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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Max Hall is a immature baby - there was no apology, this was a carefully crafted statement by a PR department trying to ward off MWC and BYU repercussions. Read on as he comments on 'true' cougar fans who have never questioned the great Max - the win was for them (as if he really was that pivotal in the win). Good riddance to rubbish.

No class

If Hall was sincere with his apology it wouldn't have been laden with justification. The so called event with his family happened over a year ago. Hall is trying to save himself from deserved criticism, I don't see any sincerity in the apology at all. BOTH schools have a FEW fans that carry the rivalry to an unneccessary level. Spewing HATE and being unsportsmanlike towards their opponent. Then again isn't this what Hall did? Hall's comments sound like they could have come from those same fans (on both sides) that ruin the rivalry for all of us.




Understand the heat behind the comments made Max - but very poorly put.




I'm sure his regret is genuine and his apology was totally spontaneous and not forced by BYU.


Pots and Kettles

It's interesting the reaction from some of the Utah fans; instead of being embarrassed by the vile, disgusting behavior of their own fans, their only reaction is further criticism of Max for being upset with the way his family was treated and for not sounding "sincere enough" in their arrogant opinion.

It wouldn't be a bit surprising if some of the complainers were the ones doing the spitting, beer pouring and vile insults Max was upset about.


For I really don't see what the problem is.
Understanding Hall isn't hard, you know.
Cornered by the media, after a tough game.
Kind of understandable what he said, really.
He just wasn't thinking.
Allowing the moment to overcome himself.
Leaders are just like that sometimes.
Like you've never said what you really think.

Re: LDS Ute Fans

Oh boy - this is really great. Year in and year out we have to listen to complaint after complaint after mockery of the "Honor Code". You complain that it's too restrictive - or worse, that it's "pharisaical".

But now - and rather suddenly - Ute fans (LDS or not) want to BYU to enforce the Honor Code.

I don't condone what Max said. It was wrong and will not change anyone's attitude. However, those who hate BYU can't have it both ways.

You cannot on one hand deride what BYU stands for, and on the other howl when its code is not enforced to suit your disdain.


As an active LDS member AND UofU graduate and fan, I appreciate and accept Max's apology.


most people would react the same way if their family was treated that way...I know I would not feel to caring towards someone who disrespected my family. Yeah what he said should not have been said but he did and now we just move on.

Preventing future incidents?

Too bad Max's tirade will only go on to inspire more bad behavior and future incidents. You don't put out a fire with gasoline. I am sure that "hategate" will do nothing but add to bad fan behavior.


Everyone needs to stop obsessing over this. I've heard worse sitting in LES, seen far worse, and seem to remember Morgan Scalley saying "I hate BYU" in a telesvised pregame speech prior to the '04 BYU-Utah game that ESPN covered. I didn't think reparations were required then, just like I don't think they're required now. To liken Max Hall's comments to treason or blasphemy is just silly.

He's on the way out

He won't be playing for BYU next year - we can all be grateful for that! Good riddance from a BYU fan that can't stand Hall! Good luck in the "real world" where lame so called apologies won't cut it Max! You're a legend in your own mind!


And Mr. Hall demonstrates what a great education he's getting!

Y Grad / Y Dad

Most of us, at one time or another, have learned the truth of the old prayer, "Lord, make my words soft, sweet and tender, for tomorrow I will probably be eating them." Few of us have learned that lesson in such a public forum.

To decent Ute fans and decent BYU fans, please! This will continue as long as the majority tolerate bad behavior by the minority of our own.

Mark, a BYU fan...

I think this term is now thrown around as loosely as a Max Hall pass. Hate the Ute's, hate Obama, all muslims, all Iraqu's, hate Pelosi, Hate Democrats, Hate people who aren't as patriotic as one holds themselves, high school rivals hating each other, the list goes on and on. Lets not even consider all the hate for other religions, ethic origins, or nationalities.

That is what concerns me most. The new cool and politically correct it to hate, because it means your tough and principled. Not sure how that works, but you don't have to read far to find evidence of such.

Max is just another example of how we have become so self absorbed that we think anyone who doesn't agree with us is worthy of hate. What happened to Max's family RES is deplorable. It is because of rival hate that these fans felt justified. Max just ratcheted it up yet another level. He did nothing to end the cycle, only amped it up yet another level.

His apology wasn't an apology at all - his words were clear. It is just an attempt at a justification.


Max, even though you apologized we all have to live with the consequences of your words.....

Less effective

It sounds like those I'm sotty if you were offended apologies. I was justified but.... Oh well, what do you expect from people now days, it's always someone else's fault.

I'm not sure why he would feel justified in hating the few fans he said he meant to be talking about? Even though it was clear he wasn't refering to a few people the other day.

Fan in Minnesota

My Dad is a lifelong fan of the U of U., except when they play BYU. My family is equally divided between the two schools and is composed of graduates from each. It interesting to view this tempest from beyond the Wasatch. Football is a great game to play and to watch. Rivalries add to that interest. Its a game. No matter how many hours are devoted to watching, following, analyzing, projecting, and reminiscing about the game, it has no impact on the real world where we actually live our lives. "Hate" is a noddy word, too. Using it in describing one's feelings about an event or the personalities associated with it will, likewise, have no impact on the real world where we actually live our lives. Elevating the whole carnival to such levels sells newpapers and generates a following that may keep a failing business model alive. Acts of hatred are a different matter. Now, go back to work.


I hate the utes too!

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