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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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So why

didn't Hall's family file assault charges last year? Why wasn't anything done last year? I feel sad that Max has carried this anger & resentment all year to this game. He couldn't really concentrate on this game because he wanted revenge? They had the game in the bag & what happened? He apologized, let it go.


I ALSO went to both schools and I have seen a lot of behavior in both stadiums.

Is there some tacky behavior on the part of BYU fans? Yes. Is there ANY comparison between BYU fans and UTE fans? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I have NEVER seen ANY BYU fan behave in ways that I have seen MANY Ute fans behave. THERE IS NO COMPARISON.

A few years ago, a BYU player actually had to run up into the stands to defend his father who was being attacked by a drunk Ute. My nephew was standing next to it and helped bring down the drunk Ute. This is only ONE example of MANY things that happen among Ute fans all the time. Max's situation with his family was NOT unique.

What Max said was absolutely the truth and I agree with "went to both schools" that it will only stop when decent Ute fans speak up to put a stop to it. Either that or the obnoxious Ute fans will have to GROW UP. I don't expect that to happen any time soon.

Who cares?

Max doesn't matter, competitive sports don't matter. None of this matters in the least, and yet it is the #1 topic today. What does that say about us?


No CLASS! You should be a role model and be above this. Yes I am a U FAN and always will be. You played a great game and won the game. This has always been a rivalry on both sides but your comments couldn't have been more out of line. Your true colors came out SHAME ON YOU! You call yourself Mormon? Not the ones I know act anything like you. Your poor team mates and family, you embarrassed them!

UU faculty

I don't see any difference between what he said and his excuse and someone saying `A mormon once mistreated a friend or family member of mine, so I hate mormons they have no class'. Then when someone is bothered that you said that, saying I apologize for hating mormons but a mormon once mistreated a friend or family member of mine, so that's why. I really don't see a difference between this and what the quaterback of the church owned school team said about hating everything and everyone affiliated with our university.


All you folks who say that there is no beer inside the RES have your heads in the sand or have never attended a game there. I went to the game last year and will probably never go back. We sat in the visiting team section, and the behavior of literally hundreds of Ute fans was extreme, physical, vile and atrocious. Something had to be said, and as a leader, Max thought he should be the one to do it. Hopefully, we can all start over. Or at least, police our own.

Mrs. Jensen

Max did nothing other than tell the truth. It's a sad state of affairs. But there it is.

The REAL Apology

should come from Jordan Wynn for wasting a tremendous defensive effort. Wynn looked completely overmatched in the big games this year.


what apology? that was an excuse....

Typical BYU athlete

Team has a nice win over their rival and Max wants to turn the attention to himself. NICE.

True Blue

We all say things in the heat of the moment. Anyone out there that hasn't done that? Remember, none of us are perfect.


Your ability to step up and apologize, will help you become the man you want to become.

Although your feats on the gridiron are legendary, this one, off the gridiron, is one I will never forget.

Thank you.

re: Ernest T. Bass | 9:01 a.m.

"Max is so awesome, righteous and so humble. I can't wait to watch him play in the NFL."

Dear Ernest (aka classless), based upon your posting history, you are not in a position to be judging anyone; sarcastically or otherwise.

BYU Student

Max is an embarrassment. I can't believe that some of you are giving him props for apologizing when he obviously was forced to do so. I have had a couple classes with him and heard him use plenty of expletives to describe his feelings about Utah. He feels no remorse.

It was a great game that could have gone either way. Sadly, Max Hall will be remembered for being and example of poor sportsmanship and not a good athlete. Thank goodness Riley will be leading the team next year and there will be a superior athlete and person directing the BYU offense.

The list will go on and on of people misbehaving on both sides. Others actions have never justified sinking to their level. Also Max should spend a little bit more time in his classes and figure out what it means to be a hypocrite.


You are comparing Max to a crooked politician or high profile businessman? How does Max compare to that? Like it or not!!! Max has the American right to have and express his opinions. Did he lie or steal? Did he cheat anybody? Do you think Christ wouldn't speak out against loud laughter and the kind of rudeness which was shown towards his famaliy? Max is no Christ and went alittle overboard, but did apologize for it. I'm proud he had the guts to speak out.

Quit Crying

Heck, quit crying about how you are treated during the games. Try going to Yankee stadium as a Boston fan. Last year I went to the NLDS played at Dodger Stadium. I was decked out in my Cubs gear. Did I expect everyone to be nice to me? NO! I was treated very maliciously, BUT I EXPECTED IT. That's the point here. If you can't deal with it, don't go to the games. When I attend BYU home games in my Utah shirt, I expect some harrassment. It's a part of sports. If you are too sensitive to handle it, then stay home and watch it on TV. Some of you don't know what vulgar is until you have been to a game in Philadelphia or New York.

PDX Utah & BYU fan

Well after Halls remarks, I have a very low opinion of him. This has taken away from the Cougars victory in a hard fought game. I respect both teams, there are problems on both sides with the fans. As for the rivalry this has boosted it up a notch. As for this year I will Root for Utah in their bowl game. For the Cougars in theirs but NOT for Max!! Sports talk shows up here in the NorthWest say that Bronco should bench Hall for a quarter to set a statement to the rest of the team. That this is not acceptable way to represent a school with such high standards.


Max Hall Classy??? Give me a break. He has always had a chip on his shoulder but as we all know he cant make a play in the big game. I find it interesting that we are just now hearing about this problem that happened last year. Why didnt you say anything last year??? or was he still crying about throwing 4 picks

Lindy in Colorado

After reading (for years) University of Utah fans spew hate-filled comments against BYU's fans, players, relatives, and the church that sponsors the university, FINALLY we have a man, a quarterback, who threw political correctness "to the wind" and said it like it really is: So many U of U fans, on so many levels, really ARE CLASSLESS. The seething Mormon-bating and hating is not even thinly veiled most of the time. The same folks in red who bring us Provo Girl Beer, constant anti-church jokes, "holier than thou" statements about BYU, and reams of unprintable expletives, just cannot stand hearing a little truth about themselves.
Another observation: When BYU wins "the holy war" (how dumb can we be using that expression), we all hear about it for a few weeks, maybe even a few days. If Utah wins the big game, all of us hear about it for the next 364 days.
ps: Here comes more wrath boiling over from residents of the hill east of SLC.

U apology? For what?

The U didn't ask for one, and the Y hasn't offered any. As a former student, and a supporter of BYU sports, I expect more from the Y and their athletes. It is now up to the Y to hold their athletes to the standards they advertise. There are plenty of places for my dollars to go, and if the Y is going to be no different then the rest of the pack, there are plenty of other worthy programs in need of support than the Y.

I am tired of seeing Y players swearing, taunting, and playing dirty on the field. Yes, the U players do this stuff too, very well, but they don't hold themselves as a standard for other schools. You put the Blue and White on, you agree to live by a higher standard. If can't do that, go play somewhere eles.

It is time for fans to stop making excuses for stuff like this. Winning is important, but so is how you do it.

Mark A.

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