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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Gotta love Ute fans

They excoriate Max for keeping a grudge for over a year, but then refuse to accept his apology.

Pot, kettle, black.

RE: Dual Grad

So you condone the assault on Hall's wife and mother? Why? In your world, why isn't that a reason to not cheer for the U?

Let's accept the apology....

Come on, people. He is trying to apologize. Give the kid a break. He's like 20 something--how many of us have said stupid things we'd love to take back? He was obviously emotional and and heated at the moment and he regrets what he said.

He is saying he is sorry. Now we need to step up and accept the apology. Also, his comments were his personal opinion, not the team or university's, or the LDS church's. Please, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and accept the apology, move on and drop it.

Good luck to Utah and BYU and TCU in their bowl games this year!

Re: Upmost?

I take it you didn't watch the interviews Stevenson Sylvester gave on the Mtn.

At least Max Hall can make coherent statements.

Utes, unbelievable.

It is so funny to read about the how the utes demand an apology and then when they get one; they rip it apart and say it isn't good enough. I think it is big of Max to step up and apologize, now it is the Utes turn to step up and apologize for assaulting his family. I don't care who you are rooting for, what Max Hall's family went through is a joke. Why don't you accept the apology fans and stop proving him right with your stupid comments about how he should be benched or reprimanded. Let it go! Why is it okay for BYU to be hated by you but not the other way around?


Why won't you restore some class to Ute fans and accept Hall's apology?

Your response is called hypocrisy.

re: Assaulted?

How can max file a lawsuit against those Ute fans that did this to his family? There in a stadium of thousands of people!

What does his family do, file a lawsuit against the person in the red shirt and red hat???

How would they even know who they are? "Excuse me, whats your first and last name so I can sue you".

Even the so called "security" are just students. Then what do the fans say, "yes, we did pour beer, spit on, and assault them"...

This has to be one of the most unintelligent comments I have heard.

Yup yup there ya go

Okay everyone. Grow up.


Some of you BYU fans just don't get it. Hall's comments were inappropriate and hateful [his word not mine]. Justifying them is dumb. They were NOT spoken in the heat of battle. They were premeditated and long thought out. If he's going to apologize then do it and make it at least sound believable. The more he talks, the less I believe what really happened - or supposedly happened - last year in SLC. Provide a real apology, then be quiet and say goodbye.


Both sides are pathetic in this. It is so awful that people can lower themselves to treat other people like his family was. But sadly, I hold Hall to a higher standard. When people play in sports, and someone does a dirty hit and the other person hits back, the 2nd person usually gets the penalty. To hit back or make attacking comments back is far worse then the original abuse. Good for Hall in making an apology, bad for him that he was childish enough to say it in the first place. I believe he is going to have to do a lot more to redeem himself. And just for the record, I am no longer a fan of either team, have not been for nearly 20 years. Kind of grew out of it, but I always watch how they do, now that I no longer live in Utah.

I was at last years game

I was a Y fan at last years game and I could not believe how classless a vast majority the fans were to myself and my family. Sure there are crazies on both sides but i know for a fact and from experience that fans at lavell Edwards stadium that would never treat ute fans the way I was and how max's family was treated. Max's comments were out of line but they go to show that a huge number of fans at RES are classless.


I am a BYU alumnus of 1989. I have season tickets to both football and basketball at BYU. I also have many friends and family that go to the University of Utah and enjoy watching their program do well. My daughter attends BYU and my son attends the University of Utah. I must tell you I have never been so embarrassed by the comments of someone who believes that he is a leader. If Max Hall thinks he is a leader on our team he certainly does not represent the team I was cheering for, my school, my beliefs, or the honor code that I so strongly upheld during my days at BYU. He did more to harm missionary work as he so poorly represented the things that I hold so dear. I rarely feel so strongly about issues like this, but felt that I had to apologize to friends and family about Max's comments. He took what could have been a great victory after a challenging game with two very talented teams and made it just a win. I appreciate his attempt of an apporlogy, but the repair will take more than his statement. Too bad for BYU.

love the comments

I love the comments on this story. They're funny! GET A LIFE! I hear bad stuff told by both BYU and Utah fans. I don't care for either school. I feel the same way about Utah as Max Hall. I also feel the same way about BYU! I think it's funny. I love the people who bring up "LDS" stuff! I'll do the same... "you are self righteous" people! Get over it! It's just a football game. If you're making a big deal of this you have a sad life!

The Gipper

does anybody here really think that Max Hall is spending his weekend reading these posts? Or that he cares one way or another about what is said here? If you do, you're living in Lalaland....

An apologetic Ute

Max, I applaud and appreciate your apology. I was at the game last year, and witnessed a number of my fellow Utah fans use crude language and make religious remarks. Although not Mormon, I was insulted by those remarks and what the game had become. Of course the loss hurt last night, but I found your comments today very insightful. I concur with the importance of Utah and BYU officials (led by the Coaches) counseling the fans of the importance of respect and dignity in the face of a great rivalry. My hat off to you for a terrific career and a classy exit.

Re: used to be a Ute fan

I second everything you said!

I notice that even Aggie fans on this board have the same complaints about RES games!


or justification?

Perfect Max

The apology was perfect. He explained that his rants were really reflected at the classless Ute fans that assaulted his family.

This apology was as perfect as that pass he threw to Andrew George to beat the Utes in OT. The words were meant to sting the Ute fans that hate Max Hall enough to assault and verbally abuse his family. He didn't apologize to those folks... and he doesn't need to until he hears an apology from them (which is never coming.)

True Rivalries

I went to a Dallas Cowboys/Washington Redskins game last week in Dallas, and knowing that they are one of the biggest rivalries in sports I was expecting a hostile environment (something like the BYU/Utah games I have attended.) But I was surprised when I saw fans from both teams talking civilly to each other, not fighting and enjoying the game. Wow, fans from both BYU and Utah have a lot to learn about what a true rivalry is all about.

It's too bad

While I understand why he said what he said, it's too bad that it gives the Ute fans an outlet for their frustration. Utah lost the game and many in their hatred for a myriad of reasons (religious bigotry, tired of BYU this, BYU that, ot whatever)have chosen to attempt to feel better by castigating a man who went too far in his comments, but certainly had a right to feel that way after how his family was treated. My sister in-law got her bachelors from the Y and her Masters from the U. She is a U fan and probably going to marry a U grad. She has been to both places and constantly tells me how much more vile and foul the atmosphere at the Ute games are than in Provo. True, there are bad apples on both sides...but from what I see, the barrel is much bigger up north.

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