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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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so now we are judging apologies? How lame is that! Last I checked if someone apologizes, they have done their part. If you don't forgive them then thay is your problem. If it was not sincere, that is Max's problem. If Max is suspended, then surely David Reed should for throwing and connecting a punch to Jan Joregensen on the Utes first drive after being tackled for a big loss. I have not heard him apologize or be reprimanded for physical violence during the game. How lame is that!?


Obviously Max needs a shrink.

Previous Max Bagger

Max, you redeemed yourself after two years of not-so-great performance. You are now the ANGEL MAXONI revealing truth to the nation in these latter days.

I've been to almost every BYU/UTAH game in the last 20 years at Utah's RES. Without fail every year a (usually drunk) Ute fan comes in the middle of the BYU section in the SW endzone picking fights. Last year I beat the crap out of a Ute fan that walked to the middle of our BYU row in the middle of the BYU section and stood in front of my aged father-in-law for no reason and picked a fight with him. I have to admit it felt great after all those years of watching BYU fans get picked on. I know what Angel Maxoni said and it's causing waves because it it truth. Coach Wittingham needs to get control of his players as they have classlessly come across the field and taunted BYU players the last 2 years. Again, the truth hurts. Eat that for the next 365 days.


Time for BYU to give up football, a 'time-honored tradition' that too many members of the church have confused with their religion...


AS a Coug living in AZ I was not aware of the commotion surrounding Max Hall after the Ute game until now. It's a disappointment to hear Max stooped to that level in his post game comments. I thought he would be above that. In a somewhat weak defense of him, I know where he is coming from. I grew up less than 15 min. from the U. I went to lots of their games over the years as a Cougar. I witnessed more than my share of classlessness on the part of Ute fans having all kinds of obscenities, beer and even physical abuse thrown my way. I remember when a BYU running back got hit late, out of bounds, and slid on that old turf hitting the concrete edging around the old track, knocking him unconscious. Dozens of Ute fans around me cheered the injury, even after they found out that his family was sitting right in front of me. It's not an old problem! Maybe, however, it's time for two well respected coaches to step up and call on the fans to transform the rivalry from the "H" word to the "R" word - RESPECT.

Two Favorite Comments

Here are the two comments that sum up everything I've read on this blog:

1) Where was the outrage at Urban Meyer putting BYU stickers in urinals? How is that for sportsmanship.

2) Remind me of the date and time that the University of Utah apologized to Max Hall for the treatment of Hall's family on university-owned property.

I stopped read after #2 because it said everything for me. Were Hall's words more insulting than the actions of these Utes to his family? Were his words more insulting than Meyer's urinal gimmick? Nuff said.


I'm trying to approach this issue with a level head. Those who are questioning what, if anything, happened to Hall's family last year b/c it wasn't reported have, with 100% certainty, never sat in RES as a BYU fan during a game. Reporting it to police? Are you kidding me? I've attended over 10 games as a BYU fan in RES and the entire experience is one of verbal, and even on one ocassion, physical abuse for simply cheering for my team. Don't try to question whether or not something happened because there's no police record. Anyone with any common sense who has attended a game at RES knows there's a problem with civility and hate speech.

CA Cougar

Max, you are the the first to be punished for telling the truth. Silly posts from "LDS Utes fans" confirm that the truth is not pleasant.


Nice Gesture but.. | 10:37 a.m. Nov. 30, 2009
I attended the game at the U last year.

Obscenities and religious hatred were the steady consistent themes while the fans there spewed their vile hatred. They threw garbage and beer at us as well. TOTALLY UNPROVOKED I MIGHT ADD.


WOW how shocking, the fact that you took this abuse and did nothing about. Even our cheerleader’s fight back too bad ALL THESE BYU FANS are so weak.

Max is a dweeb...

It seems that every person who is not a Utah fan that has attended a game at RES has had "Beer" poured on them or been "spit" on. That's a nice "story" tds fans.

I've been to Laramie and to Provo as an opposing fan. TDS fans in Provo were far worse than Wyoming fans. I've heard worse language from tds fans at RES than any others. It goes both ways, so stop being the normal self-righteous morons that you usually are.

RE: A "Challenge"

About storming the field | 12:47 p.m. Nov. 30, 2009
Of course we stormed the field. You would have done the same thing, as you do when you beat the Y.

The only difference is, we don't tear down our own goalposts, causing thousands of dollars of damage to our own school's property. That's just stupid.


Why not? The Utes paid for it anyway from the BCS proceeds we donated to BYU.


I've been to the BYU-Oklahoma, Notre Dame, TCU, Alabama, and Air Force games. All of them away games. All of these games were with alot of class. Notre Dame band even played the Cougar fight song and prevented the selling of coffee at the game to honor BYU. Alot of respect courtesy was shown. No one was going to pour beer on you or speak profanity if you had a Cougar shirt on. Good Christians. There was no hostilities at the other games and you felt safe to bring your family. What has happeded to Utah? It used to be family friendly. Now there's alcohol and profanity? Was there no security at the game? Is Utah speaking out on the fan behavior or do they not care? I feel as if Texas is a better place to raise a family.

LDS Utah Man

One thing is clear based on the multitude of classless messages throughout deseretnews.com on both sides of this topic: Neither team or its fans can truthfully claim to posses the moral high ground.

As a Ute, that alone is satisfying.


Has anyone before now ever heard of the Max's family story? why did he wait an entire year? He must be brave to wait a year when nothing can be done, to start crying about it. Like the kid down the street that mouths off to you after you have turned your back and left.


Max Hall may have made too much of a blanket statement, but we all knew what he meant when he said it. To all of the Utah fans that are LDS, I have never seen you take a stand and stop the garbage that goes on in RES when BYU plays there. No one said anything when the blow up doll of Max's mom was held up with a sign accompanying it. No one stopped the screaming of "where is your God now?" to Collie last year. You all sit in the stands and laugh as you watch the blue collar losers do what losers do. Take a stand and say something some time. I know that if my wife and mother were treated like Max's, it would take a small army to stop me from going after them. Way to be a man and have courage Max. Just next time, make sure it is directed to the right people so that thin skinned people can't react and act like they don't know what you are saying or that it's directed at them!! Go cougars.


I was under the impression that RES was alcohol free, including beer. How did beer get dumped on his family if it wasn't there in the first place?

7 Month Mission

I know why Max got sent home early from his mission. It is because one of his companions made fun of his ears and he punched them and got sent home for it.

Truly classless Maxine!

G. Costanza

You can stufff your sorrys in a sack, Mr.

BYU's PR dept really needs to work on their excuse rolodex.

just like . . .

Max's big sin is that just for a moment he was acting and talking like a typical Ute fan.


Beck, Hall and Collie are are self-righteous and that is why they endure so much critisism. Hall is a whiny Rich kid that got sent home off his mission for acting like a baby. He did BYU no favors at all, Cougs should be glad he's gone.

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