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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Nice institution of higher learning.

Not. Please Max, go to class.

Just Wondering

Ute fans hated Max Hall long before he returned the favor Saturday night. My question is, why was he despised to the point of his family being assaulted in RES? Was it because he beat the Utes as a Sophomore? And now he replaces Lenny Gomes as the most hated Cougar because he called you classless? I mean, grow some thicker skin. Besides, apparently some of you are pretty classless if the reports of his family's abuse are correct. Why don't you all just carry his comments around in your pocket for the next 20 years and prove him right.


Hall's comments takes some of the luster off what was a great BYU performance. I can imagine the bulletin boards at the U now. (rightfully so)

What happened to his family is a shame, I doubt the University, the football program or the vast majority of fans had anything to do with it. Sadly his comments cast as much negativity on BYU as they did the U. Press release apologies just don't cut it - everyone knows BYU made him do it. It is a shame that Max Hall will not be at RES next year to stand and take responsibility for what he said.

Way to end your career Max. I guess there is the Vegas Bowl. (again) Great...

RE: Assaulted?

You obviously have never dealt with assault victims.

Stop being so hypocritical.


Not everyone wants to take everything to court. Accept the fact that his family was mistreated. Accept his apology. Accept the fact that BYU won 26-23.


Why doesn't he ever just say "I was wrong" in his "apology." That would make it better.

He claims today, "I made comments toward the entire university that were really directed specifically at those fans."

How dumb is that lame attempt at an apology?! Max originally said, "I don't like Utah. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program. I hate their fans. I hate everything."

It doesn't get much more clear than that.

Congrats to BYU on the win. Too bad you have a classless QB.


So what does that mean EdM? "but Utah fans won't forget....ever." You won't forget and will hold strong contempt towards Max Hall, or will you let it spill over into holding even stronger contempt for all things BYU because of what Max Hall himself said?

Re: Assaulted?

Have you ever been to a RES game. Really who is going to come to your aid, another ute fan?

One more example

We see again the waste of money and time on single troublesome focus.
Schools will serve us better with participation by everyone in sports, not this stupid emphasis on a few and extreeeeme rivalry by the masses.

Missing the point

With over 800 comments on the other story and bound to be more here, many are missing the point when they say things like:

"well, we won! Scoreboard dude!" or "Look who's not in the AP top 25--Utah!" or even "no matter how classless Max is, Utah fans are worse!"

Max's original comments from the press conference, and even in this, ahem, apology, reflect hate.

Hate is ugly. It is vile. It's worse than beer being thrown on you, and almost as bad as verbal assaults and taunts.

How about hating less. How about that?

Move forward

Please. Let's let these comments die and move forward with trying to address the issue at hand here, which is fan behavoir which crosses the line. We need to have constructive discussion at the administration level of both universities to determine what we can do to deter those who insist on engaging in such behavoir and giving a bad name to a great rivalry.


Not just a reprimand is needed but a one game suspension. If that was a coach he would be out. Classy is a word that Maxie can't even define.

Be Real

Not much of an "apology."


It would be nice if BYU (and Utah) could, for once, leave religion out of the game. Isnt it about football? We should be focused on breaking the BCS not whose better as a matter of religion! If you don't agree, whatever!!

Re: j | 9:07 p.m.

Reprimand for what, speaking your mind? Get over the political correctness garbage. I am sure the honor code office is going to add the words hate and classless to their list of violations. What it comes down to, free speech is a beautiful gift from our fore fathers.


I already commented on an earlier article before I knew about the apology. I am glad to hear that this happened so quickly. Unfortunately, there are fans from both schools who do stupid things. We all need to remember that this is only a game.


It's only a game people.


I wish someone from the Y would come up with another accusation than "they dumped beer on me"....They stopped selling beer up at the stadium years ago. So to think that someone would just smuggle in a bunch of brew to dump on someone after the game is moronic. Y fans always complain about being stereotyped, well sounds like the pot calling the kettle black for me. And yes, I am a member of the predominant religion, I just call ignorance when I see it, and Max Hall threw out a boatload, and this "apology", or justification as i see it, seems to do more of the same.

Cougars Fan

I am glad Max came out and apologized for his comments, he took them too far last night and shouldn't of called out the entire university. I dont blame him for calling out those classless ute fans that attacked his family though. I would do the same thing if I were in his shoes. However, he made the mistake of including the entire university when his emotions were at a high. But his apology seems sincere and I know Max is a good guy, he just made a mistake which we all have done from time to time.


Why did he apploigize for telling the truth that utah and their fans are classless!!!

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