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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Monkey see, monkey do

Here's one for you, BYU: last year, you guys were so angered by Utah's fans storming the field after wins. Comment after comment poked at the Utah fans for storming the field. Yet, what did you guys do following this game. You didn't even clinch a BCS birth, yet, you felt the need to storm the field. You were suppossed to BEAT the Utes BIG this year. What happened? This was a lot closer than it should have been.

Hook 'em Horns

re: Gator In Utah | 10:40 a.m. Nov. 30, 2009

As long as the Zoobs wanna play victim & feed their persecution complex.

This verbal nonsense will STILL be going when the Utah/BYU game is played next yr.

Trojan Cougar

Max's apology sounds right and makes sense to me. In his position, I would have been angry with Utah fans, too. I can see how in the heat of the moment he generalized his feelings to the whole U of U community -- happens all the time.

If he wants to say he hates Utah fans for how they have treated him and his family, I think that's okay. I'd rather hear the truth than some insincere whitewash.

Quick Question

I have smailled and laughed at this wole thing for a very long time. As a Utah fan there is nothing that Max or any other Cougar can say to impact how I feel. I will not give them that power. But I do have to ask the question "How certain are you that it is beer being poured?" the reason I ask is because any alcohol at the game is illegal. I dont doubt something is being poured, which doesnt make it right, but I think that Cougar fans add that it is beer so they can make Utah fans sound worse. If you are going to smuggle in an illegal drink I would think it is for consumption.

BTW for the Cougar fans who say nothing happens at LES you are foolish my Wife was pushed down at halftime by a 50 year old Cougar fan while going to the bathroom. She didnt tell me until we left the stadium. But everyone needs to look in the mirror.


Is it ok for BYU fans to punch the coaches wife?

Is it ok for BYU fans to punch a Father and send him to the hospital. (2 years ago in LES...reported on KSL)

Look BYU fans your QB said some stupid things and your trying to justify his words. These things happen...get over it.

Should coach Whitt go on a rant about BYU because of some stupid fans. No! He has more class than that!


The guy can't even apologize. Just more self-justification. At least his little tantrum goes to show that Utah, even when they lose, has the better program.

It's football.

Get off the couches and the soap boxes and focus on your families. I'm sure if most of you would give 1/10 the energy you give this trash, our families, communites and state would be a lot better. It's just football!

Just glad

Max didn't apologize to the RES fans, because they owe him and all of BYU's fans and Utah's civilized fans an apology for the despicable and hateful way they behave.

X Ute-Fan

As a Ute grad, I've become an X-Ute-Fan
As expressed by a previous commenter I have been truly embarrassed by the Ute Fan's when I took my son's to a game at Ute Stadium. I know it's not the majority however it's more than a few, and far more and far worse than what happens at Y stadium.
Note however while Max has been castigated for expressing HIS feelings, he said nothing like "They are...", "He is....", "They do..." Max has made no personal attacks on persons or organizations. While I'm saddened about his strength of personal feelings, and that they extend beyond the fans. Fans who take his personal feeling as personal should simply take stock of this and be men enough to just blow it off. Irresponcible media coverage strikes again and brothers quit trying to make a buck off your own inanity and apologize completely to Max, the Y and the U and the fans.

Another example of PC

This is just another example of political correctness gone too far. Why can't he have an opinion? You can disagree with it, but he should be allowed to have an opinion. It is humorous how people always want 'free speech' until they disagree with it. Personally I feel the same way Hall does - If the roles were reversed and the quarterback's family was assaulted during the game in Provo the media (and everybody else) would be ALL OVER IT - crying hypocrisy because of the church affiliation. Pretty silly stuff. Just let the guy have an opinion and move on.

I hate Utah

I hate their fans and I hate everything about them.

What mostly bothers me about ute fans (and even a few good people I know who are utes) is that they don't stand up and speak out against the worst fans who make them all look like inbred morons.

This goes especially for LDS ute fans. How can they live with people speaking filth and evil about their own religion without saying anything? They seem to be ok with it, as long as its directed at BYU.

Guess what, people... when they are denigrating Mormonism, that includes many of you ute fans, too! are you really ok with that?

About storming the field

Of course we stormed the field. You would have done the same thing, as you do when you beat the Y.

The only difference is, we don't tear down our own goalposts, causing thousands of dollars of damage to our own school's property. That's just stupid.

Thanks Coach Whitt

At least someone has class. I hope your wife is OK.

BYU fans = hypocrites

Long Time Cougar

Hall's apology is just and fitting. He doesn't need to apologize for calling the Utah fans who harassed his family classless. If the shoe fits then wear it!

His original statement was a bit out of line even though I'm not fond of many of the Utah fans. I will state here that there are many good Utah fans but a larger part are of the other variety.

Yes, there are classless fans on both sides. But a greater number of those bad fans are at the school where you will find a large number under the influence of alcohol which makes them act out their dislike for the other school and fans.

A "Challenge"

Hey Ute fan. Next year at the game wear a blue BYU cap and venture into RES. You can then report back that only a "few" ute fans harassed you, taunted you, screamed obscenities at you, threw out "F" bombs at you and maliciously maligned the LDS religion. I think you will find the "few" adds up to about 75% of Ute fans. Stop fooling yourself about the "few".

re: About storming the field

But I thought the rivalry didn't mean as much to BYU as it does to Utah? Shouldn't you be above lowly Utah fans? Isn't that what you guys tell us all year?


Give the guy a break. His wife got spit on and assaulted. That said, he went too far and I am embarrassed for what he said and it was stupid. I have friends at the U and they are good people. We can all learn to avoid making sweeping statements.
But he apologized and we all need to move on. Just because someone is Mormon does not mean they are perfect. Anybody who expects mormons to be perfect are ignorant themselves. Some of those who attack BYU's faith do not take the time to even look at themselves. Sad.

Grow Up

Max was wrong to say what he said. He has a habit of running his mouth way too much. Reading some of the things he has said in the BYU school paper, I'm not surprised he did it.

To every Ute fan that thinks he should be punished, I say, "Really?" What happened when Wittingham ran the score up on Wyoming in 2007 because Joe Glenn ran his mouth off? Wittingham got off easy then and has to live with the hatred Wyoming now feels for Utah. Hall got off easy and BYU will have to live with the consequences of his words. Max will get what he deserves.

This rivalry has gone too far. The Utah fanatics (not your average fan) have become classless and the BYU fanatics (again, not your average fan) have become "holier-than-thou" snobs. Both sides seriously need to grow up since many people on both sides are Christian. Everyone just needs to grow up and practice it, including many players and fans. Next year will come soon enough and Utah will get it's shot at redemption.

Danny White

I wonder what part the great Danny White had in Max's apology? I am sure he was given some advice on what he needed to do after throwing his 2 year old tantrum.

Max's Mistake

Max's mistake wasn't expressing his opinion. And the indignation in response isn't just misguided reverse-PC hypocrisy.

Max's mistake was being judgemental. He generalized about entire groups of people and institutions, which denigrated thousands of individuals who had nothing to do with his beef.

Judgementalism is among the worst of social behaviors because it promotes up hate and antagonism. Our heros should strive for better.

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