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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Dude, feel free to cut the guy some slack. He'll live with his words for the rest of his life and will be bulletin board material for next years game. He made a mistake and a very public one at that. Geez, relax.


Why should he apoligize? There fans threw beer in his familys face. He shouldnt of apoligized.

Ute Fan

Give Hall credit for issuing the apology. Whether the Y coaches, players and fans like it or not their actions are a reflection of BYU and the church in general.

Don't think for a second that beverage tossing doesn't go both ways. I have a family member who has been pelted by BYU fan's food, drink and spit.

Through media relations

It sounds very insincere and canned. Max needs to come out and say it so everyone can see his sincerity for themselves. This type of response only fuels the speculation that it isn't heartfelt.


"Last year at RES my family was spit on, had beer dumped on them, and were physically assaulted on several occasions," Hall said in the statement. "They had to endure extremely vile comments personally attacking my wife, my mother, other family members, and our religion. They had to be escorted to their car by local police."

It shouldn't be too hard for a reporter to investigate this accusation and get collaboration from said family members, nearby fans and local police. The resulting investigation could result in descriptions of the guilty and their ban from RES or bring to light an exaggeration/lie about the event in question.

As if

As if it any of this so-called "sports" mattered.
It's just a game.
Life goes on for 99% of us whether this team or that wins or loses.

Reply to all 3

That makes you just as bad as him.

I understand why he made the comments and I am glad he apologized.

Stunned By Apology

"Clarify and apologize for a few of my remarks...."

Apologize for a few? What part of your remarks were okay--don't need to be included in your apology?

Read Amy Donaldson's column.

No Excuse

His apology for his carefully chosen hate filled words came down to (1) it was their fault for something they did last year (2) and my words did not mean what I intended. There is no excuse for speaking of such hatred of another person while wearing a BYU uniform and representing the church. His apology should have made clear that hating other people is not what BYU is about.

Get the kid some help or get him out of a BYU uniform. Where is Coach Mendenhall?

LDS Ute Fan

Who is running the public relations department at BYU? How can any PR professional be involved with an apology that is no apology at all. This is simply Max Hall justifying his inappropriate comments.

He should be expelled from the University. He has no honor.


The man apologized. Please let it die.

It's Ok

It's Ok Max many BYU Fans have your back and understand your frustration with many classless utah fans. 26-23 is all that matters in the end and 3 out of 4. George is still running!!!

Howard S.

Weak apology.

Just say what you said was wrong and you are sorry that you said it.

Max took the opportunity to explain how vile Utah fans are. Not a very good way to sooth the affect of your offensive comments.

Max is still talking.....


Unfortunately for Max, THIS is how he will be remembered. His childish rant will supercede what was a great career and a great final win.

Every job and juncture along the way will be marred by this.

I stand in awe !!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was an apology ??????? Not !!!!!!!!!!!!
All he did was try to justify what he did.
Two wrongs dont make a right !!!!!!! But that is how it works with you guys right??? Bend the rules when they work for ya !!

Utes: forgive or keep hating?

Max has issued his apology. It takes maturity to admit you were wrong. Max did that.

Now let's see if Ute fans can be mature and forgive and move on or if they will be immature and never let it go.

SC Trojan fan

Ya... this apology was expected. I dont see Hall being reprimanded. He is just a young man that got caught up in the emotion of it all. He just didnt have the maturity to think out what he was doing. That said, congrats on the win BYU. I thought it was a great finale.

Re: Azresident

Are you looking for a personal invitation from max. Let it go, shallow is you for harping on it. Blah, Blah, Blah...

Move on in life.

RE: Skeptical

Get real. They couldn't get to their car because Utes fans were assaulting them.

Hmmm. Grow up.


I still agree with Max Hall's first comments. Too bad he apologized.

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