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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ute Fan Accepts

I accept your apology Max. We fans knew that you were directing your comments to the abusive fans at RES. There are wild and crazy fans there.

Thank you for your apology and clarification.


I'm proud to share my name with you Max.


Your comments about the entire program were as you agree, out of line. However, you couldn't be more on with the atmosphere at RES last year. There seemed to be a lot of bad apples that were ruining the game for the whole bunch. Our family will not be attending any future games at RES as a direct result of the classless fans that we too witnessed.

Sports Fan

I'm a HUGE sports fan, I've been to both stadiums and seen these two teams a few times, but don't have a preference on who wins or loses this game. So, it's my opinion that his comments were over the top.......but people should realize that he just won the biggest game of his life.--on top of that it was a rivalry game. --the two schools don't like each other AT ALL, so I understand where he's coming from.


I am glad Max decided to apologize, and hope it was sincere. Those comments he made were stupid but I think his thought out apology and clarification is more likely what he actually thinks then the heat-of-the moment stupid comments he made.

Another Wasted Opportunity

It took you 24 hours to come up with that weak apology. Max, you embarrassed BYU and the church. The best you can come up with to justify your hate filled diatribe was it came out wrong. Another wasted opportunity to serve as a good witness for BYU.

From the BYU football web site:
Likewise, the mission of the BYU football program is, "To be the flag bearer of Brigham Young University through football excellence, embracing truth, tradition, virtue and honor as a beacon to the world."

Maybe it is time to get rid of the program. It is failing.

Movin' On

Good on you Max. Now, let's move on. Ultimately, what he said isn't a shocker and is basically what most Ute fans feel about BYU and vice versa. It's just that he had said them, when most people only think them. Whatever...

Hall is a Stud

I knew there was more to the story. And now we know the rest. Just another typical Ute football fan incident. WHO can blame him!!!

Nate Kennedy

I applaud the apology and I am sure had he thought through exactly what he wanted to say and had the Pr people at BYU read his thoughts and edit them, this is how it would have come out yesterday. I would like to see one thing come from this. Alcohol has no business being in college football stadiums. Especially on Saturdays where heated rivalries such as this one are taking place. Adult beverages cause people to make mistakes in judgement. I would suggest the University of Utah look long and hard at the incident that happened at RES last year and take whatever measures are necessary to ensure nothing like that ever happens again. It is a black mark on the U that an incident such as this could take place in their stadium.


that was great max! i admire u in every way. but the u fans did horrible things to him. they deserved to win. but in the utes defense, they played a great game and they just barely let it slip away from them.
Great game by the way!



It's good to know that BYU asked you to grow up and apologize. I was disappointed in the BYU fans just as much as the Utah fans Saturday.

We fans take the game to the extreme, and it's lame! However, It's definately not onesided, and we'all need to grow up.

Thanks for bringing national attention to the hypocracy of many at BYU.


So Hall's family was assaulted in the stadium during the game and waited until after the game concludes to seek protection from security? I believe security was available during the game too. Why wait??? Hmmmm

Not Necessary

Max, you are a class act.

No appology was necessary.


Fans of every sport of every team all over the world take sports WAAAAAY to serious. I splits families and causes people to act in ways they would normally not. It is crazy. Just watch cheer and let it go. I think this rivalry had gone way too far


I wish Bronco had the courage to reprimand Max Hall !!! Instead we get a properly worded apology from the BYU Sports Department. I'm certain Bronco will only coddle the quarterback as he's done for the past year. I'm happy Max will soon be gone, maybe it's time for Bronco to go a well.


It didn't take anything away from the victory for me - I still think this thing is nothing different than anything others have said in this rivalry. Get over it people.

provo ute fan

if i was him and had that kind of stuff happen to my family i would probably say the same things....all of you would. It is bad what he said and shouldn't have done it, but i would probably say the same thing and i forgive him.


I am happy to see an actual apology (and clarification) rather than the typical canned non-apologies. He was wrong to spout off as he did for a number of reasons.

As happy as I am for an apology, I can tell you one other thing I am even happier about...26-23, BYU W!


Way to go, Max Hall! That's a nice clarification. I think anyone with even half a brain knew that what he really meant within his initial comments was essentially what he came out with in his clarification statement. He certainly would have been better off to not make some of those initial comments, but I can somewhat understand how something like that could come out in the heat of the moment--especially with his personal history.


"...Last year at RES my family was spit on, had beer dumped on them, and were physically assaulted on several occasions..."

So Max, why didn't you at least press charges or file some sort of lawsuit against those you say assualted your family? If this occurred, as you say, several times, even those most incompetent attorney could have taken this to court. But we never heard about that? Why is that?

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