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Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Embarrassing as a cougar fan and member of the LDS faith. How could he be so stupid? It's tough trying to represent a religion with a sports team, especially football, and things like this really set the team and the church back.


Re: Mark a BYU fan
I agree with your statement entirely, we as fans need to take the hate out of sports and life in general, it is not a very good way to live one's life. What happened to Max's family is a disgrace, but you don't lump an entire group of people to the actions of a few, as in life. There are bad apples where ever you go and it's shameful. Max didn't really apologize, he just tried to justify what he said andthat is still wrong.
I also agree with LDS Ute Graduate that if he truly wanted to apologize he would man up to a camera and apologize to the majority he affended.


Any man not upset with the trash thrown at his family is no man! Max!! You showed true grit.

re: Classless Fan | 7:37 a.m.

you are aptly named
signed, former U student who no longer roots for the U


Most of these comments are indicators of the sad state of our society! There is NO condoning the comments-apology or not, rivalry or not, important match or no, previous treatment or not, any other EXCUSE or not! Teach children to be respectful and not self-serving (Christlike comes to mind). If you can't hadle the situations/responsibilities that come with the positions, don't put yourself in those positions. And everyone else, stop putting people on pedestals and making excuses for them-No wonder we have such problems with pro-athletes, polticians, and the high profile businessmen. They become what they are cause too many people go to extremes to make what is done OK, even if it's not.

Yank your ponytail?

What are sports coming to these days? Sainted mothers beating people to death with thier babey strollers. Steriod use out of control. Fan punching coaches wives while throwing things in the stands and on to the field. Max is a product of this enviorment. The ony real question you need to be asking yourself is - am I? Please stop all the anger and hate the only way you really can - with yourself.


Everyone is saying for the U fans to move on and forget about it. Why not say that to Max...How long has he been carrying this around? He was wrong to use the soapbox after the game to enjoy, with his team,the sweet victory. But no, he used that forum to spout his personal vendetta. He might have well used the pulpit to vent his anger, at least most of his listeners would agree. Max should give a valid apology, not just empty words to justify his feelings.

Proud ?

Ok so what I am hearing from all of this is ....

1. It's ok for Utah fans to do what ever they want during or after a game.
2. BYU fans should know better than to attend games in the hate fest of Salt Lake City so just don't go.

If I am a Ute fan I am very proud of my low - budget behavior ? NOT!!

Great programs are respected not just because of wins and losses but because of class behavior. Notre Dame , USC, etc... are class acts from the players on the field to fans and that support the program. Low budget programs don't prosper and are never respected.

In wonder

This comment is directed to CA LDS. Your comment disturbed me. To quote a scripture and pass judgement on Max Hall is a shame. You just pronounced to the world you are a hypocrit. You have judged his moral character based on one minor indiscretion. Some LDS people in Utah do things like spitting, swearing, and attacking. Maybe because Max is LDS and knows the majority of U fans are LDS is why he hates the U. Remember your own advice, "words are like bullets". You have made a mistake as bad as the beer throwers. You passed judgement and punishment on a young man. Keep scripture out of it and don't judge someone so quickly. It was a football game and Max put no shame on the LDS faith.

The Hulk

It's amazing how many people have transformed themselves to a state of low thinking classlessness from this whole incident.

just me

I know coach W and he is a great guy but what is with the taunting before the game even started? BYU was just finishing announcing the seniors when the UofU team ran out and started swearing at and taunting them and their family. and this is not the first year or only time that has happened. BYU fans booing the U band was pretty bad too. Is there anyone here who has NOT said something in the heat of the moment that we regretted later? There have been worse by both sides over the years. I echo What Coach M said; I do not condone what Max said but I can understand where it was coming from.
I have been to football and basketball games in every college venue in the state and sitting by the U student section is no place for the timid (or for the young). Maybe the only place worse would be Wyoming. Is being drunk and vulgar part of being a good fan? and yes BYU; more is expected of you. can you live up to it? Both schools need to get this under control because it is making both look bad.

Nice Gesture but..

I attended the game at the U last year.

From the time we started driving into the parking lot to the time we left it was a steady stream FROM ALOT of U fans.

Obscenities and religious hatred were the steady consistent themes while the fans there spewed their vile hatred. They threw garbage and beer at us as well. TOTALLY UNPROVOKED I MIGHT ADD.

Everyone always says there are exceptions to every rule. Well, at Rice Eccles we were verbally assaulted from most of the fans we passed by. There were even some who physically bumped us in attempts to provoke physical altercations on purpose as they screamed obscenities into our ears just inches away.

If it had been 1 or 2 here or there that is one thing but it wasn't.


Real lowlife.

People can choose to do what they want I guess but just be prepared to accept the reputation and in the case of UTAH FANS they are AMONG THE LOWEST OF THE LOW.


of being a player for BYU. Obviously words and actions result in the heat of battle that players and fans regret, ON BOTH SIDES. But BYU players and fans have the added burden of being hypocrites when they lose control. The fact is, both sides have the same responsibility for their conduct as part of the NCAA. Regardless of BYU's higher standards, and their one or two years greater average age, they're still 18-25 year olds playing a game based on a high amount of adrenilen and emotion. Maybe we can cut the same amount of slack for both sides.


I don't think he should be expelled from BYU, that's absurd. He didn't break any laws, get in any drunken brawls, or make any racial comments. He voiced his opinion and that should be respected. I know if anyone threw beer and assaulted my family I would take it a bit personal to. If you wouldn't then your not human and possibly a robot from the future looking for someone named John Connor. The only thing I don't respect is the apology, I get tired of dumb athletes running their mouth and then when everyone around them tells them shouldn't do that, their sorry. Be a man and stand by your words. You hate Utah, so what, your college career is over. Your legacy has been tarnished and you have taken away the focus on beating your rival. No one will remember that, just your bone head remarks.


I've been to RES for the BYU-Utah game, it can get pretty bad. Max's statements were wrong and inappropriate, but the U needs to clean up RES, that place can get ugly and nobody tries to stop it.

All fans just need to grow up.

Goes Both Ways..

Bottom line, it goes both ways with BYU & Utah fans....the fans really need to GROW UP! Those very few rude & brainless fans ruin it for everyone when they act like classless jerks at these rivalry games. It just shows you how immature these type of people are. True fans are respectful of everyone, whether they are fans of BYU or Utah, most fans are civil & respectful of each other, we just have to have those few fans who were not taught how to be respectful of others.

Gator In Utah

How much more life does this story have?

byu fan

even though his comments were not very classy they were truthful. football is a rough game and people get hurt - on the field. when overzealous fans start harrassing his wife and elderly mother then that is out of line. this is an issue that should be addressed. i hope mike young takes this opportunity to beef up security at res. people here who are blogging against his statement never intended to accept his apology anyway. let this be a lesson learned for all of us. if you are at les or res show some class and treat others with respect no matter who they are rooting for.


While at least Hall was wise enough (or was BYU's administration prodding him?) to apologize for his rant, one has to be puzzled why any of the so called behavior by Utah fans was never reported by the media or Hall previously. If it was such a big deal in 2008--why didn't we hear about it. A starting QB's family being descended upon by unruly fans enough to get the police involved sounds like a page one story--if it happened the way Hall said it did. Seems like an easy out for his behavior Saturday after the game. Utah is going to use his rant for a good five years to get the Utes motivated for the rivalry.

Move on

I think Max regreats what he said after the game Saturday. He has aplogized and now its time for us to move on. If we keep complaining about it or bring it up then we fall into the same trap Max did and that is holding a grudge. He has apploigied. Its time to accept his appology and move on.

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