it. The unfortunate thing is not the comments, but what spurred them on and I am embarrassed at my fellow Ute fans for their treatment of Hall's family last year. It does go both ways, however. I hope the reports of Whittingham's wife are not true.

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