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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ute Fans should forget if they are a "class act" how everyone describes "their school" for what happened last year. I love the sport and it should be a sport, not a reason for hate, or disrespect. Being a U grad, I won't go back "ever" as it isn't worth the feelings generated inside, when I hear the verbal attacks on the LDS Church, its leaders, members, schools. It's tasteless garbage talk and speaks that way of those who use it regardless of the school. I heard a disparaging comment about Max in the Y section too. Enough. Enjoy the sport, the atmosphere, the day, and live for something more important than a game. Stop the cursing, belittling, and Ute fans and Utah Administration, keep the beer, fans and frat boys with it, away from the games! It doesn't help the game, the school's image or the heated emotions. I understand and feel Max's anger, that's why I don't attend games at the U anymore, but "hate" has no place at either school. Thanks for an exciting, awesome game, from the athletes!!


Can't we all just get along? U hate us, we hate you? Settle it on the field, keep it on the field.

Yes, there are idiots on both sides, there are in any rivalry.

What can we learn from this? Both universitys should put in place better reporting and response procedures. Every year fans from the visiting team claim to have been hit, spit on or whatever.

Please get with it, and help people feel safe!!!

Are Utes Classless?

If Utes want to prove they have class, let them accept the apology and move on.

if Utes want to prove truly prove they are "classless"--let them call into question the apology.

Choose it Utes.


I think Carrie Jenkins wrote a great apology for Max...

Dear Ute Fans:

The ones who've posted here now sound like the sore losers. Max Hall had every reason to feel the way he did. You can't completely ignore what those fans put him through and his family last year. That is vile fan behavior by those fans at the U. Vile.
Max went overboard last night, and tonight within 24 hours he apologized and made it right.
Every single person who read that would've felt the same way he did. Think about it: your mom, your wife, and your family at the game are spat on, cursed at, and had beer poured on them. How do you feel about those fans? Be honest, take off the red glasses for a minute.
Well said apology. Ute fans need to show class and understand the situation he was put in. Don't forget, the game had just ended. Lots of emotion there....
Well said Max. And great win BYU!
Now, where's the apology from those Ute fans at RES last year? (They don't need to, right Utes?)


utes - you lost. Get over it. Stop trying to make Max's rant(which I loved) the reason you lost the game. You would be laughing and loving every second if utah had won and a ute went off about how he hates byu. So stop crying that we are doing just that. I'm loving listening to you whine.

morgan h

I bleed Cougar blue and I was happy with the win. However the comments by Max Hall were inappropriate and I am glad he apologized. I also think that the behavior exhibited by some Utah fans last year towards his family was inappropriate as well. I like the rivalry and I think that most fans are fairly well behaved, but when people resort to inappropriate behavior it cast a black eye on an otherwise fun rivalry game.

Dual Grad

I graduated from both the U and the Y. I choose to cheer for the U because of the attitude personified by Hall. I was just starting to cheer for the Y (when not playing the U) because Bronco seemed to be restoring some class.

I guess the question now is whether Bronco really means what he says about restoring the Y to its principles. Is it all lip service? Or will Bronco put his principles where his mouth is and appropriately sanction Hall by making him sit out at least the first quarter of the next game? If not, the rest of the Y players will learn that they can spew venom and embarrass the Y and the church without consequences.

Used to be Ute fan

I got tired of all the "hate" of the Ute fans at RES several years ago and just stopped being a fan. Having lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia and Florida for many years, I can tell you that you don't know what a real rivalry is. It isn't about throwing beer on visiting guests or abusing them with your uneducated vocabulary. It is no wonder why the MWC is looked down upon. What a bunch of First Graders.

Well said

Of course he doesn't mean it, but kudos for trying to make up for heated words spoken in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Wow, are you byu fans really annoyed that he "appologized" for insulting an entire group of people? Most of which are the same religion as he is. What kind of church members are you byu fans, eh? He needed to appologize. What he said was wrong. Did you ever stop to think that those "ute fans" included many apostles and general authorities and families just trying to enjoy the game? Or how about "loving thy enemies," huh? I'm pretty sure the church that supports your school teaches that. :P

As for the appology... I accept it Max. I'm a Ute fan but I can be humble and understanding when I need to be. It was a heated game and the stupid MINORITY of fans who did that to your family were idiots. Anyone would be angry, and I get that. Just think before you talk next time.

And for all you byu fans justifying what he said in the first place... shame on you. You proved everyone who called you hypocrites right. I hope you guys feel SO proud of yourselves.

Attn: Michael Young

All Max really needed to do was to clarify that his comments were only directed to those fans who showed such vile behavior. By the way--to President Michael Young and the U of U Board of Trustees-this treatment of opposing teams fans is not limited to an isolated instance against BYU last year. This treatment has gone on for years and it is about time that the U of U administration has the intestinal fortitude to do something about it.

I still agree with Max's first comments as clarified. I wish the best of luck to Max and the Cougars in their bowl game and hope he plays the best game of his life!


Reading these blogs, I am as impressed by the Ute fans that have blogged here as much as I am with 97% of all the Ute fans that I have ever known. It's the 10% of Ute fans that keep statements like "they're not all bad" alive. While it is true, there are a few that I have met over the years who are not hateful and try to be objective they can't impose their objectivity on the other 90%. The U has a great Team and program but the fans need more control. I have never seen a Ute fan harassed or abused in Lavell Edwards Stadium, even when they are very vocal and sometimes abusive to the BYU fans in Provo. Very few BYU fans feel safe going to Rice Stadium. Max's comments were clearly related to the frustration that most BYU fans feel related to the hypocritical Ute fans.

What's the Big Deal?

So a college QB said something about a rival university. So what? What he said was his opinion and the way he felt. Why does anybody take it so personal. Why can't we simply say, "okay, that's the way he feels. That's his opinion." and move on. If I demanded an apology for everything that was said that was in disagreement to my point of view or that was against what I like, I'd be very busy (and bitter) in seeking out apologies.

Max is a good guy who has worked very hard and given very much to his team and university, as have the players from the U.

Let's just accept this, not be so thin skinned and move on.

Ute Fans

There have been ongoing problems with "out of control" Ute fans for years. Everyone knows that it exists. Until the U of U administrations decides that they want to change things and clean it up, it will continue. You would think that the decent fans (there are many and they are the majority) would step up and demand something be done. Come on Utes, show your CLASS! Clean it up.

joe u

Nice apology. First you describe how brutally your wife, family, and religion were treated at last years game by all Utah fans and then apologize for what you said in response during the heat of the moment. All you did was justify your hate and attempt to sway others into feeling sorry for you and excusing your behavior because, after all, you are the victim.
Apology accepted!

Marc Probst

Nicely done Max. I have said plenty of things I wish I had never said in the heat of a moment. Your family (and no other family) deserves to be treated with anything other than respect. I am 100% a Ute fan and appreciate your words. I love the Utah-BYU rivalry - the fun poking and respectful verbal jabbing is great. Immature fans that throw things (including insults) should not be tolerated.

Anyway thanks and congratulations - that was a great pass! We lost, but I had a great time thanks to you and the other approx. 100 guys on the field (well, I think those refs were a bit suspect :))

Good luck in your future.


Max is the essence of "classless" and his rant will be just the billboard material the Utes need for next year.


thanks for "clarifying your remarks"- I thought they were pretty clear before- no need to clarify - at least you didn't say they were "taken out of context"- you're still an embarrassment


Everyone, (OK, maybe not everyone) wanted to see BYU come out and be more emotional in this contest. This is what happens when you are emotional. The reasons Max said what he did was because he was emotional. The reason the fans accosted Max's family last year is because they were emotional.

Live and learn.

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