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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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The truth is a lot of fans get out of line. (ON BOTH SIDES!) The solution has to come from within. If you see a fellow fan crossing the line, then the most effective way to stop it is for someone from the same school to ask them to stop. If we are going to reduce this conference to barbaric savagery then everyone join in the fight, or if we are going to show some pure sportsmanship then we will have to monitor ourselves and those with the same color on.

It's Over

If I were looking for truth, the meaning of life, an understanding of the great mysteries, I would never go to an athlete.

How many saints do you find in a game of church ball. how many professional athletes do you see carrying guns, drugs, fighting dogs, sleeping around, etc.

Finest man in professional sports, Tiger Woods fell prey to all the false praise and idolatry.

Now, go out, live you life, do a random act of kindness for someone, and don't worry about Max Hall, or the BYU/Utah athletic programs.

Re: 84663

I totally agree with you. I have always spoken to the Cougar fans that sit in my section to make them feel comfortable. In the 30 years that I've been attending games at the U of U I have never seen anyone attacked.

Who Cares & Get a life!!

90% of the BYU & Utah fans have class, and Hall knows it. If you don't recall, he also bashed those BYU "fans" who have bad mouthed him all year. You know who you are and you are now defending his anti-Utah statements. I can see that many of the other 10% spend their time posting hear. If you are part of the 10%, you really need to get a life, and probably a job.

AK Cougar

Max, no apology was necessary, but the apology was polically correct.

If I were critized like you have been for the past 3 years, I likely would have said the same things.

Time will tell if the critics can let it go or not. Nice to read posts from some Ute fans and BYU fans that already has put this incident past them.

Go Cougars.

KT 213

Does anyone remember the ute fans jumping on Derek Stevenson dad at an game?
How many ute football players family members have been attack by BYU fans?


First off Max they dont sell beer at RES but as a Ute fan I know there are crazies there and at Lavell Edwards Stadium. I have watched BYU fans get physical and spit on Utah fans so it go's both ways guy. A comment that I read earlier said that you wouldnt last in the SEC and they are right. A, your not a good QB - B, the fans are nuts and the same thing would happen. It is sad that sports do bring out the worst in people but thats life so deal with it. Your apology was weak at best and you just put a very negative light on BYU sports, Fans, and sadly the Church. When i hear these holier than thou comments it reminds me why i stopped going to church. GOOD WORK, MAXI BOY.

Jon - A BYU fan.

I just laugh at a lot of the comments because its obvious that people want a better apology, but you ain't going to get another one so just accept it and live on. Please if you say that Max shouldn't hold a grudge then we should all live it then.

I could tell it was hard for Max. He had to get the monkey off his back. I just wished he wrote it in a journal instead of saying it out loud. Then again that's my opinion.

I do agree that there should be some sort of sportsmanship movement done by both schools because there are some BYU fans that should of stayed home instead of coming to the games. Something like this was bound to happen and now is a good reason to really start to promote sportsmanship so that we can beat each other without taking it personally beyond the field of play.

Carvel R Harward

I graduated from the U of U. I am glad Max Hall said what he said. I have attended football games at the U of U stadium. That stadium was loaded with ugly mouth fans. However, I realize there are many very nice people who support U of U football.


Hall's comments were directed at a specific type of fan. Seems like most people here don't dispute that he and his family have been abused and treated wrongly by those types of fans. I'm also noticing people still offended at what he said. Well, the truth hurts doesn't it?

Perfect Apology

Hall clarified by saying that the players and coaches weren't involved in classless acts towards his family, and apologized to them and fans who weren't involved. The perfect part of the apology is that he is not sorry for calling the fans who assaulted his family classless; because 1) THEY ARE classless and 2) he is not sorry for calling them on it. This was the perfect way to say, "Hey I said everybody and really I didn't mean everybody I got away from myself there. But I am not sorry to the garbage that treated my family beyond horrendously when they just wanted to watch me play, they are classless. To everyone else who didn't assault my family I am sorry."

Although I thought no apology was necessary, until classy Utah fans speak up and quiet their classless fans, they will wear that label. So, although no apology was necessary, this was a perfect apology.


Anonymous | 9:01 p.m. Nov. 29, 2009
So now we see what really happened. Good thing the truth came out. Basically Max Hall got caught up in the moment and directed the criticism at the wrong people.



The moment happened a YEAR ago when BYU got a beat down at Utah not last night.

His true colors showed yesterday off the field. End of discussion no need to make excuses.

If he wanted to deal with "beer" issue he should have brought it up after his family was "assaulted".

RE: Gotta love Ute fans

I teach my kids that a sincere APOLOGY does not begin with:

"I am sorry BUT..."

No need to apologies, he goes down as the winningest MWC QB to lead BYU to Vegas.

On the other hand BJ will always be remembered for dismantling BYU and leading Utah to Sugar.


Why are Ute fans on this message board? Have you guys never said you were sorry before? Who cares if he meant it? He said it and he is done with it.. get over it! You guys are pathetic! Expelled for saying he hates the Utes? Good one.. Grow up! Sports are starting to become like this country is.. can't say anything without getting in trouble and having to say your sorry! Not gonna lie.. I HATE the Utes! I am a BYU you fan and always will be.. I dont care if Ute fans get mad! Stop caring what other people think and worry about yourself! You guys complaining about what Max Hall said have obviously never been in a game where you are in the heat of the moment.. or you wouldnt be saying in of this! Good work Max Hall! People say he chokes? Pretty sure he has only lost once in his career to Utah! Have fun in your Ponsetta or whatever bowl your going to.. see ya next year! Looks like last year was a fluke eh?


Re: Upmost? | 9:58 p.m. Nov. 29, 2009
I take it you didn't watch the interviews Stevenson Sylvester gave on the Mtn.

At least Max Hall can make coherent statements.

Unlike Hall, Sylvester would have popped the fans that threw beer on his family.

He defends his family by crying about it a year after the incidence.

If you disagree just see what happened to the BYU fan that assaulted one of our cheerleaders at LES.

just calm down

Max said some stupid things but I have never seen him throw beer on anyone or give anybodys wife a bloody lip. I've only seen him win 31 games, 2 of them over Utah


re: Assaulted? | 10:04 p.m. Nov. 29, 2009
How can max file a lawsuit against those Ute fans that did this to his family? There in a stadium of thousands of people!


I teach my kids to fight back when you get bullied. It seems some of your parents forgot to teach you that lesson.


It's about time that someone tells it like it is. Utah and Wyoming, are two teams who's fans abuse players. Their programs should have taken steps years ago to correct the problem Max was absolutely right-on and maybe his remarks will go a long way to get these organizations to finally clean up their behavior. Sould be an interesting game next year.


An apologetic Ute | 10:18 p.m. Nov. 29, 2009
Max, I applaud and appreciate your apology. I was at the game last year, and witnessed a number of my fellow Utah fans use crude language and make religious remarks. Although not Mormon, I was insulted by those remarks and what the game had become.

Let me get this straight you witnessed bigotry and were so "insulted" but did absolutely NOTHING about it? I guess its easier being righteous online then it is in the real world.


I understand that feelings were hurt and is hard to forgive. Hall made a mistake in the heat of the moment. How many of us could say that we havn't done tbe same thing at some point in our lives. He has appologized. I Feel that it was sincere. Its to bad that this anger has been kept in side him for so long, but at the same time it is understandable. Now we are in the same position as he has been all year. Do we keep this going and make the same mistake as he, or do we forgive and forget. I for one have put it behind me. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Max stood up and appologized. I accept that. Those that can't.. well I'm sorry for them. I keep hearing that alot of these comments are coming from good LDS people. Maybe we should step back and ask ourselves, When did the Lord put us in charge of judging others. I think when all is said and done Max is a great person, and both Utah and BYU make this state proud

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