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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I found Hall's apology laughable. It was more of an excuse and why his hate-rave was justified than about regret. In the end, it was still all about him. Whatever! I got a good chuckle! BTW, when are we going to hear from Mendenhall or BYU administration regarding this event?

To those who believe the apology was scripted by BYU or coach, I disagree. The content of the "apology" indicates little if any change of heart.


well said. good job max hall

Max is Ok by me

I am not LDS but I am perplexed at the "embarrassment" many Y fans express about Max's statement. If I had my family spit on and profaned I would be angry too. Perhaps he should have said it in a better way or in a different venue; but who can really argue with the validity of his feelings?

As for BYU's image: I much prefer the honest heartfelt anger of young man wronged over a carefully scripted PR stunt. Perhaps if BYU (and the LDS Church ) worried less about being "nice" and more about being real I would be more engaged.

I like BYU better because of Max's humanity: it is something I can relate to.
As far as I am concerned: Max was the best thing about BYU or Utah football this year.


As I went through security at the SLC airport last night returning to Texas after the game, the officer asked what might have Max said had we lost?

Although the words might have been correct. Something milder might have been wiser said.

Possibly it is time to go to a neutral field. That is how the TX-OU game has been for years.

Possibly after Checketts buys the St Louis Rams and moves them to a new stadium next to Real, the game can be moved there.

Until then, the conflict keeps going. Both of my parents are UofU graduates and I am the only one out of eight children with degrees to have picked BYU. Ours is a house of mixed emotions, but we all sat at the Thanksgiving table together.

AZ Coug

I also think Max should have shut his mouth and been a gracious winner. He also could have said he doesn't have good feeling for the U based on last year's experience, but his diatribe was completely honest on how he felt.

USC fan byu student

I am a season ticket holder for USC football and have attended many games through the years in SO.CAL. versus big name schools like Notre Dame, Ohio State, UCLA etc. I am also a BYU student and last year I attended the Utah game versus BYU. I was perplexed at how rude the fans were. After leaving the game I called my father and said that Utah fans were the least classy team and fans that I have ever seen at any game that I have ever attended. Having said that, BYU is the second least classy team, their fans come late to the game and leave early, there is no tailgate traditions nor spirit. BYU fans are the biggest fair weathers fans that I have seen.I am said to say that I am a BYU fan because of HAll's comments, I am also saddened that it is called the HOLY WAR when each year the winning team wins with much CLASSLESSNESS!


LDS Ute Fan: THROWING BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ute Fan

Its ok i accept his apology but he went to far and The utes have never said anything about BYU until now it was a stupid thing to do! So we should all grow up and get over it!


My boyfriend's family all attended BYU, and I attend the U of U, so we have a friendly rivalry.

His dad always talks about how BYU's football team has a lot of return missionaries, and they all have their honor code, and especially good sportsmanship, etc. He says that when BYU does well, it brings attention to the Church.

I guess that's true. Although I cheer for the U of U, I was feeling happy for BYU until I found out that Max Hall had said this. So much for good sportsmanship, eh?

Great job Maxy-boy for wasting a good opportunity to represent your school and OUR religion by showing that you actually have no class after all. What an embarrassment. When people would talk about your interceptions, I used to say we should leave you alone, I don't think I'll do that anymore. What a let down.


The important issue here is not what happens to Max. The important issue is what is the U of U going to do to control the unruly fans?

Big fan

Max that was the worst thing to do you have to live with that the rest of your life


What an amusing story. And even more amusing posts.


BYU, Where Hate Speech is Good

I accept his apology.


Who cares, GO Pokes..the best fans!

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