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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Utah Fans

I have been to several games at RES and I have had my share of run-ins with the "classless" Utah fans that everyone is talking about. But I have also met a lot of Utah fans who have been great to sit next to during the games.

Hall totally ruined the spirit of the rivalry and what he had done in his career. The game yesterday was pathetic with all of the personal fouls from both teams. I blame Wittingham and Mendenhall for allowing their players to do whatever they want on (and it appears off) of the field.

BYuTE fan in AZ.

I did not enjoy what could have been a great game. Could have been and should have been. I was apalled by so many unsportsmanlike penalties on both sides. Even the broadcast team commented on it. Hostile behavior by both teams is a smudge on the Mt. West Conference, the State of Utah, the UTE's, BYU, the LDS Church, Kyle Whittingham, Bronco Mendenhall, Max Hall, the other athletes and we fans. Sad day.

Program failing???

To the poster that thinks it's time to get rid of the BYU program because it's failing... then the utes should pack it up now. After all the progress you think you've made in last 5 years - BYU has a better overall record by two games and a better head-to-head with utah. Imagine your spouse and parents getting treated like that at a game...I don't blame him for sounding off. I know plenty of people that won't go to RES because of the pathetic fans. I'm sure many of your fans are proud of that, but trust me it is nothing to be proud of.


I am a BYU fan and the only one that showed a lack of class after the game was Max Hall. If he had a beef over last year, he should have made his complaint against the fans whose conduct was classless.
We all must remember that we host a game and that the team we play against and their fans are our guests. We will get to the point where no one is allowed to watch the game in person if we continue to treat guests in such a disgusting manner.
We need to get a life and get a grip on our emotions. These are games and not the end of the world.

What's next??

How many times did Max use the word "hate" in his remarks to the press last night? To suggest now that his rant was directed at specific fans is utter non-sense. His sentiments clearly directed at the University, the football program, and coaches. He meant every word of it and worse, he has the support of many if not most of BYU-dom.

From the BYU football web site:
Likewise, the mission of the BYU football program is, "To be the flag bearer of Brigham Young University through football excellence, embracing truth, tradition, virtue and honor as a beacon to the world."

Flag bearer of Brigham Young University? I see that virtuous and honorable character abounds at BYU.

Bronco does not have control of that program. Last year BYU players were going after fans who came onto the field following the game. From everything I could tell last night, the Utah players left the field with honor. Coach Whittingham and his team should be commended for keeping a hard fought game on the field.

Re: Impressed

Well said!!!!!! You are 100% correct..


Utes are the true class act. They always have been. Their fans are cordial. Their players, friendly. They don't hold any ill will toward other teams. They always help others up after knocking them down. They know that it's just a game. They smile a lot because they are a class act. They would never swear or use the hate word in a press conference. They are just a straight laced class act.

Dick of the NW

Having lived in Provo and graduated from the U, it is truly sad this Y-U game is not about football but about religion, for a major minority. Just note the anti-LDS stuff that is posted in the trib on any subject. It doesn't matter the subject, the anti-LDS stuff comes out. Wouldn't it be great if after the game, the fans for both sides, could just shake hands and leave their school feelings in the stadium and go home friends. During the McBride and Edward year's, this "hate" seems to have ebbed because the coaches were friends. It is one thing wanting to win every game with your rival but Hate? Just maybe there is something we all can learn from this. After all, correcting this starts with each of us. The best to both schools in their bowl games.


He was forced to apologize. I would rather cheer for Utah and lose than to cheer for BYU than have Max Hall represent my team. GO UTES!


The church teaches that we all need to forgive.

So I forgive Max Hall for the comments he made against mostly good people. I don't have a problem with him having a problem with any person who would do the things that where done to his family.

I do worry his sake that he has not learned from the church yet that he should forgive. If he had forgiven those people from last year he would have never felt the way he did still to say what he did this year. Hopefully someone close to him has a talk with him about it.

Even though I forgive him for what he said and don't believe he meant it as bad as it sounded. I still think the coaching staff and the school need to hand out some kind of punishment. Even if we never hear about it, I'm pretty sure that is what they will do.

Even with forgiveness come punishment for bad behavior.

Good luck in the future Max.

Go BYU, Go Utah, Go TCU, Go MWC, and most important go all the hard working players on all the teams.


If that happened to my family, i would be upset as well, and i can see where Hall is coming from. Such comments were unnecessary and were, like he said, in the heat of the moment. However, stepping up and apologizing was very honorable of Hall, and helped clarify why he said what he said. I love the rivalry between the two teams, but i think it's going too far. When Lavell Edwards was coaching, it was a friendly rivalry, with the coaches on both sides doing commercials together, making the game much more fun and friendly. However, now it's turning into a grudge match. Both sides need to learn better sportsmanship, both sides need to learn to get along, and both sides need to work on turning the rivalry back into a friendly, but heated game. BYU and Utah need to get their act together,forgive and forget and, get ready for next year.

A forced apology

He was forced to apologize. You knew it was coming as soon as he said it.


Love my Cougars. Max, you disappointed me on this post-game remark, but knowing you'll regret it all your life, I forgive you.

But way to go in the game! What a great win over the Utes! We needed this one.


Please can we all just get along? Can we take this Thanksgiving holiday and just forgive each other? I know the person we are celebrating in a few weeks would forgive. Let's all just show some class and some forgiveness.


I think BYU and Utah should take a two-year hiatus from playing each other in all sports.

Question Marks

Why is this story about his family being assaulted suddenly coming out a year later? Why do BYU fans continue to talk about beer being poured on them when RES does not sell beer, and does not allow outside food or drink in the stadium? (Mandated by the NCAA)

Is Hall really suggesting that someone smuggled in beer, then somehow hunted down his family to pour beer on them?

If this really happened, then that is terrible behavior, but honestly it does sound like a pretty embellished story. There are lots of question marks in his story, and it sounds more like a tool to justify his hate.

Hate both ways

Utes hate BYUers that are arrogant and sanctimonious. BYU hate Utes that are crass, loud-mouthed, and vulgar. Both are equally bad. Can we just have a fun, agressive rivalry? I used to live near South Bend and the Notre Dame/Michigan rivalry has many of the same element but without this extreme nastiness. Let's grow up, people.

Re: Program Failing

I think the person who posted that BYU was failing wasn't referring to wins and losses, but the higher purposes of sports.

While the U can measure it's success by wins and losses, BYU is a church sponsored school and the football team must measure itself by a different standard.

Either way, BYU can do better and Mr. Hall should be held accountable.


Hall deserves to be banned from post season play. If he gets off free of this, then it is only get to continue to happen. He is arrogant and pompous. What a stupid stupid thing to do. Did the PAC-10 just say to Garrett at Oregon, oh it was your first offense so its okay to hit players. No they took action, and this should be consider as well. Congrats to the Y on the win, but how embarassing for your program.


Ever since the hiring of Bronco Mendenhall, I have been impressed with his leadership, class, and composure in the face of tough losses and exciting victories. Any lack of condemnation concerning the poor sportsmanship of Max Hall must be regarded as approval.

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